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Pokémon Crystal Info

Pokémon Crystal is the latest Pokémon GB game to come out of Japan. What is basically is is the "Yellow" to Pokémon Gold & Silver, with additional features, like new characters, different Pokémon rotation, and.... a way to battle your friends over the phone! Huzzah!

All I have to show you is Pokémon Crystal info from PA!'s Affiliate, Pokémon Forever (THANKS!). But considering that very little of the big sites have it, I'd thought I'd share it with you and beat everyone to the punch! Well... not everyone, I mean PF had it before me.. :P

Wheee! Let's see what we've got:

Pokémon Crystal Info


First off, you've got your title here. Wheee! It's all blue and crystally. :P

Next we've got what seems like TWO playable characters. We all know the boy (he's not Ash but Hiroki). But the girl is all new, but doesn't have a known name yet. Let's just call her Kristine. :D

Here we have a simple cartoon idea of what the deal is with the cell phone. It's quite simple....

The yellow Game Boy is inserting the Pokémon Crystal game cartridge into it's game thing slot, and also attaching what seems to be a blue MODEM into it's plug dohicky. Then we've got the cell phone (or I'm guessing any phone) plugging into the blue modem.

Now why do thing? Well, this is so that you can battle your friends without even being there! You phone them up, say "I'm too lazy to walk over to your house, so let's play over the phone!" and then you start battling! Wow!

Now as for the game itself, nothing new storyline wise has been added. As far as I know, it's the same a Pokémon Gold & Silver. 

However, aside from "Kristine", a new feature is being added into Crystal. And it's.... battle animations! Yes! Pokémon will move and flare up when you battle them. A-mazing!

This here is the box image for Pokémon Crystal. It's Suikun! ... Yes, the main focus of this game is Suicun. ... Er... that is, you'll be able to find Suikun in the field (like how you can find Moltres or Mewtwo), and that your NEW rival will be a girl with a TON of Suikuns (huh?).

So what are the details about the physical plastic game? 

  • The game will cost ¥3800, which is about oh... $35.61 in the all powerful US Dollar.
  • Pokémon Crystal is set to be released on December 14th, 2000. Why that's a Thursday!
  • The cartridge will be only for Game Boy Color, will have Pocket Printer, Link Cable, infrared Link, and 64GB compatibility. It will also include a attachable back-up feature.... whatever that is. Hmmm...
  • The box will also include the modem thing to that you can hook up your phone to in order to play over the phone.

Wow! I can't wait for it to come out in English! Kind of makes Pokémon Gold and Silver seem insignificant. :P

Pokémon Crystal Info

Many rumors on Pokémon Crystal has come along, however this page will help debunk or prove a great many of them. Hmmmm....


• Pokémon CAN'T learn more than 4 attacks. Unless there's something I missed, I don't think because it's Crystal doesn't give Pokémon NEWER game mechanic abilities.

Crystal WILL be released in the States, and so will the Mobile Transmitter device thingy. Why? I HIGHLY doubt NOA will pass up a Pokémon GB title JUST BECAUSE of modem incompatibilities between Japanese phones and American phones. Without a doubt, NOA designers and programers are already working on a version of the transmitter that works on REGULAR phone plugs. Heck, if Nintendo can convert COMPLICATED VOICE RECOGNITION PATTERNS in Hey You, Pikachu, then it's VERY LIKELY Nintendo can convert telephone signals. Now although NOA "says" that won't translate the game, they also "said" that they won't translate Hey You, Pikachu! because of the voice deal.

UPNetwork.com says that there "new" Pokémon that may be seen in Pokémon Crystal. You know what? There won't be any. Why? First off, Nintendo isn't in a position to hype up 5 new Pokémon in a game. The changes between Gold & Silver and Yellow are as different than the changes from Red & Blue and Yellow.... which is very little. I don't recall seeing Marril, Togepi, etc in my Yellow game.

Secondly, these SAME Pokémon foot prints were in Gold & Silver too! Check out these exclusive screenshots I took while playing the Japanese version of Gold last year (when it came out in Japan).

It's GS Missingno. I was able to battle and capture it using the Gameshark code: 91FCDFD0. Try it yourself on Japanese GS if you don't believe me.

Recognize the footprint? It's the same one seen at UPN.

What also backs up my statement is... UPN has 5 foot prints, 252 through 256. Now in GS, there are 256 Pokémon "slots" in the game (FF equals 256 in hexadecimal). 251 of those slots are used up by REAL Pokémon data.... which leaves 5 EMPTY slots. 5 foot prints, 5 empty slots... and that's Ross!

So that's that, there is NO new Pokémon being introduced in Crystal, nor will it have to do with Pokémon Stadium GS or anything else. The next time we'll see new Pokémon is when a Pokémon game is made for GAME CUBE.



• RockyR at the PA! Forums has confirmed Celebi's existance. Here's what he wrote:

Nick went and supplied that you stick an item in the 'well' in Ilex Forest. Apparently, since I looked at th' screenshots, you get the item from Gantetsu [Kurt]. The item is the "Jiiesu" Ball. Which...confused me for a bit...but it actually means GS. So then you get the GS Ball from Kurt ^_^

Apparently this is after you beat the Kanto side as well...and you might actually find him there.

At least the screenshots were ordered like that is the case. Pokemon number requirements could be an issue too ^_^ Meowth knows his Gameshark cheats well and he could have skipped ahead or done that event modification thing to speed up his play, or he had a lot of time on his hands. ^_O

But it's definite! Awesome.

Score! This also relates to the event that'll happen in the 4th Pokémon movie.


New Crystal Stuff
"Stuff is good." - Rocky


I don't think anyone who's been playing Crystal has made any list of all th' changes. That and the previews are rather vague. Where I'm playing...I see what's new. Here's a list. A lot of the stuff hasn't been mentioned. Other stuff is old from the beginning news of Crystal...but if th' list is gonna be concise, it has to be there.

This is what I know from the beginning of th' game to where I am now.

New Stuff from the Beginning:
• The title screen is...new. Kinda follows the Yellow theme with the main character [Suicune] flying all over the place.

• Mhnn..everyone knows you can choose to be one of the two heroes. The main character's 'normal' name (Red, Blue, Yellow...) is Kris. That's a choice for the guy or girl. In Japanese, the guy's three other base names...are Youkuse, Takehito, and Takao. The girl's three other base names are Chuhu, Kiyomi, and Satoko.

• The girl's mom is in the hero's house as well as the original one.

• Utsugi has a new second computer... -_-

• Walking into a new area (like from Newbark to Rt. 29) prompts this nice text box at the bottom of the screen to tell you where it is. There's a screesnhot of this included (it's also a screenshot of something different)


• The Pokédex info is new again. Makes for five different (Yellow was cheap in some areas with paraphrasing...but still) sources of info now.


Pokémon Imagry:
• Pokémon animation stuff. Everyone knows they animate...but not specifics.

They'll animate:
> Beginning of battles (the opponent)
> Checking their stats
> Evolution thing.

The animations range from cheaper (Sentret's has like 2 frames repeated) to smooth and awesome (more are the high quality). When you view the stats, you'll get an 'extra' four frames not seen in battle which are along the lines of the Pokémon blinking twice, flapping its' wings, etc. It's usually the blinking.

If the Pokémon is under status conditions, it won't animate. Figures. The animation is meant to enhance the cry I guess, cause it's simultaneous and they open their mouthes and whatnot.


• - Pokémon sprites themselves...have changes. (besides the animation) Seems like they used an edited pallete or something...because a variety of Pokémon have fixed colors. Spearow actually has a pink beak...Pidgey doesn't have pink on th' wings, Unown doesn't have a green edge, Onix is totally gray...Remoraid is lighter....Okay, that's quite enough. ^_^


And...some Pokémon images (when they aren't animated) are from Gold...some from Silver, and some are all new. This is due to fixes and the animations themselves. The Gold image of Mankey was used....because they wouldn't want Mankey to animate, and then stay in a kicking pose....like it oughtn't have stopped. Some Pokémon were in the air jumping (like Raichu)...same deal...they used the one where it's standing. Both Pikachus were apparently no good so they made a new one. It's a mix.

Suicune, Entei, and Raikou now have their own tiny picture thing. Now they don't look like the generic 'mammal' one.


Pokémon Relocations:
• Like Yellow, a lot of Pokémon locations are switched. From what I've seen.... (All this applies to Johto. I don't have that Kanto attachment yet)
  • Pidgey and Hoothoot are now also along Rts. 32 and 34...and in Ilex Forest.
  • Pidgeotto and Noctowl are also along Rts. 38 and 39.
  • Fearow is now along Rt. 42.
  • Raticate is now along Rts. 42 and 43
  • Sentret's also along Rt. 42, along with Furret
  • Metapod is now only in Ilex Forest
  • Weedle and Kakuna exist along w/ Caterpie and Metapod. Kakuna is also now only in Ilex Forest.
  • Ledyba and Spinarak are also along Rt. 36 and in the National Park
  • Ledian can be found along Rt. 37...I'm assuming Ariados is there too...because of how Spinarak and Ledyba have the same new location, as well as Pidgey and Hoothoot
  • Of course, Spinarak and Ledyba are both available.
  • Geodude is also available along Rt. 33
  • Zubat is now also along Rts. 31 and 32, but no longer along 34.
  • Jigglypuff can now be found along Rts. 34 and 35
  • Ekans can now be found along Rt. 42
  • Arbok can now befound along Rt. 42 and on Mt. Silver
  • Ekans/Arbok...and Sandshrew/Sandslash are both available. ^_^
  • Flaafy is now nowhere to be found in th' wild.
  • Gastly can now be found along Rts. 31,32, and 36 (at night)
  • Bellsprout is now also along Rt. 36
  • Hoppip is now also on Routes 29,20 and 31.
  • Nidoran (F) and Nidoran (M) are now in the National Park rather than those other places
  • Venonat is also in the National Park (normally, not during the Insect event thing) and in Ilex Forest
  • Snubbull is now along Rts. 34 and 35 rather than those other places
  • Vulpix isn't in the wild (like Gold)
  • Growlithe is also along Rt. 35
  • Marill is also along Rt. 42
  • Mankey isn't in the wild (like Silver)
  • Psyduck is also in the National Park
  • Machoke is also found at Mt. Silver
  • Magmar isn't in the Burnt Tower but at Mt. Silver (Hmmn! I suppose it might be erupting.)

    This is what I can say from what I've seen. C_C Yeepsh, that's...a lot of change.


• Matching with the Pokémon location change...the Game Corner (in Goldenrod) now has as th' Prizes...

Abra for 100
Cubone for 800
Wobbuffet for 1500.

So Abra's price is split and the other two (Ekans, Sandshrew) are available both in the wild


Mega Construction:
• There's even new buildings/houses...etc.. Screenshots are in there.
  • Pokémon Communication Center...in Goldenrod.
    Takes the place of the normal old Center. It's spacious inside...and houses a thing for the Mobile....I assume for trading...battling...whatever the Mobile is supposed to do. Saffron tends to mirror Goldenrod, so Saffron might have one as well.


  • Battle Tower...near Olivine to the west
    I'd like to know what this is. A huge skyscraper with some people looking on. I can't get in. I'm guessing you have to beat the Johto League gyms...maybe also the League Champions...possibly the Kanto Gym leaders. Being a 'Battle Tower'...it's probably some sort of awesome battling place. Could be like the challenger house in Viridian City with more matches... Could also be something else for the Mobile...they could have people update the game with the Mobile for it to open...and have a sizable championship/tournament...thing with no travel! It's really big...so I assume it's good.

  • Some old woman in Cianwood. She tells you...after selecting a Pokémon where you caught it and at what level. ^_^ Right next to this...the first time visiting...you'll find Suicune on the rocks.


  • The 'Burnt Tower' was redone. The top actually looks burnt now. The inside is dark and very different.


• There's that Minaki guy... who's after Suicune. I suppose you fight him multiple times...he challenged me once in Cianwood after Suicune runs over the ocean. He's got a Drowzee, a Haunter, and an Electrode (Electrode is apparently his best Pokémon...kind of like the starter is your Rival's best. Electrode already knows Thunder at...LV. 24...making it harder. He's nothing like your Rival because his team is smaller then).

• Looking at strategy guide pictures shows that trainers...a bit frequently, so for Trainers ...mhn... positioning and owned Pokémon... have been moved into new positions (ones that wait for you). It's meaningless, but moreso than Elm's computer... I guess the positions are more tactical...


New Items:

GS Ball
Apparently no one knew to prove me wrong...I assumed from the screenshots that Kurt hands it to you after some accomplishment late in the game. I actually recieved it at the Communication Center from some woman working there. I don't know what I did first...but upon walking in I got it. You can't do anything with it then, however. You just get Oak and his "This isn't the right time for that" deal.

Blue card (?)
It isn't a Buruu card...because it isn't spelled totally the same. A woman at the Radio Tower gave this to me... It relates to some kind of Point system (seeing as it uses the word "Point" and gives a number value.) How you get Points...I don't know. It relates to a new Radio show...that's mentioned at IGN. 'Hello Aoi'. Some hat-wearing woman in the studio has a list of items that can be taken from getting points on the Blue Card.

(Other new items include:)
Hyper Ball
Recover Medicine

Gold Nut
Rare Candy
Taurin (I spose it's talon? The translating sites don't like it.)
"Buromehakin Shin"
"Indometa Shin"
Max Up (Elixir, isn't that it?)

The other three things...I don't know what they are either. C_C I'm guessing a lot of the things there are normal items.


That's...as far as I can think, all that's new up to the point where I am. -_- ^_^


Stuff is good.


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