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News from April 2003:

Sunday, April 13th 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• ADV 2 99% Spoiler - Wow, looks fun!

Today's General Comments:
I got a whole day free, let's see what I can do. Maybe a fake is in store.

ADV 2 99% Spoiler
Check it out, I've spent the few hours to translate ADV 2. And in doing so, I also have the card list. I'll post the list in a little while. But for now, here's ADV 2 in all it's glory:

ADV 2 Spoiler Du Jour

It's mostly translated, I do admit that there are a FEW loose ends.

So what's the big deal with ADV 2? Plenty. First off, this is obviously a continuation of ADV 1. Pokémon that weren't in ADV 1 are in ADV 2. Duh. We've got our glance at what was previously previewed, Anorith and Lileep, and we see that we're like Omanyte and Kabuto in the sense that they evolve from a fossil-trainer card.

Another rather interesting thing to point out is the lack of Baby Pokémon in the set. In ADV 2 Pichu, Azurill, and Wynaut make an appearence... and lo and behold, they're not baby types. Maybe TPC wised up and realized that Baby Pokémon were a big mistake.

EX Pokémon make another obvious appearence. I'm beginning to like these EX things. The 200 HP on Wailord is just attrocious. And Typlosion EX is GOD. The best part about these cards though is that even though they're just so EXTREMELY broken, they're leveled out by anti-EX cards like Seviper and Wobbuffet. Unlike when Baby Pokémon made their first appearence and there really were no anti-Baby cards.

My picks of the set? The Lotad line has their Rain Dish power, which literally is an anti-Poison. You can REMOVE damage from it each turn. I also like Gardevoir EX. Just think about it; Impostor Professor Oak, Erika, Erika... Oh look, 130 damage. Bye bye nasty Pokémon!

TPC is definitely wising up. Or maybe they fired their old R&D staff and hired some new designers. Whatever is going on though, kudos TPC for another kick butt set.

Saturday, April 12th 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• Sunday Sunday SUNDAY! - Fun Surprizes

Today's General Comments:
Work sucks. And because I have to work, I don't have much to tell you today. But.....

Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!
Hey, be sure to swing by tomorrow. Besides having a few comics and maybe a fake card (I really ought to start working on that stuff again, sue me if I'm a wee bit tired of the internet right now), I'll also have the ADV 2 spoilers. ADV 2, as in the next Pokémon TCG set to be released in Japan on April 18th. Yeah, I do realize that it's not the 18th yet. But hey, nothing like getting a little head start. ;)

I'd have them today, but I have to work (big money flow, bling bling). Good times.

Thursday, April 10th 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• Frail Forums Make For Many Follies - I'm sensing a news post..

Today's General Comments:
It's your friendly neighborhood co-webmaster, RyoShin, bringing the news to you today. I realize that we haven't updated much, but news is dry. :B I'll see if I can dig something up. In the mean time...

Frail Forums Make For Many Follies
Okay, I know many of you are regular forum visitors (or hope you are, at least), and that you know the forums are currently inaccessable.

The reason? Our forum host has gone down. It's been down for a week, and I'd bet even money that we won't see if back up for a while, seeing as it was a free host.

And, lucky us, the pay-for host we chose for the actual PA! site (which was the cheapest we could find) doesn't have PHP access. Which means that even if I could figure out how to put up a My SQL database (or buy one for $80), we still couldn't have forums here.

So, right now, we're forumless. Later tonight, Nick is opping me over at the EZboard PA! forums, which have been around for as long as PA! has. I'll be doing some cleanup, adding/removing some things, and fixing it up. The EZBoard forum will be an emergency forum for times like these.

Hopefully, though, this will be the last time ANY PA! thing goes down, site or forums. Nick and I have mainly decided we need a new pay-for host for the forums. However, Nick ain't made of the green stuff, so we're trying to decide what we do. I may just get some space myself (been thinking of it) and host it there.

So look for the EZBoard forum link tomorrow, and hopefully a real forum later. You could always help us along by Donating. :D [/shamless plug]

Friday, April 4st 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• The Winner(s) of the 4th Fake Card Contest Is... - A Winner Is You!

Today's General Comments:
It's Friday, a day off from work! So I plan to update this site a bit... fix some info, archive a few things, etc. Good times.

The Winner(s) of the 4th Fake Card Contest Is...
OK, you've weathered through the day, bugged the heck out of me trying to get me to tell you who won today. But all that bugging and waiting has paid off. Now I'm going to tell you who won today. ;)

HONORABLE MENTION - Corporate Switch by GymLeaderPhil

Humor is what the Honorable Mention is all about. GLP here takes light of the current situation of the whole Pokémon TCG and gives it a send up with Corporate Switch. I even like the subliminal message on the bottom of the card. Good times. ;)


SECOND PLACE (1) - Sora's Articuno by Kasey

In the opinion of most of the judges, there really wasn't much going against this card. The art work was beautiful AND original, the wording for Blizzard was correct, and everything looked all around tight. There was a bit of issue with symbol placement, and the HP, and some minor details, but overall this was a solid 2nd place card.

SECOND PLACE (2) - Seph's Bannette by Joseph Barnsley

The first thing that stuck out on this fake card was all the creativity put into it. Besides using a Ruby/Saphire Pokémon, the blank was edited slightly to make it more Gym-like. Good times. The artwork on all of the cards entered were fabulous, Banette though just seems to be the pick of the litter. Some of the wording though is a bit off, less orthodox than on a real card. But it was still pretty smeggin' good.

FIRST PLACE - Groudon by Dezza

WOW. Ok.... WOW. When the judges saw this one, we all figured that this was first place, hands down. Original blank (worth plenty of extra points right there), original art, exact game text grammar.... ohhh... just wonderful all around. The power is a bit on the broken side though, being able to do 50 damage (total) each turn for free is kinda strethcing it a bit. But besides that, this is a very good fake card. One worth a box of them, at least. :D

Congratulations to all who won! To claim your prize, email me (Nick15) at nick15@mac.com with your mailing address, just so I know where I can send your prizes to. Good times.

And for those who didn't win, hey you tried your best, but nothing says you can't keep practicing! If anything though, swing by in a bit and you may find your card in the Fan Fake section. Score.

OK, I'm out.

Tuesday, April 1st 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• Fake A Day Delivers - Yo.

Today's General Comments:
April Fools Day. Remember in previous years when I said that you should never believe me on April Fools Day? This year, I think you ought to believe me.

BTW, pa.net doesn't work for some reason. But thankfully fakecard.com does. So visit PA! at fakecard.com.

Fake A Day Delivers
Lookie! I got another fake card for you! I may not have one tomorrow though, as I probably won't have time for it. Tuesdays suck.

Nidoqueen - #019/198

Before you say anything, I already noticed the error(s) on the fake card. But I'm not exactly on the computer I made it on, so I can't fix it right now.

Anyways, this card is fairly straight forward, yet Holo-Rare worthy. Horn Drill does damage, 30 for 4 ain't too bad. But on the flip side, you also can get a chance to knock out the Defending Pokémon. Just a flick of the wrist can get some honkin' 120 HP Pokémon out of the way. Kind of a swift pay off for having to build Nidoqueen up for 4 turns. Good times. OK, that's it for today. If you're expecting something more from me today... just look up.


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