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Pokémon TCG League
Year 2 Info
(Provided from the
PokéGym. Good times.)


[cracks knuckles] PA! is here to regurgitate Pokémon TCG League Year 2 info back to you! Let's look into our magical bag of info and see what I've got'st.

• Obviously it's Togepi.


• Unlike any previous rumors, the badges will actually be badges. Actually this time, they're much better designed.

• Gym Leader Shirts arew now red, and to say the least, "Neo"-fied.

• The same green star stamp is still being used.
• The Badge Books looks much different than before. (A full explanation of it is in New Challenges.)

(Click for a larger image.)


New Challenges:
• New challenges await you at the new Pokémon TCG League (How corny does that sound?). First of all, it doesn't take you 400 points to get a badge in each season. Ohh no... each season adds on extra point requirments to get your badge. Here's the list:

Zypher Badge:

400 Points

Hive Badge:

430 Points

Plain Badge:

480 Points

Fog Badge:

550 Points

Mineral Badge:

650 Points

Storm Badge:

680 Points

Glacier Badge:

930 Points (!!!!)

Rising Badge:

1,100 Points!!

• Each Season also has a way to gain extra points. Instead of hose stupid TM stickers, there are "Milestones". ...For every 50 points earned AFTER you earn you badge, it goes towards 10 extra points for the next Season. Good times.

• Each Season ALSO has a something like a Gym... uhm... Challenge... which are side games which you can play to win stickers of the Gym leaders. They are fun if you're bored to tears... but they really have no real purpose (as far as I know, they don't actually count towards your badge or anything). But anyway, here's the list of challenges.

Zypher Badge:

You cannot use Colorness Pokémon or non-basic Energy cards.

Hive Badge:

Your opponent needs to collect 2 fewer Prizes to win.

(Ed: Meaning your opponent needs to only draw 4 prizes to win. Yeowch!)

Plain Badge:

Damage from your Pokémon is cut in half, rounded down.

(For example, if your Pokémon normally does 50 damage, it now does 20 damage instead.)

Fog Badge:

You cannot retreat your Pokémon or play Trainer cards of effects that would make a differemt Pokémon your Active Pokémon.

Mineral Badge:

Your opponent must be able to see your hand at all times.

Storm Badge:

Your opponent may go through his or her deck and add a Basic Pokémon card to his or her hand at the start of the game. Your opponent must shuffle his or her deck afterward.

Glacier Badge:

Your Basic Pokémon cards cannot attack. Only your Evolved Pokémon can attack.

Rising Badge:

Whenver you draw a Prize, you must immediatly discard 1 card from your hand.

(Ed: If you ask me, this is the EASIEST challenge out of all of them.)

OK, that's just about it. Excited, aren't you? God knows that I am! ;)


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