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February 27th: Cartoon Network will air a sneak preview of the Duel Masters cartoon during Toonami.
March 13th: The Duel Masters will premier as a regular series on the Cartoon Network.


OK, I just finished watching the Duel Masters movie thingamabob on Cartoon Network's Toonami program block. And, here is my critiques in different areas.

Um. Not really much to say here. The main character, Shobu (or whatever his name is), wants to be the best Duel Master ever. Or something like that. Replace "Shobu" with "Ash" and "Duel Master" with "Pokémon Master." Not very interesting, really. I hate to say this, but even the Yu-Gi-Oh! cartoon is more interesting than this. And in the second episode (I'm guessing the "movie" is really the first three episodes combined together), they already had a clip from the first episode! Sheesh. Though, kinda makes me think of Clerks the cartoon ("Why are we walking like this?" - Dante).

Eh, none of them really stand out. All pretty generic, really. Though, one kinda funny thing I'd like to point out is the father of Rakudo (or whatever his name is. The short kid with the glasses!) looks like Ingo from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but with glasses and a pipe. And it bugs me the one character named "Joe" looks like a girl, is a cheater, and has a bad attitude.

Eh, it's alright. Pretty standard. But the 3D bits are kinda nice. Though one thing bugs me. The English dubbing studio, Plastic Cow (what a funny name!), went through the hassle of editing out all of the Japanese text on the cards (except on one scene), but they didn't bother adding English text to the cards. That would've been nice if I could've read the names of the cards and such. Oh, well.

The voices are pretty appropriate. I recognized Joshua Seth (009/Joe Shimamura from Cyborg 009, young Knives from Trigun, etc.) as Shobu. None of the others I could recognize, but they all seemed fitting. Though, the acting needs work. Seriously.

This is where the show gets bonus points. It can be pretty funny from time to time. It even makes fun of itself (like how Rakudo talks about the show's budget, or how Shobu noticed how the background music changed). I like that in a show.
However, it also lost a point or two due to the fact they said some things I didn't quite get. I'm guessing they're Japanese words (Ike, Kaijudo, Totoyama. And I probably spelled them wrong, too), so I'm-a gonna need-a translator or something, eh?

Based on The DPM Show Eh-O-Meter, I give Duel Masters a MEH (3 out of 5). Not good, but not great either.

So, there you have it. The BPM's Official Review of Duel Masters the movie. Now, go brush your teeth. I can smell your breath from here.... or can I?!?!


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