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Single Card Strategies &endash; Base Set
By Lion Wilson &endash; March 17, 2004

Hanusa, Radiance Elemental &endash; Base Set &endash; S1/S10
Hanusa has the most powerful base attack power of any creature right now, and it only costs 7 mana. This card is useful in Light decks that rely on stalling with cheap blockers, then dropping the biggest creatures you can find.

King Depthcon &endash; Base Set &endash; S4/S10
King Depthcon is a good Water creature with an even better ability set &endash; it can't be blocked and it's a double breaker to boot. You can combine him with mana acceleration with Nature to get him out quickly, or stalling with Light to keep yourself safe while your waiting. Any way you go, he's an excellent addition to any Water deck.

Scarlet Skyterror &endash; Base Set &endash; S8/S10
Scarlet Skyterror seems to be one of the most favored cards in Fire decks these days, and for good reason. If you're faced up against a good Light deck with a lot of blockers, you drop Skyterror and all of them go "poof!" The price of 8 is somewhat expensive for a 3000 power creature, but if you need his ability and it fits the situation, go ahead and play him.

Holy Awe &endash; Base Set &endash; 6/110
Almost a staple of all Light decks, Holy Awe is a force to be reckoned with. It's a genius move in a swarm deck, opening a path for your creatures to plow through your opponent's shields. This can also help if your opponent is stalling and you need a way to attack his creatures directly, but he hasn't attacked with them. If you can pull it off right, Holy Awe may be your way to victory.


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