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Neo Genesis Evangelion. Bad pun.

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So really... what is Neo Genesis? Here are the facts:

Set Size: 111 in the US, 96 in Japan
There was a 9 card promo set released in Japan before Neo 1 was released. When it came time to release Neo 1 in the US, Wizards decided to add the 9 card promo set to the existing 96 card, along with 6 energy cards, thus brining the total up to 111 cards.

Set Order: 8th set in the US, 8th set in Japan

Release Date: December 16th, 2000 in the US, February 4th 1999 in Japan.
Genesis was released twice. Huh?! .... Actually, Genesis was first released in December as a "teaser" release. That is, stores only recieved a few boxes of Genesis and none of the Preconstructed decks. Later on January 15th, 2001, Genesis was "offiically" released (with preconstructed decks and plenty of boxes to go around).

Other Goodies:
Neo Genesis marked the first set to contain some of the new "Johto" Pokémon found in Pokémon Gold & Silver. Along with this release came two new card types; Darkness and Metal.
• Aside from the added Pokémon types, two new card types were added; Baby Pokémon (with a built in "Sand-Attack" ability) and Poké Tools (which are "Permanent" trainer cards attached to a Pokémon).

Other Images:
Japanese Neo 1 Promo Binder (Front)
Japanese Neo 1 Promo Binder (Back)
Japanese Neo 1 Starter Deck
Japanese Neo 1 Pack-o-cards
Japanese Neo Title
Neo Genesis Booster Box
Neo Genesis Quilava Pack

Symbol: The symbol for Neo Genesis was a double star. Some poor suckers though two stars meant "ultra-rare". Hahaha!


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