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Time to discover what's "Beyond The Ruins"

Neo Discovery Card List
Neo Discovery Preconstructed Deck Info
• Neo Discovery Card Scans
Japanese Neo 2 Card Scans


So really... what is Neo Discovery? Here are the facts:

Set Size: 75 in the US, 56 in Japan
Wizards did the holo/nonholo thing again. But unlike the times before, two cards (Butterfree and Beedrill) only had one version of them. Also like in Genesis, Wizards added in cards from the Neo 2 9-card promo set (Japan had another one for Neo 2).

Set Order: 9th set in the US, 9th set in Japan

Release Date: June 1st, 2001 in the US, July 7th, 2000 in Japan.
Discovery was shipped out on May 24th, 2001. Neo 2 in Japan was prereleased on July 1st, 2000. Some lucky people from both nations got them that early.

Other Goodies:
• Dark Raichu makes its official Japanese debut in Neo 2 (as a white star ultra rare).
• As for the reason for this Central/South Americana theme is because of.... Pichu! Yes, because of that cute lil' electric rat. Why? Well, in Cuzo, Peru (in South America), there was a temple/city that was built by the Incas. The name? Macchu Picchu. See the Picchu bit? It's the same as Pichu (even it sounds the same). Cool, huh?

Other Images:
Neo Discovery Box Of Cards
Neo Discovery Brainwave Theme Deck
Neo Discovery Wallop Theme Deck
Neo Discovery Booster Pack
Japanese Neo 2 Promo Binder
Japanese Scizor Promo
Japanese Neo 2 Booster Pack

Symbol: The symbol for Neo Discovery was a Native American-like temple.


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