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Neo 4 president! ... Get it? Sla.

Neo Destiny Card List
Neo Destiny Preconstructed Deck Info
• Neo Destiny Card Scans


So really... what is Neo Destiny? Here are the facts:

Set Size: 105/113 in the US, 112 in Japan
"Officially" there were 105 cards in the set. However the addition of 8 "medium-rare" cards upped the set size to 113 cards. ... Japan's set only had 112 (with the Shining Pokémon). What's missing?

Set Order: 11th set in the US, 11th set in Japan

Release Date: Feburary 28th, 2002 in the US; March 9th, 2001 in Japan

Other Goodies:
• Then-Media Factory screws up the game more by adding in a new set of Light Pokémon to the game, as if the game wasn't screwed up enough with Dark Pokémon running around. Hopefully with the game reconstruction done in VS in Japan, that might spell the end of these sorts of Pokémon. Bleck.
• The Japanese version of Neo Destiny was called "Neo 4: Darkness to Light". Considering this somewhat impossible name to cross-translate, it was probably a good idea for Wizards to just call it "Destiny" (even though Nick15 HATES that word).
• Shining Pokémon also make a wide-scale introduction with this set, with 8 of them in this set. This marked the first time Wizards produced a ultra-rare card for a card set (officially "medium-rare"). We're not sure how sparcely they're packed though. These cards also got a rather interesting holo treatement; the backgrounds remained nonholo while the Pokémon themselves were holofied. Good times.
Destiny was also the last set that Wizards made that used the 1st Edition symbol. Wizards axed it for a few reasons; sometimes 1st Edition cards would be released after the other printings (thus defeating the purpose), and the Secondary Market wasn't affected by them any longer. I actually stopped buying 1st Edition cards back around Gym Heroes; I could care less if they were 1st Edition or not, all I care is if it's a card I can win with or not.

Other Images:
Japanese Neo 4 Dark Ivysaur Promo
Japanese Neo 4 Dark Venusaur Promo
Japanese Neo 4 Title

Symbol: The symbol for Neo Destiny was some sort of 6 sided lightning bolt... or something...


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