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Version History

The only constant with FakeCard.com is change. And constant down time. Over the five years that this site has been on the web (in one form or another), it has gone through many graphical changes; nine total, eight as Pokémon Aaah!. Why the need to update the layout every so often? Well, most artists are never pleased with their work and constantly strive to evolve. And since everyone on this site is an artist in their own way, this site constantly needs to be updated to fit the skills and styles of those artists when necessary. Good times.

So here's a cool little site featurette; this is the FakeCard.com Version History, which has info on every single version of FakeCard.com all the way since version 1 of it's predecessor site, Pokémon Aaah!. Included below is a short description of each version... which can be a bit over the top and dramatic. So sue me. This is also a chance for me to speak in the third person.



FakeCard.com Version History (February 1st, 2004 - ???)


FakeCard.com Design (February 1st, 2004)
PA! was turned into FakeCard.com mostly out of necessity. Nick15 wanted to add a broader range of fake cards types to the site (not just Pokémon fakes, but fakes for other games as well). On top of that, he wanted to add Duel Masters TCG news to the site. His original plan was to make three totally different and individual sites and run them all but the idea fell apart after Nick15 quitely opened and immediately closed his NeoPets TCG site NeoCards.dot.Pet. However, having just one site that spans multiple games is easier, so Nick15 turned PA! into FakeCard.com, the site you know and love today. ... Technically this site is no longer PA!, although the Pokémon TCG section is named Pokémon Aaah! in memory of the old site.

FakeCard.com differs from PA! through the addition of Duel Masters TCG news, more card game fakes, and the way the site is layed out. And not to mention the design as well. The name was also chosen to sort of add in a more secular idea of the way the site is going.. also to remove all the stupid "Pokeyman-is-for-kids" mindset as well. Yeah.

Pokémon Aaah! Version History (April 10th, 1999 - February 1st, 2004)


Sky Blue & Red Design (November 1st, 2003)
Thankfully PA! never did die in another firey blaze of self-destruction, all thanks to the pay server Nick15 bought. ... However the server Nick15 bought a year prior didn't provide a whole bunch of resources that RyoShinX needed to move the downed forums over form the unstable pa.net to the stable fakecard.com. Therefore Nick15 and RyoShinX had to find a new server for fakecard.com in order to run both a website and forum off of.

While Nick and Ryo were busy making the switch between old and new servers, Nick decided to give PA! a bit of an upgrade by adding everything that was in the old (saved) versions of PA! and sticking them into PA!8 (like really really old news and missing Game Boy info). Not to mention clean up the site from broken links and make it a bit more navagatable.

Of course... this probably was the last time PA! was updated before it was turned into FakeCard.com.

(take 2)

Sky Blue & Red Design (January 3rd, 2003)
As if the year 2002 and PA! didn't mix, one more disaster struck PA!. Just as Nick15 was uploading PA!7.1 to the fakecard.com web server, he somehow accidently deleted his entire computer. And PA!7.1 with it. Aaargh indeed. So after first taking a two month leave to undelete as much as he could from his deleted computer, Nick15 restarts the plan to get PA! up (see PA!7.1 above) by taking what he has left and working on PA!8. Only without PA!7.1 up.

PA!8 does something new by using something old. In an effort to regain lost hits and to appeal to old-skool PA! fans, Nick15 decided to ressurect the Sky Blue & Red design originally used in PA!4, as well as continue using the update-by-hand news format. But the similarity stops there. PA!8 is frameless, and uses the section structure from PA!7. Aside from that, the file paths used in PA!8 differ from ones used in the past, mostly to provide an aesthetic path for the frameless design.

Also in with PA!8 was a new co-webmaster, RyoShinX, and a new server for the forums, at www.pokemonaaah.net. All the while the staff and Nick15 prays that nothing happens to this version of PA! in 2003.


Aqua-Blueish Design (October 18, 2002)
Before PA!8 was set to go, PMX decided to leave. And almost all the work he put into PA!8 went with him. To cope with this, Nick15 takes a more active role in the life of PA!. And with the advice of his advisors, Nick decided to get a new paid host and upload PA!7 as a stall tactic in order to have SOME version of PA! up (over say NO version of PA! up). All this considering how frustrated Nick and his staff were in that no full version of PA! has been up since... March.

PA!7.1 changes a few things since PA!7.0. Gone were themes, in were updated sections. The pages themselves got a work around to seem less cluttered (as PA!7.0 was disliked by 800x600 monitor users). The News also went back to its original format, as Nick15 now prefers to do it by hand once again. All this while Nick and his staff worked on their version of PA!8 to have up around New Years 2003.

But disaster strikes PA! once again....

(take 1)

Ocean Design (September 5th, 2002)
But not all was lost. After PA!6 got horrible reviews, PMX went decided to go back to the drawing board for PA! and came up with a new, more simplistic looking design, nicknamed "Ocean". This was the design planned to be used for PA!8. It has many similarities to PA!6, such as the use of a table structure instead of frames. SSI (Server Side Includes) is also used to include the sidebar, footer and header. The original PA!8 layout was set to use a PHP navigation system, one was coded but never used because it demanded too much from the server. This version also introduced a few new sections and fakes (Razzo was finally going to get worked), as well as two new domain names, fakecard.com and pokemonaaah.net. PA!8 also did away with frames, as many PA! users started to grow distasteful of them.

This was also the version to introduce two new staff members to PA!, one artist known as Kaizer Myuu and... Nick15. After about a year break and a wholefully positive experience at Worlds 2002 in Seattle, Nick15 was reinvigorated to work on PA! again. Kaizer Myuu came on board along side Nick15, to help him work on Razzo, as well as have another spot on staff to fill up.


Aqua-Blueish Design (February 1st, 2002)
Midway through January, a string of horrific coincidences struck PA!. Not only did PA!'s host PokéWebMasters decide to shut itself down almost over night, PA!'s back up site at Zollonet.com was lost, as well as the copy of PA!6 on PMX's hard drive. All this mean that not a single copy of PA!6 existed. AT ALL.

To help cope with the loss, Nick15 came back on board to design PA!7. It used frames (a move that most PA! fans found to be troublesome), as well as themes. PA!7 also worked on creating a larger TCG presence. However, PA!7 didn't get much exposure as there was no one to update it.

So for a while, PA! died. It didn't help much that some cyber squatter stole to PA.com domain name, leaving PA! homeless.


Techno-Blueish Design (August 12th, 2001)
On August 2001, Nick15 decided to step down as PA!'s head webmaster to focus on school, he new web comic, as well as other things. Nick15 handed control of PA! over to PMX, who then introduced PA! version 6, which was PA!'s most professional update yet.

Besides the totally new design and format since PA!4 almost two years prior, PA! was deframed and took full advantage of SSI codes. It also introduced PA!'s new domain name, http://www.pokemonaaah.com/

Things were looking up for PA!. However all this would come to a horrific end soon...


Liquid Sky Design (May 25th, 2001)
Nick15.com came back up with it's new ISP, and so did the final version of PA!5. Since the BETA version released the previous month, Nick15 had made some changes and added some new sections too. This update also marks the introduction of Nick15's next set, Razzo, and it's new web address, http://pa.nick15.com/. Good times indeed.

However Nick15 started to grow tiresome of his duties, especially since he was recently promoted to a Wizard's PokéGym moderator.


Liquid Sky Design (March 14th, 2001)
Due to a problem with his ISP, Nick15 has to shut down the Nick15.com server for a while in order to switch ISPs. In this time, Nick15 decided to introducw a BETA preview version of PA!5 over at Bulbagarden.com. It introduced the new design to everyone, but it still had some tweaks that needed to be made. .... Now unlike previous version upgrades, PA!5 was not the major graphical overhaul like before. Graphics were updated, but not as much as before. The grand overhaul this time is with the HTML pages themselves, along with a new NewsPro news updating format.

PA! also picked up a few new staff members, PMX and Dark Aspenth, who would later help Nick15 keep things running as he couldn't keep the one-man show running.

With the addition of PMX as webmaster of PA!, the PA! forums moved from an ezBoard to a UBB, located at http://pa.zollonet.com/


Sky Blue & Red Design (September 9th, 2000)
Creative difficulties arose between Ech, Pure, and Nick15, and so E&P left PA! to work on their own site. Originally planed was to create a portal site called Pokémon AtoZ, A being Aaah! and Z being Zeo. The idea, however, never took off.

PA! went back to being a one-man show, and version 4.6 was created out of it. Version 4.6 continued where E&P left off, although a number of sections were removed in the process.

Around the New Year, Nick15 decided to make 3 other PA!-lookalike sites for Dragon Ball Z, Transformers, and Battle Angel Alita news. They shriveled up to nothing in no time fast.


Sky Blue & Red Design (August 7th, 2000)
A Nick15.com server crash had deleted PA!, which made Nick15 consider quiting PA!. So while Nick15 mulled over whether or not to keep PA! alive, the Echidna and Purity decided to help keep things going for Nick15. And thus Version 4.5 was created.

In this version update, it included a News section, pages for new fakes, and a number of other tweeks.


Sky Blue & Red Design (July 18th, 2000)
Although this version wasn't a site overhaul, a lot of the sections were given a spring cleaning. The Fake Edition got a makeover, the Make Your Own Fake Card section was given a few new goodies, and a few other cool additions were... uhm... added.

It was also around now when PA! picked up a new staff member, an artist by the name of purity, who had recently won PA!'s 3rd Fake Card Contest.


Sky Blue & Red Design (March 25th, 2000)
Nick15 got tired of Version 3.5 quick, and so started work on PA!'s third major revision, version 4. He worked hard on reorganizing the sections, changing the design (and introducing PA!'s official font, Font-o-vision), as well as going over each section and totally redoing them.

Now although it was still a one-man show for Nick15, The Echidna earned his keep at PA! and in the fake card world by taking over the job of Webmaster when Nick15 wasn't avaliable to update, most notiably during the time Nick15 visited Europe for 11 days back in April 2000.

Version 4 also officially introduced the first PA! Forums, at http://pub4.ezboard.com/bpokemonaaah, and PA! was moved to it's new home at http://www.nick15.com/pokemon/


Blue & Black Design (mid-December, 1999)
What seemed cool on paper but utterly disasterous in practice, PA! v3.5 added an extra content frame on the bottom in order to free up space on the sidebar (which was moved back to the left). When people would click on the sidebar, the main frame would have info on the general sections, while a frame below it would have links to all the different sections. The idea didn't last very long, and as you might imagine, it wasn't one of Nick15's favorite design concepts.

In January, Nick15 got an email from someone who called himself "The Echidna", who had a really interesting idea about a new Team Rocket hoax.....


Blue & Black Design (September 9th, 1999)
Nick15 was still running a one-man show with PA!, and decided that Version 2.5 just didn't cut it for him. So shortly after, Nick15 started work on PA! Version 3, PA!'s biggest largest upgrade since then.

It still used frames, but was now colored blue & black, and also featured it's popular "racing stripes" design concept, which is still in use today. The design also took a step beyond the norm of web design, as Nick15 placed the side bar on the right side of the site as opposed to the left found on other websites.

This version update filled out a lot of old sections, and added a bunch of new sections which included extended Game Boy info, TCG set stats, as well as info on a new Pokémon game called "Gold" and "Silver".

PA! also was given its second fan-fiction in the form of Pokémon City, by Robert. H. Magnussen. It was also around this time PA! was accused of stealing its design from another Pokémon site called Pokémon Zero.


Pure White Design (August 20th, 1999)
Prior to Version 2.5, PA! was a frameless website. However Nick15 decided to give the site a feature overhaul and added frames to the site. This would be a design concept Nick15 would use for a while. To make the update worth while, Nick15 also added new info on new TCG sets and more basic Game Boy info.


Pure White Design (July 22nd, 1999)
Nick15 did web designing on the side, and his style quicklyevolved as time went on. Realizing that the version of PA! he had up was pretty crappy looking, Nick15 decided that now would be another good time to spiff up the site to be a bit more presentable (especially to those who would be interested in hiring Nick15 to design their site). So out went the teal stripes of Toasterleavens, and in came a calm white style. Something about that white stuck with PA! as time went on.

Nick15 also moved PA! to a shorter address, http://nick15.simplenet.com/pokemon/. It also made fake cards its main focus, and introduced the classic Make Your Own Fake Card section, including the internet's first set of Pokémon TCG blanks. Version 2 also introduced PA!'s first fan-fiction project, Pokémon USA, and created 150 new Pokémon with the aide of Terry and Brian Tibke.


Toasterleavens 2 Design (June 22nd, 1999)
PA! hit its first major popularity spurt when Nick15 added his GRAPHICAL spoiler of the Jungle edition. It probably the first of its kind, since all other spoiler guides at the time were all plain text files. But what really DID help PA!'s growth was the mere fact that the spoiler list was ranked #2 on Altavista when you would search for "pokemon jungle".

This would also be the first version to introduce fake cards to the site. Around this time, Nick15 discovered one of the biggest Pokémon TCG websites of the day... the PokéCenter at CCGNews.com. The site was cool and all, but what really caught Nick15's eye was their Card Creation section. To Nick15's surprize, they were all text fakes. And since Nick15 had a fairly interesting history making image Magic and Star Wars CCG fake cards, he thought he could give Pokémon TCG fakes a try. He sent his first one, Missigno, into the PokéCenter. Surprizingly enough, they posted it! This alone would be but one of many great moments for PA! and Nick15.

After that, many requests came in to make more image fake cards, and so Nick15's rise to stardom came into being. Good times.


Toasterleavens 2 Design (April 10th, 1999)
Getting more into the cheesy kiddy card game that his friend Jimmy Cannon got him into, Nick15 decided to expand upon his Pokémon section on Toasterleavens. This time not only did it have some basic info on theJungle, Fossil and Team Rocket editions... but it also had some info on the Japanese version of Pokémon Yellow, as well as a Game Boy map. Slowly but surely, the Pokémon section at Toasterleavens became more popular as time went on. Surprizingly though, fake cards weren't even part of the site yet.

Around this time, one could find PA! at http://nick15.simplenet.com/toasterleavens/pokemon/tcgamerica.html


Toasterleavens 1 Design (March 1st, 1999)
It was around this time that Nick15 decided to create another website for himself. Prior attempts ended in failure.... but mostly because Nick15 was just a nobody, and people don't care to visit a website owned by a nobody (especially when that nobody had annoyed a whole bunch of Anti-Mac websites).

After taking a 2 year break from his old Geocities site, "Nick15 Dot Com", he decided to start working on a new one and called it "Toasterleavens". Taking a cue from Nick15 Dot Com, Toasterleavens had info on Nick15 and the stuff he liked..... including an obscure stupid Japanese game called Pokémon.

In his "Pokémon, Aaah!" section, Nick15 only had a few tidbits on the next two Pokémon TCG card sets, Jungle and Fossil. Nothing more.

Of course, since then Toasterleavens had evolved back into Nick15 Dot Com (now called Nick15.com). The Pokémon section however grew into something much more than Nick15 would have ever imagined.


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