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Neo Revelation Card List
• Neo Revelation Card Scans


So really... what is Neo Revelation? Here are the facts:

Set Size: 64 in the US, 57 in Japan
Wizards did the least amount of holo-nonholo rare rotation with Revelation than ever. In fact, they didn't do any. Some cards from Neo 3 were make non-holo in Revelation, others remained as holos. Wizards did however add in cards from the Neo 3 Promo set (another one was released in Japan). Some of those were turned into holos, some of them weren't. Eitherway, it evened out in the end.

Set Order: 10th set in the US, 10th set in Japan

Release Date: Septmeber 21st, 2001 in the US, November 23rd, 2000 in Japan.
It was around this time when Wizards gave up releasing cards on a set date, and told retailers (in simplest terms) "Release it whenever you get it." Of course, these dates are more or less based on when they were released on Wizards' store, so at least we can get a specific date.

Other Goodies:
Neo Revelation more or less completes the Neo sets, in terms of releasing cards of "Johto" Pokémon.
• The English title, Revelation, is one of two Biblical references in the TCG. The other one is of Neo Genesis. Genesis and Revelation are both the first and last books of the Bible, respectively. We were surprized when Neo 2 wasn't called "Neo Matthew". Heheh
Revelation was also the first (and hopefully only) set to not have Preconstructed decks associated with its name. Yee-ghads!

Other Images:
Japanese Neo 3 Title
Japanese Neo 3 Promo Binder
Shining Magikarp
Shining Gyarados
Japanese Neo 3 Pack Poster
Japanese Neo 3 Kimura Poster
Japanese Neo 3 Kizuki Poster
Japanese Neo 3 Kusube Poster
Japanese Neo 3 Booster Pack

Symbol: The symbol for Neo Revelation is unknown. Actually it's an Unown. The original Japanese advertisement for Neo 3 said cries from the Alph Ruins woke up the legendary beasts, so... we presume it's an Unown shouting. ..... And if not that, it could be the three beasts jumping out of some hole in the ground. Use your imagination!


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