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San Francisco Bay Area Organized Play
(Want to know where to find a League our tournament spot in the Bay Area?)

Nick15 Goes to the ECSTS

Hey! Well, it turns out that I DID go to the East Coast STS. I just pretended that I was sick during that weekend just so that I can surprise you! My photos just got developed from the ECSTS, so I've decided to share it with you.

On the day before the main STS event, Friday, I took a road trip from my home in Daly City California, all the way to New Jersey. It was a long and torturous trip, but since it was the STS, it was WELL worth it!!

This is the outside of the place where the STS was at. I like the poster they drew up for the STS. It 'twas very keen.

The line for Sign-ups for the main tournament were quite long. Fortunately, I got there early and I zipped through registration.

Hee hee, I pity the people who came after me!

Since I was in the tournament, they gave us really cool T-Shirts. I wonder if any are on eBay right now!

So far I've amassed quite a Pokémon T-Shirt collections... I got the one for winning the STS Qualifier back in March in San Jose, the West Coast STS tournament T-Shirt, and then this snazzy T-Shirt. Score!

While I was walking around the place, guess who I saw? The Webmaster of the biggest Pokémon site on the internet, the Pojo!! We shared a few laughs, website complements, and other stuff. He was one cool dude. :D

Also a major hot part of the STS was the.... NEO GENESIS PREVIEW! Words cannot explain the ultra coolness of this preview. I certainly can't wait for the set to come along!!

The tournament started at around 12 Noon. I decided to "think outside of the box" with the new tournament format and play my Prop15 Rain Dance deck.

The first round was very easy. My opponent just happened to be playing a Turbo Arcanine deck. I tore it apart like it was nothing. Score one for Nick15!

Round 2 was a tad bit tougher. My opponent was playing an Electric Trapper deck. Fortunately, only my Squirtles were weak to Electric (I had other non-weak-to-Electric Pokémon in the deck). Even with a change in strategy, I was still able to win.

The rest of my rounds were iffy though. I ended up in §¶th place, with 5 wins and 3 losses. Oh well.

It was getting later after the tournament, so I decided to get going. Just as I was about to leave... guess who I saw?? The infamous Dark Master Trainer Mike! Score!! He was very busy, but I talked him into taking one picture for the site. Good times.


After that, I left the STS, knowing that even though I didn't win, I had a lot of fun... which was what really counted. :D



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