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Another challenging set.

Gym Challenge Card List
Gym Challenge Print Run Info
Gym Challenge Preconstructed Deck Info
• Gym Challenge Card Scans
Japanese Gym 2 Card Scans


So really... what is Gym Challenge? Here are the facts:

Set Size: 132 in the US, at least 128 in Japan (94 avaliable in packs + 34 fixed cards)

Set Order: 7th set in the US, 7th set in Japan

Release Date: October 16th, 2000 in the US, June 1999 in Japan.
Challenge was originally planned to be released on Oct. 16th. Then it was pushed up the 7th. Then back to the 16th. It didn't matter much in the end, Sears released it on the 4th. :)

Other Goodies:
• Like Gym 1 in Japan, Gym 2 was also focused on preconstructed decks more than the actual packs.
• And like Gym 1, Gym 2 was based on the last four "Kanto" Gym Leaders; Koga, Sabrina, Blaine, and Giovanni.
• And also like Heroes, Challenge was a mix of Gym 1 and Gym 2.
• The Japanese title of Gym 2 was Challenge From The Dark. Obviouly a long title like that doesn't exactly fly in English speaking countries, so it was shortened to just Challenge.
• The cards Imakuni?'s Doduo and _Your_'s Chansey from Gym 2 didn't make an appearence in the US release of Challenge. Besides the part about how your average Western player knows diddly squat about some Japanese pop artist, neither of those really fit in a "serious" card set. The chances of them being made into promo cards are slim as well.
• The art for the card "Misty's Tears", which was orignally in Gym 1 but pushed to Gym 2, was changed for its US release. Reason? The Japanese version had an apparent "nude" image of Misty on the card. Now although the Japanese (and frankly the rest of the world as well) take nudity lightly, Americans in general don't share their opinions, and therefore Wizards had to change the card art to avoid people from getting offended. Other art changes include Sabrina's Gaze (people considered her to be giving the viewer "the finger"), and Koga's Ninja Trick (which had a swastika on it that could have been mistaken for the Nazi's logo of choice).
• "Common rares" didn't make an appearance in Challenge, to the relief of many players.
• It was with this set that resident wise-guy Nick15 realised that the Japanese pack format more or less sucked. When you get 2 rares (1 holo and 1 nonholo), it's hard to not understand why the secondary market in Japan is horiffic at best. (For those who can't put 2 and 2 together, it means that "rare" cards in Japan have almost no resale value, which may come to the shock and horror of many seasoned retail stores in the US.)

Other Images:
Japanese Gym 2 Pack
Gym Challenege Advertisement
Gym Challenge Misty's Tears

Symbol: The symbol for Gym Heroes was a "dark" stadium. The symbol for Gym 2 was a bird's eye view of an arena with the word "Gym" in it.


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