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So really... what is Legendary Collection? Here are the facts:

Set Size: 110 in the US

Set Order: 12th set in the US
As with Base Set 2, this set wasn't released in Japan.

Release Date: May 24th, 2002 in the US.
Many people consider this set to be a stall tactic for Expedition, in the sense that.... Expedition was supposed to be released in May-ish. However Nintendo wanted it to be released around the same time its E-Reader device, so it was pushed back to September-ish. But since Pokémon TCG players can't wait that long for another set (Destiny was released in Feburary), a new Base Set was slapped together for people to spend their money on. Despite this however, Legendary Collections proved to be a very profitable move for Wizards to do.

Other Goodies:
• This set was essencially a "Base Set Three". Which was something of a tough move for Wizards to pull off, considering that Base Set 2 wasn't well recieved by the Pokémon TCG community in general. Which was probably why LC set wasn't called "Base Set Three" to begin with! However, as Wizards would find out eventually, Legendary Collections ended up becoming one of Wizards' more successful Pokémon TCG sets released!
• This set, like BS2, was a combination of cards from older sets, specifically Base Set, Jungle, Fossil, and Rocket. Even a Black Star Promo made its way into this set (Nintendo Power Promo Mewtwo). This set, obviously, wasn't released in Japan.
• To appeal to players, Legendary Collections was the first Pokémon set that was actually built with tournament formats in mind! The pack set up has Pokémon of the same type in it, which made it very useful for Sealed Draft tournaments. The set was also built with the Modified tournament format in mind, so old cards that would help modern Modified decks made the cut while considerably broken cards from the past (like Hitmonchan and Professor Oak) were tossed aside. Good times indeed! Hopefully this trend will continue as time goes on.
• To appeal to collectors, Legendary Collections was the first set to include of two new Pokémon TCG trends for Wizards, reverse holos and box toppers. Wizards took a hint from Magic and made a reverse-holo card for every single card in the set. This is cool because now collectors can have their one-holo-per-pack thing without deminishing value to regular holo rares (though unlike Magic, there were reverse-holos in every pack). Now although they are official, they look like counterfeit cards. D'oh! Fortunatly Wizards realized that and made future reverse-holos more like their Magic counterparts. ... Box Toppers, jumbo sized cards of a number of cards from the set (4 of them in this case), were also inserted in every box. Great for buyers who bought cards by the box full, and holo-foil to boot. Score!
• Legendary Collection, amazingly, has SOLD OUT! Which was why Professors at Worlds were given boxes of Neo Destiny instead of the prementioned Legendary Collection at Worlds 2002 in Seattle.

Symbol: The symbol for Legendary Collections is a little metal.


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