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The FakeCard.com Staff

FakeCard.com is brought to you by the letters R, Z, and the number 6, and by a group of people who work tirelessly to bring you news and fake cards. .... Bah, who are we kidding? We don't do crap here. Anyways, these are the people who work on the site in one way or another. Included with everyone's name is a link to that person's website just incase you need some material to built a fan club with.

WATCH OUT THOUGH, I cannot guarentee that anyone's website will follow the strict Rated-PG guidelines that FakeCard.com does (so keep an eye out for ****'s and *******'s).


(Personal Site)
(deviantART site)

Site Creator, Head Webmaster, Artist, etc.
Hi. I'm Nick15. This is my website. That I do for fun. I don't aim to make a profit off this site, the banners here just pay for the hosting or my lunch.


Ryo here knows a lot of internety stuff, so I brought him on board to help out. He am smrt. He fix thing.

Kaiserin Myuu
(deviantART site)

Site Artist Extraordinaire
Kaiserin Myuu is an artist. A really good artist. She also can play one wicked game of cards. Combine the two, and you have one heck of a fake card maker. Good times.

Savage Sparrow
(deviantART site)

Card Tech Grrl
Nyuura is well know for her wonderful ability to do mundane things like tournaments reports and card techs. She works as a desk clerk, y'know.

Lion Wilsom

Master Duel Master
See all the nifty little things in the Duel Masters section? Give your thanks to Lion Wilson here. :D

Dark Aspenth
(Personal Site)

Game Boy Guru
Dark Aspenth here keeps us up to date to all sorts of Game Boy related shinanigans and goings-on.


Forum Guru
Helps out on the forum. Tastes like chicken. And since Ryo and OD2 live close by, they hang out and do things together. Fun!

Bass PikaMew
(deviantART site)

Official Exploder and News Scout
This program thing helps with news. It's good that he's a program, as we don't have to feed him or pay him. I mean what would a program do with money and food?

Scyther and Meweight

News Scouts Exrodanaire
Scyther and Meweight scour the internet with their handy browsers to find news for all you people to enjoy reading without scouring yourself! Because scouring can get you dirty and all that.

The Fangking and Dw19 (aka PinoyPower)
(Personal Site)

Pokémon Blankers Du Jour
See the nifty Pokémon TCG blanks in the Blanks section of the site? Fangking and Dw19 here made most of them for me. Aren't they swell! In fact, if there's any new Pokémon blanks comin' 'round here, you can bet it's from these two guys.

(Video Mania)

Official Idea Bouncer.
MegaX knows me from real life. So that give him superiorty in... some... strange real life way.

PokémonMasterX / JZollo66
(Personal Site 1)
(Personal Site 2)

All Around Swell Guy
Giving credit where credit is due; J.Zo here kept PA! alive in his time and helped work on the PA! Pokédex as well as many other projects.


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