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About FakeCard.com

(For an extended site history, view the Version History page.)

This is a website. My name is Philippe Van Lieu and I made it. Well... at this point, we made it. (As in there's more than me running this deal.)

Actually, FakeCard.com is a card game news and strategy website for the Pokémon and Duel Masters TCG. I guess because they're the least childish thing of the whole Pokémon and Duel Masters franchise. We also dip our feet into some of the other aspects of the franchises (toys, video games, etc), but mostly it's the card games that we deal with. We also focus on fake cards for not just the Pokémon and Duel Masters card games, but for all others we can manage. We're not called "fakecard dot come" for nothing.

This site at one time was called Pokémon Aaah!, which was build on a dare back on April 10th, 1999. On February 1st, 2004, a little bit before it's 5th birthday, I decided to "evolve" PA! into FakeCard.com in order to promote the addition of non-Pokémon elements to the site (namely Duel Masters stuff).

I don't plan on killing it off anytime soon.

People looking for fake driver's licenses will be greatly disappointed though. This site does NOT teach you how to make counterfeit drivers licences, social security cards, or other government cards and documents, nor will it provide services or information on how to forge any of those items. The only "fake cards" we have on this site are fan-made cards for various trading card games.


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All text and images are ©1999-2004 Philippe Van Lieu and FakeCard.com or their respective owners. This site is not affiliated, endorsed, or approved by Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, or Wizards of the Coasts/Hasbro.

Idealy, FakeCard.com looks best at 1024 X 786 and at millions (16.7 million) of colors, but it looks decent at 800 x 600 and at thousands (65,536) of colors. Any less and it starts to look crappy.

Don't read this.