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News from March 2003:

Monday, March 31th 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• Multi Media Monday - Good Times
• New Battle Zone Promos - Gooder Times

Today's General Comments:
The beauty of having three websites is that if you get bored with one of the, you can update two others. Right now I'm bored making comics, so here I am working on PA!. Hopefully I can keep this thing updated in the upcoming days and weeks. Good times.

AND REMEMBER! TODAY is the LAST DAY to enter in the Fake Card Contest! Meaning after today, I won't accept any more entires. So get them in now before it's too late! Tha Box of Cards if slowly slipping away.... ;)

Multi Media Monday
Got a few things for you. Funtastic galore this week. ;)

First off, for some reason I forgot that I actually don't have time on Saturday to do anything. Meaning Sundays I can't update. So... this means PA! The Comic will be updated Saturdays and Mondays instead. And since today is a Monday, here's the second PA! The Comic for you.

PA! The Comic #2

Starting to get into the character development... more to come though. Don't forget to swing by Saturday for more comics. Good times.

And... today I also have a fake card for you. Yay!

Nidorina - #129/198

Another one of those really good yet really common cards. By turn two you can have a 30 damage with poison Nidorina, and turn it into your own personal cannon fodder for a few turns. The self damaging evens it out, so expect a turn or two of supreme damage and poison. Score.

OK, be sure to be here tomorrow. I WILL UPDATE WITH A FAKE CARD. YES.

New Battle Zone Promos
This is what I get for not having NewsPro. A few days ago, a scan of a new Battle Zone Promo was posted online. It'll be Dark Ivysaur, a card released a year or two ago in Japan when Neo 4 first came out. Strange though that it's not in Neo form, but Card-E form. Especially since that the original was in Neo form. Oh well.

Quite obvious now, Dark Venusaur will be released in some form or another now. When? Maybe next month perhaps. Score.

Saturday, March 29th 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• PA! The Comic - Good Times

Today's General Comments:
[pulls himself away from Pokémon Ruby for a minute] Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about this site. I still intend to update it, and I plan to over the next few days and so. Just... I've been... kinda.... sidetracked.

PA! The Comic
I'll tell you what. If fake cards isn't enough for you, every Satruday and Sunday I'll have a comic for you. And since today is a Saturday, I have the very first one for you. The first one is extremely crapily done, but I can assure you they get better as time goes on. Good times.

PA! The Comic #1
It's funny.... right? [pauses] .... Right??

Friday, March 21st 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• New Nintendo Nidbits - Nnnnnnn

Today's General Comments:
Sorry, I got side tracked yesterday. But pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

New Nintendo Nidbits
Apparently everyone and their mother got a very special email from Nintendo about the future of the Pokémon TCG, and yours truely did not. Not good times.

But at least a transcript of it is up, provided by my good friend IPGeek21 at WizPOG. [link]

Pokémon-e TCG Q&A

Q: When will the next 'series' of Pokémon-e TCG cards be available, and who will market and distribute the product?
The first Pokémon-e TCG release with Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire characters will be available in the North American market in June 2003. Nintendo of America will market and distribute the product. Pokémon USA and Creatures Inc. (the TCG designers) will support NOA.

Q: Is the Pokémon-e TCG compatible with the game product released by Wizards of the Coast?
The cards will feature the same card back, and the game itself is 100% compatible with previous releases.

Q: Will the new TCG products continue to be available where they are currently being sold?
In general, you should continue to be able to purchase the product where you have in the past.

Q: What will happen to leagues and tournaments?
Pokémon USA and Nintendo of America are committed to these programs. Our plan is to expand them throughout the year.

Q: Who will run Organized Play?
Pokémon USA, in conjunction with Nintendo of America, will run Organized Play.

Q: Where does one obtain information about leagues and tournaments?
An announcement will be made soon about the Organized Play programs starting with Pokémon-e Ruby and Sapphire TCG in June 2003. New programs will start with the release of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. Keep checking www.pokemon-tcg.com for updates.

Q: Who should retailers and Tournament Organizers contact for future organized play plans?
Please direct all comments and questions concerning organized play to organizedplay@pokémon-usa.com.

Q: How do retailers obtain information about new product releases?
Product updates will be distributed by Nintendo Sales team. To request further information, e-mail pokemon-tcg@noa.nintendo.com.

Q: Who will distribute and market Pokémon-e TCG products outside of North America?
Pokémon USA will announce its international partners shortly.

Q: Why is The Pokémon Company switching marketing and distribution partners?
We are proud of the successes Wizards of the Coast and The Pokémon Company achieved working as close partners on the Pokémon TCG. As we move forward over the next few years, we want to expand the game play experience for Pokémon fans by using the e-Reader dot code technology to more closely connect the Pokémon-e TCG with the Pokémon video games. Working closely with Nintendo allows us to move the TCG game play experience in this direction.

Raaaather interesting, in'it? Apparently ADV in the US will have e-Reader features. ... Fun yes. Does it break continuity with Japan? A DEFINITE YES. I'm a bit weary about this myself... but then again, Jamboree definitely would break continuity with Japan as well. We'll see what comes up. At least though, we get to still use Wizards cards with the newer Nintendo-made ones. So that's a score.

At least a new Pokémon TCG site will be up soon, at pokemon-tcg.com. Kinda like pokemon-card.com. Rather interesting, no?

And not to mention that organized play will survive, at least so says this little Q&A. Again, we'll see where this goes. Good times.

Wednesday, March 19th 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• Fakery Du Jour - Yup.
• It's Nintendo - Duh.

Today's General Comments:
Another day, another update. Maybe I could do some site work now that I got all this free time. Or not since I bought Pokémon Ruby just yesterday and it's been sucking away my SOUL. Oh... and in the times that it hasn't been, I've updated a few things on the site. Namely the TCG section and the errors page. I still have a few things to add to it though.

Fakery Du Jour
One down, maybe 10 more to go. I'm slowly chiping away at what I have left for Mayakashi, 'cause I want to put it to rest once and for all. Good times.

Celebi - #4

Nothing too special here. It's not like I racked my brain for the attack. Time Warp kinda works like Cleffa's Eeeek, but it affects both players. Mighty useful if your opponent has only 6 cards left in ther deck. And it does damage, so it might be helpful in a pinch. It's really meant to screw up your opponent.

Would be interesting to see this in play. But alas... no can do. Maybe Wizards has something cooked up in Jamboree. ;) Speaking of which, I plan to do a bit of upkeeping on this site in the days to come. So keep an eye out for some new sections and so forth. Good times.

It's Nintendo
As it has just been revealed to me; Nintendo will be producing the Pokémon TCG after Wizards. Well, DUH.

Nintendo To Do Pokemon CCG

And for those too lazy to click on the link;

Nintendo of America has formed a Trading Card Division to produce the Pokemon trading card game.  Nintendo will begin producing the game with the Ruby and Sapphire releases, which will be released in June.  Pricing is not yet finalized.  Wizards of the Coast announced last week that it would no longer be producing Pokemon; its bid for the next phase of the license was rejected.

We spoke to long-time Decipher employee Dean Irwin, who's recently become National Sales Manager for the new Nintendo division.  Of Nintendo's plans for Pokemon, he said, "We're committed to do whatever it takes to support the hobby and to support a trading card game." That will include an organized play program, which will attempt to build on the robust program built by Wizards of the Coast during its time on the brand.

My analysis? Well, Decipher was pretty dedicated to their Star Wars CCG because Wizards got it. I got nothin' against Dean Irwin, and for some reason, I feel it's in good hands. And if anything, at least the Big N itself is making it rather than someone else, so....

And at least we have it straight from the horse's mouth; there will be an OP. GOOD. Let's just hope the best of luck to Mr. Dean Irwin and Nintendo. :)

Tuesday, March 18th 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• A Fake A Day Keeps The Doctorb Away - The Extra B is for Bork.

Today's General Comments:
Check it out, I'm updating again! Good times. Get used to it now, I've gotten other work out of the way, so my time to update PA! is a lot more.. uhm.. avaliable. Is that proper English? [shrugs]

A Fake A Day Keeps The Doctorb Away
There isn't much news to update with. Even the whole "Wizards Lose the Pokémon Licence" deal has somewhat grown stale. And until the big chiefs at Wizards gives us another gob-smacking update on it, there isn't much going on. Oh, and not to forget about Pokémon Ruby/Saphire being released State-side. Blah blah blah blah.

But since now my time is more free, etc, I've decided to get the ball rolling on fake cards again. Yay! Meaning for the next few... days, weeks, and months to come, I'll be updating (generally) every day with a new fake card. And soon I'll also get Razzo started with Kaizer Myuu too. Ultra good times.

So without further adieu err... pauses, here's the daily fake card du jour err... of the day. Sorry, after eating some Freedom Fries, it's really hard to think French. In fact I've temporarily changed my name to Greg Thomas from Philippe Van Lieu, since Philippe is just too French for my tastes.

... Ahem.

Kabutops - #75

Wow! My fake Mayakashi edition fake card since... last year. My how time flys. Anyways, I tried to keep the theme goin' with Kabutops. Since Kabuto was a mere Basic Pokémon, Kabutops would have to be a Stage 1 Pokémon. The ruling for this guy would be simply that this Stage 1 Kabutops could still evolve from a Stage 1 Kabuto, it would just be considered a Stage 2 Pokémon in that case. The theme for the attacks stays as well; they're mere colorless attacks that really don't do much. But what do you expect from a mere uncommon?

OK, that's me fake for today. I guarentee that tomorrow I'll have another fake card, unless I get blown up or something. Mmmmkay? Good times.

Thursday, March 13th 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• Not Good Times - [speechless]

Today's General Comments:
Thought I'd update to bring you this special news break.

Not Good Times
Now I got this in my email yesterday, but I wasn't able to post it up as soon as I got it because I was at work when I first read it. But if you're just tuning in, it seems as if, in short, the life of the Pokémon TCG under Wizards' wing is just about up.


Read it? Tragic news, this. I'm utterly speechless myself. There really isn't much to say. In short though, TPC and/or Nintendo has (apparently) decided to take over English, etc. production of the Pokémon TCG after Wizards. Basically. Though I'm doubtful that an email campaign will help, I still say people send CALM AND COMPOSED emails to TPC/Nintendo discussing this matter. It couldn't hurt!

Though interestingly enough, the news release brought forth the release of a few names to the game. After Skyridge comes Jamboree, Wizards set. Then Legendary Collections 2 (tentetive title), which is obviously a reprint set. Kinda feels good to actually be able to tell you this too.

There will also be a huge Pokémon gathering at GenCon this July. I'll be there, most definitely. I take it Wizards has plans to give the Pokémon TCG a huge send off before losing it. Good times.

If you want my honest opinion on this, I think TPC had planned this for quite some time. I did find it interesting that TPC had "borrowed" several elements from Wizards (ie 1st Editions, the Promo Star, DCI Floor Rule Formats, etc). And even agreed to let Wizards make their own set. Maybe it was to say "hey, have some fun before we take over". I certinaly don't want to think that this is the case, but it might just be.

Not to say that this doesn't have it's share of pro's and con's.

- Synchronized releases: Japan and American will get sets at the same time, because creation and translation are all internalized.
- Less Parties = Less Problems: "Too many cooks spoil the pot." Right now we have Wizards, Hasbro, Nintendo, and TPC discussing what to do with the game (and even Wizards/Hasbro has their own regional problems). With only TPC, running the show, there are less corporate problems.
- Support: Since we might be dealing with TPC themselves now, requests for the game goes straight to the source rather than having to be channeled through Wizards.

- Support: Wizards does a heck of a job with this game in the West. TPC was more passive in their promotion in Japan. In fact, TPC still only considers the game "just a kids game" and never really took a serious look at card rulings, etc, like Wizards did. If TPC decides to be as limp-wristed in the States as they were with Wizards (espeically with their whole stand on 15+ players), the game might not be properly supported.
- Tournaments: Will the Professor Program and nation-wide tournaments still be around under the TPC reign? Or will we be stuck with the Player's program (which honestly, isn't as cool as DCI Sanctioned tournaments).
- Advertising: Since TPC is a generally Japanese company, it might be harder to appeal the game to Western buyers. Which is why they hired Wizards to help them promote the game in the West in the first place. Something gives me the idea that TPC hasn't learned much about Western players, but we have yet to see that in action.
- Community: We love the Master Trainers and the Wizards staff! Wizards loses the game, we lose THEM! Not in the least bit good.

Aye, tough times. But it's only March, the party's far from being over. Wizards doesn't lose the game until the end of the year. So let's all make 2003 the BEST year for the game ever! Buy the cards! Play in tournaments! Visit GenCon (I'll be there!) Turn that frown upside down and enjoy the game!

And mind you; PA! will still go wherever the game goes. As much as we love Wizards and wish this never happened to begin with, PA! is still here to promote the actual card game and bring you gaming news, no matter who makes it.

But let's just hope something good can come out of this. More as this comes.

Tuesday, March 11th 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• An Update? - Whuzzat?

Today's General Comments:

An Update?
Not much to update on... I see I've gotten a link on Pojo. Yay! THANK YOU THANK YOU! That's one nice guy, and I really ought to return the favor to him someday.

I personally have been backed up with work... now that my blanks have been finished, other work has popped up and so forth. Plus I recently acquired a $4,000 movie camera and have begun working on making some films. So that kinda has my time booked. But hopefully I can get some stuff in soon; I have a few fake cards and the first PA! comics on my computers just waiting to be finished. I just need to scan some stuff and upload them.

And not to mention that the well of Pokémon news has dried up rather recently, and other than that Pokémon Ruby and Saphire are on its way in next Monday, there isn't much to discuss. I'll find something to do soon though...

In the mean time, don't forget we have a fake card contest going on. If you win, you get a box of cards. A WHOLE box. As in 36 packs of free cards. Now isn't that special? :)

Monday, March 3rd 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• School Sucks - Or Blarg! Part 2

Today's General Comments:

School Sucks
I managed to fix my iBook, but not without ruining my entire weekend. I got NOTHING done of what I had planned to do, even homework. This sucks.

Concerning homework however, school has flared up recently and I have several papers due over the next few days. So for that reason, I won't be able to update. But fret not; once they're done I'll begin working on fakes and all that business. And not to mention that Spring Break is right around the corner, so I'll have plenty of time to make up for my iBook going all weird on me.

Gooder times? Hopefully soon.

Saturday, March 1st 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• A Month Of Fakes - Wuzzat?
• A New Contest - Gimme!

Today's General Comments:
Today I deliver. Tomorrow I'll impress. Be sure to swing by tomorrow as well, I'll have plenty of things for you to gawk at.

A Month Of Fakes
March will mark PA!'s return to faking. Sure we've done stuff in the past, and have had things planned, but now we're finally going to deliver. The entire month of March has all sorts of fakey goodness for YOU, sections will be updated, refreshed, and overall betterified. Good times? You bet.

First off... Back in October when I accidently deleted my computer (I'm such an idiot), my blank collection went with them. But I decided to take the time and rebuild my blank library, as well as make some new ones I never had before (I might as well...) Today I'd thought I'd share them with, and here they are.

The Blanks ... 387 blanky goodness. Even Light blanks Card-E blanks (without the scan bars to boot!). Better yet, at the advice of other fakers, I've made avaliable TWO types of blanks, a Low Quality and High Quality blank. High quality blanks are large JPG files with NO compression, making them crisper and clearer than any other blank avaliable online. Low quality blanks are smaller in size making them faster to download, but they're blurier than the High quality blanks. These different blank types are for people who want a choice in quailty of blanks.

Is this the end of the blanks? Far from it. I have a secret hidden base deep in the Nevada desert, with a staff of folk who plan on making stuff like Neo Gym and reverse holo blanks. And when they've completed work on the $6 Million Blanks, I'll release them to the world. Good times.

With the new blanks, I've also updated the Download section. It now has different download packages, as well as an updated Symbol Sheet (the Badges and HPs has been merged with the Symbol sheet to make a faster, stronger, more powerful symbol sheet).

... Sorry for the crappy clichés... It's 3 AM in the morning and my brain stoped working like 4 hours ago. It's running on fumes and Coca-Cola.

But this is just day one of a month of fakes. I can't say what's in the works, but you'll like what we've got. Bork.

A New Contest
Anyone old skool enough to remember that we've had 3 fake card contests in the past? Well, we've decided to hold a new one. The rules have not changed; make a fake card and send it in. The prize however has changed. Your fake card could be worth an ENTIRE box of Aquapolis. Think about it... your 1 not-real card could be worth 324 real card. Cool, in'it?

So don't hesitate! Check out the contest and send in your fake card today!

Voidwhereprohibitedofferlastsuntilmarch31st2003pa!staffandfriendareunabletoenter... [explodes]


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