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This page has all the general info on each Duel Masters TCG set, including set size, release date, card lists and spoilers, and Preconstructed deck info. Click on the set's name to learn more about that set as well as check out some not-quite-as-general info on it.


Set Name

Set Size

Release Date

Base Set


March 5th, 2004

List / Scans / Precon / Spoiler

Evo-Crushinators of Doom


May 7th, 2004

List / Scans / Precon / Spoiler

Rampage of the Super Warrior


August 8th, 2004

List / Scans / Precon / Spoiler

Shadow Clash of Blinding Light


November 2004

List / Scans / Precon / Spoiler

Survivors of the Megapocalypse


January 2005

List / Scans / Precon / Spoiler

Promotional Items and Other Sets

Promo Cards

January 2004 to....?


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