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Duel Masters Comic Series Guide

Since November 2003, Dreamwave Productions have worked on the Duel Masters comic series. Luckily for you, I have info on pretty much each and every one of them, as well as some not-so common info. And if you click on the Issue #'s, you'll see the cover. Good times.

Issue 1 - November 2003
Quick Synopsis: We're introduced to the world of Duel Masters and it's hero, Shobu Kirifuda. After a quick flash back to a game where Shobu lost to against Knight, we learn of Shobu's missing father. Afterwards, we see Knight explain to Shobu about how there's an alternate reality, the "Zone", where everything in the Duel Masters card game is played out there. Later we get to take a glimpse into the Zone, where a mysterious figure shrouded in mysterious mystery is saved from an attack by Rothus the Traveler. We also discover Knight's secret plans...
Fancy Notes: This issue had five additional covers total, each according to the types avaliable: Fire, Water, Nature, Darkness and Lightness, as well as a promo card for each of them.

Issue 2 - December 2003
Quick Synopsis: Shobu winds up in the Zone somehow, but it turns out to be just a dream. Later, a sort of punk-guy, Kyoshiro Kokujo, challenges Shobu to a duel. Meanwhile in the Zone, the leaders of Darkness plan an invasion, which affects Shobu during his duel with Kyoshiro. Duh duh dunnnnnn! (Dramatic chord)
Fancy Notes: None.

Issue 3 - January 2004
Quick Synopsis: The Forces of Darkness invades the World of Nature in the last issue, which catches our mysterious mystery person off guard. He is however saved by Rothus again and some other Soldiers of Fire. ... Shobu snaps out of being shocked out of his wits, only to have his deck taken away by Shobu's mom. D'oh! ... In the Zone, Soldiers of Fire talk to our mystery person (who turns out to be Shobu's missing father, Shori). It's revealed to everyone that there's some major trouble going on in the world... but before anyone can do anything about it, Shori is captured by the Forces of Darkness. Apparently the Darkness believes in a thing called Earth and plan on using Shori to get there. ... Back in the real world, Shobu is visited by Rothus.....
Fancy Notes: None.

Issue 4 - February 2004
Quick Synopsis: Nope
Fancy Notes: Comes with a Mighty Shouter promo cards.


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