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Welcome to FakeCard.com!
Just so you know, this site is no longer being updated. It is posted online for nostalgia purposes only. Sorry.

BTW, speaking of nostalgia... if you want to, feel free to check out past versions of Pokémon Aaah!. I've got all of them (more or less) uploaded and online. The only ones I'm missing are PA! versions 5, 6 and 7, all of which have been deleted. :( Anyways, here's the links:

Pokémon Aaah! version 8
Pokémon Aaah! version 4
Pokémon Aaah! version 3
Pokémon Aaah! version 2
Pokémon Aaah! version 1

The Nickaro Forums - It used to be the PA!/Fakecard.com forums, but it has since been retooled.

Bear in mind that these are the original websites, I made no changes (baring fundemental relinks). If there are any broken links, they will not be fixed. It's also probably because the orignal link doesn't exist any more.

If you're interested in what us old FakeCard.com'mers are doing these days, check out some of these links. BTW, they're not exactly kid friendly (they're rated anywhere between PG to R), so don't say we didn't warn you.

Nick15 (Philippe Van Lieu):
Moose River - It's what is currently taking up a majority of my free time. It's a web comic!
Nick15.com - My main art website
P-Tip Productions - It's a film making production studio.

RyoshinX (aka Tukaro, aka Robert Young):
Tukaro.com - Personal website

Kaiseren Myuu (aka Julia Sprenz):
Jackal Gallery - Personal art gallery, she does comics as well

SavageSparrow (aka Jen Brazas):
Mystic Revolutions - A web comic!

MegaX (aka Jimmy Cannon):
Video Mania

Enjoy! Thanks for all the support over the years PA! and FakeCard.com has been around. We hope you support us in our current and future ventures. :)

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