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San Francisco Bay Area Organized Play
(Want to know where to find a League our tournament spot in the Bay Area?)

PVL Triumphs at the STS Qualifier Tour!

Yes, everyone's favorite guy named Nick15 has return victorious in the Pokémon TCG Tour!!

[cheers and applause from the readers]

Please please, you don't need to applaud me... :)

Anyway, I left the Second Round of my age group as top dog, winning all of my matches (which were 5). I got 27/30 points (whoo!), however that was not the top score there. Last I hear someone got 28/30 points.... meaning that I probably won't get the free trip to LA for the Super Trainer Showdown. :( (Note, scores was based on how many prizes your opponent has left after you won.)

... However of my 5 matches, I won 4 of them without any of my Pokémon getting KO'd, so I MIGHT have an outside chance of getting that free trip. I think the winner of that isn't really based on total points... I know there is a special formula they use to determine who will actually go. Hmmm.... But besides that, I did win about 9 packs of BS2, an INVITATION to the Super Trainer Showdown, a Pokémon TCG Tour hat, and a Pokémon TCG Tour T-Shirt. Wheeee!! 

Plus when you sign up for the thing, they give you all sorts of cool things. Like stickers, and papers... and even a free Prerelease Dark Gyarados. Kewl. I'll try to get scans for them.

So you want to know how your plucky webmaster did? Hmmm....

A bit of background info.... there are 2 days for the tour, and there are three rounds for each day. So there is a total of 6 rounds. As for the games, it was Single Elimination... that means if you lost once, you're out. Standard tourney rules also apply, 20 minutes per round. The winner after 20 minutes would be the one with the least prizes, or the most cards in the deck in case of a tie.

 I entered in the First Round with my all-powerful "Wigglytough" deck. However in my first game I lost... only because I had nothing but flyers (Spearows and Fearows) and my opponent was playing an Electric deck. [slaps forehead]

However... the Second Round was THE round for me...

- In my first game, I played against a Wigglytuff deck with Rocket Zubats/Golbats. (You know who, Hackman!) My starter was a Scyther with a Jigglypuff on the bench and my opponent's starter was a Rocket Zubat. My first turn, I attached a Grass Energy on Scyther and Swords Dance'd. Next turn, I Computer Searched for a Double Colorless Energy, Slashed for 60, and won. ... 2nd turn win! Wheeee!

- In my second game, I wasn't totally sure what my opponent was playing. My starter was a Jigglypuff with nothing on my bench, and my opponent had a Rocket Abra (40 HP) and nothing else. I had a DCE, a PlusPower, and a Computer Search in my hand. I got to go first. Guess who won?? :) I slapped on the DCE and PlusPower on the Jigglypuff, then Search'd for another PlusPower and Pound'd for 40 damage for the win. ... 1st turn win! Wheeeee!!

- In my third game, since I won my first game in 2 turns and my second game in 1, I predicted than I would win in 0 turns. :b Actually, it was one of my better games. My opponent was playing a Rain Dance deck, so I was kind of worried there. However, the speed of Wigglytuff trampled through all his Pokémon, leaving nothing to play a Rain Dance with. :)

- My fourth game was the toughest. My opponent was playing what seems to have been a Haymaker variant, with Hitmonchan, Electabuzz, and Chansey. All of them gave me problems. The Hitmonchan KO'd my Wigglys, the Electabuzzes KO'd my Spearows & Fearows, and the Chansey was just a wall. Aaargh!!!! Fortunately I was able to KO 5 of my opponent's Pokémon, while she only KO'd 3. Eventually the 20 minutes were up, and I won because I had less prizes. [phew]

- I thought that the 5th game would be it for me. I saw that my opponent was playing one heck of a souped-up Wigglymaker deck (Wigglytuff in a Haymaker). He had the Wiggly's on top of Scythers and Electabuzzes. WAH!! But then it turns out that the guy has a really poor draws! The only Pokémon he'd ever pull out were 2 Electabuzzes and a Lickitung. The Lickitung proved to be a problem... however the Electabuzzes were easily taken care of. Twice in a row I pulled PlusPowers, and so twice in a row I did 70 damage to the Buzzes.

Yay!! So I dominated the Second Round... with a 6-6-6-3-6 point record. 27 points. Whoo! ... Well... I guess this doesn't count as triumphing. Besides, those 1st/2nd turn wins might hurt my score. Oh well.

... OK, I'm done gloating for the day. [goes and sits in a corner]


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