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News from Feburary 2003:

Thursday, February 27th 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• Fake... Cards? - What Are THOSE?

Today's General Comments:
I have finished making my new blanks. Thank GOD. Don't worry though, I haven't forgotten about this site yet. I'm just kinda busy getting things together and tying up lose ends. Sla.

Fake... Cards?
In the frantic rush to get this site up, working, and upkeeping it, I haven't been able to make any new fake cards. Not good times. And today... is no acception.

BUT... I did manage to find a few fakes I did many moons ago that I forgot to actually add to the site. So I added them, and now they're up for your download purposes only.

Rolling Blackout

Cool, huh? It's been a while since I've made fakes. And now that I've gotten all my blanks back (through back breaking work), I can begin making some more. So keep an eye out for them over the next few days. Good times.

Friday, February 21st 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• Hasbro Plans To Shut Down Wizards Stores - Good? Bad?

Today's General Comments:
Wake up the kids, call the neighbors, and be sure to set your calenders for... March 1st. Why? Let's just say I have a few things planned for that day. Good times.

Hasbro Plans To Shut Down Wizards Stores
Meh, I knew I forgot something yesterday. Anyways, NoPoke at WizPOG brought this to everyone's attention... Hasbro plans on shutting down the Wizards retail stores. Not good times? Perhaps. The downside is we lose direct-from-Wizards support in a direct-from-Wizards store. The upside is that all the time and money invested in the retail stores can now be focused on other, more important things (which can only help). Wow. That's all.

Thursday, February 20th 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• Skyridge Gets A Date - I on the other hand don't have one for the prom.
• ADV Player Promos - An incentive to join.

Today's General Comments:
6 days without an update? Not that I'm worried about it. My time and energy needs to make like butter, easy to spread across all my little projects. Good times.

Skyridge Gets A Date
If you're in the know, you... uhm... know... stuff. You'd also know the recent deal concerning Skyridge. What is this recent "deal"? BJJ763 at WizPOG enlightened us just recently about it.

PRODUCT INFO :Pokemon-e Skyridge set has something for everyone. It's got 6 Pokemon with the new Crystal-type Poke-body power that lets them use any energy typy. It aslo introduces evolved Pokemon with healing abilities that activate whenever energy is attached, as well as an exciting, new mechanic - Mystery Plates. Players and collectors alike will want to pick up the Skyridge set. Look for foil cards, 1 in every booster pack. Each booster box will also include 1 of 4 special, oversized box toppers.

From the person i buy my cases from......

So? Skyridge is slated to be released in the last week of April, May being the month where you start seeing it flow onto shelves. Score.

So what's after Skyridge? The rumor mill has been spinning with rumors of a Wizards-made set AFTER Skyridge. As in NOT ADV. Nothing official yet. At least nothing that can't be translated from a couple of beagels and a mutt. Woof.

ADV Player Promos
(Thanks to Rockets Steelix and vincent0906 for their little super sleuth skills.) Remember that Players Program that I talked about recently? The one where you earn points towards prizes and tournament status for every game you win? Now although I don't think it has started up quite yet, I do know that if you send in your entry form, you will recieve your membership card as well as one (or all) of these promos.

Promo #1
Promo #2
Promo #3

They all share a theme; they're the Regis-type Pokémon from Roby/Saphire, and they're all EX-types. They look pretty cool, dunnay? Here's hoping we see them in English one day. ;D

OK, I'm done.

Friday, February 14th 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• PA! The Website The Comic - OOoh!

Today's General Comments:
Today is Official Love Day (OK, St. Valentine's Day). Meh, I really don't have much to talk about it. But I guess it's a day to be thankful for your friends... and on a personal note, I AM grateful for what friends I have. You know who you are. ;) Though I don't want to make people depressed or anything, but I'm kinda sad that all my friends don't live near me and range anywhere between Chicago to Amsterdam. Especially on this day because I feel like giving everyone personalize Valentine's Day cards. Thank God for the internet though, yes? :D

PA! The Website The Comic
As soon as I finish working my blanks (curse you Phantasy Star Online!!), not only will I probably feel like a 16 ton weight has been lifted off my back, but I'll also be able to start working on some entertainment value for this site. First would quite obviously would be fake cards. Second would be... comics! Yeah, I'm gonna work on a PA! Comic. And just since I have nothing better to do, I've decided to tell you about it. Huzzah, good times.

Basically it'll be about me and my wise-arse Gastly doing whatever in the world of Pokémon (specifically the TV series), starring me and whoever else I feel like adding to it. It'll be a bunch of stupid jokes, fairly linear (Nick will go to the Pokémon League, etc), and be... uhm... drawn and wroted by me. Maybe done once or twice a week. Huzzah, good times.

And for the heck of it, here's a little teaser for the comic too. Huzzah, good times.

Teaser Comic

I'm working on making it funny. Huzzah, good times.

Huzzah, good times. I need to go to sleep.

Wednesday, February 12th 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• ADV Rulings or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb - Directed By Stanley Kubrick
• European Wizards Chat-o-Rama - ALSO Directed By Stanley Kubrick

Today's General Comments:
If you're on a Windows PC, you might have noticed a minor change in the chose of fonts for PA!. I suddenly realized how crappy Arial was, and decided to change it to Tahoma/Verdana, even though I'm so sick of using those fonts. PA! still looks better on a Mac, mind you.

By the way, I found an excuse to update today. Whoever said that there is no Pokémon news just isn't looking hard enough.

ADV Rulings or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb
A while back, I posted some news about Japan's official Tournament Floor rulings. At first I had assumed that all they did was just categorize the original rules into a DCI-esk format. But as vincent0906 at WizPOG found out after translating it, the new rulings are much more than met the eye. It turns out that TPC didn't just update the rulings for ADV, they did a total makeover. </crappy intro paragraph>

Vincent0906 spotted 7 major changes in the rulings, besides the addition of EX-type Pokémon rulings. And here they are:

[quoted from WizPOG]

1. Stadium Card
---You can only play one Stadium Card per turn.

2. Darkness Energy
---The text has been changed to:
"Darkness Energy provide one [D]. If the Pokemon which Darkness Energy attached to attack opponent's active Pokemon and the Pokemon which Darkness Energy attached to is Dark type or have 'Dark' in it's name, That attack does 10 more damage. If the Pokemon which Darkness Energy is attached to isn't 'Dark' type or have 'Dark' in it's name, this effect does nothing."

3. Metal Energy
---The text has been changed to:
"Darkness Energy provide one [M]. If the Pokemon which Metal Energy attached to is 'Steel' type, damage from pokemon attack is reduced by 10. If the pokemon which metal energy attached to isn't 'steel' type, this effect does nothing."

4. Mulligan (have i spell wrong?)
---If your opponent hasn't any basic pokemon in his/her hand in the beginning of the game, You draw one extra card(or 0) instead of 2 before.

5. First round
---In the first round, the first player cannot draw one card before his/her turn start.

6. Retreat
---You can only retreat once per turn.
---You can retreat your active pokemon even your bench is full.

7. Confusion
---The new punlishment of getting 'tails' in the confusion check when confused pokemon attack is "put 3 damage counter on that pokemon" instead of 20 damage.
---Confused Pokemon can retreat as same as 'healthy pokemon' instead of need a coin flip.

I think these ruling can shock you all! haha...

Can you believe that?! Shocking? Of course! But is it a good thing? That seems to be the question of many players. Personally, I think it can be VERY good. Here's my rundown.

Stadiums: In all seriousness, this is a fine change. Not only will it get people to stop asking "can we use more than one of the same Stadium per turn?" questions at the Wizards Chat, but it'll prevent the overuse of certain Staidums. No more 4 Healing Fields per turn. A major score.

Darkness/Metal Energy: Really, nothing has been lost. Just that the drawbacks have been shifted. Rather than giving the average Pokémon a huge negative drawback, the Energies just don't give the advantages to them. Darkness (and Dark) Pokémon are the only ones who can do extra damage. Which makes sense too. Another advantage to it would be... no more EVIL TYROGUES of DEATH. And no more Steel Chansey either. Well, provided that these rulings make their way to the US.

Mulligan: If you think about it, two is too much. One is fair. Though it kinda sounds like a Magic-esk ruling.

First Round: Again, another fair ruling addition. Players might think twice about wanting to go first. This also is another Magic-esk ruling.

Retreat: ONCE? Well... maybe for the better. Too many people seem to be abusing the free retreat costs on Babies, as well as retreating to remove Special Conditions. Limiting it to once per turn makes things more strategic. "Hmm... should I retreat my Active Pokémon to remove the poison at the cost of me not attacking with it, or should I just let it sit for a turn to attack only to get KO'd itself? Hmmmm...." Get it? At this point too, the use of Switches in eash deck will skyrocket.

Confusion: Probably the most shocking of all is the ruling change in Confusion. Not only does the damage done to itself is upped to 30 (thus confusing a Baby will screw your opponent up), but the damage is NOT damage any more. Much like how Poison got changed from "10 damage" to "place 1 damage counter", Confusion follows the same change. I also like the ruling where you no longer have to flip to retreat a Confused Pokémon, which was a ruling I really never cared for to begin with. It works well with the Once-Per-Turn retreat thing too.

I think that these rulings make the game a heck of a lot more interesting. And fun to boot. And in my honest opinion, it seems as if TPC had a little help with it.

But now lemme think here for a second. ADV has cards that are actually GOOD, ADV cards look like Magic cards, several of the rulings sound like they came from Magic as well, and in yesterday's news, DMTM said that he had a hand in the "next set"... [puts two and two and two together] Is it me, or does it seem as if Wizards worked with TPC on ADV1? I don't want to spread false rumors, but ADV overall seems to far in advance of TPC's own ability to make sets (VS anyone?). This is all speculation, mind you, I really REALLY don't know anything for sure. Just that all the puzzle pieces seem to fit together nicely (without having to use a hammer to boot). Either that, or TPC just did a good job of emulating Wizards.

Now there's no official word yet as to whether or not these rules will actually make it State-side. But I honestly wouldn't doubt it for a second. I like these new rules because frankly, it makes the game a heck of a lot more strategic this way around. And for once TPC actually did a good job. I certinaly HOPE to see these rulings made once ADV hits these shores. Good times for ALL!

European Wizards Chat-o-Rama
Just recently, European players got their first ever chat with European Wizards reps. As far as I'm aware, things went fairly well. Fortunatly a chat log of it exists, brought to you by our friends at the Team Europe website. Here's a free link!

Team Europe's Site

The link to the log is on the front page, click it for happiness!... OK, now I sleep.

Monday, February 10th 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• Wizards Of Speed And Fun! - What do the folk in Seattle have in store for YOU?
• A Wizards Set; One Step Closer - A word is worth a thousand theories.

Today's General Comments:
Meh. So I haven't updated since last Wednesday. Don't like it? Get used to it. I'll update when I darn well feel like it! ... And when there's something to report about.

From the Unconfirmed Rumors Department: Word on the street that Upper Deck will be losing the Yu-Gi-Oh license. Well, like I said, it's an unconfirmed rumor. But hey, this IS a rumormongering site, ain't it?


Wizards Of Speed And Fun!
Kinda like the Wizard of Speed And Time... only... uhm... more fun.

Wizards of the Coast, the hand that feeds us (and sometimes gives up a smack upside the head), has conjoured up a few new surprizes in their... Wizards... lab.

First off is the AQUAPOLIS BOX TOPPER GIVEAWAY BONANZA! (Bonanza not included.) 50 people will have some fun and win some Aquapolis Boxtoppers. Good times. I mean hey, free box toppers. I can't complain! Hey, maybe your Uncle Nick can give this a little try. Hmmmm... oh wait:

Employees of Wizards, their immediate families (parents, children, siblings, spouse) and members of their same households (related or not) are not eligible to participate in the sweepstakes.
D'oh! [snaps] Well, maybe I could quit working at WizPOG just to give this a try. They might even let me win for trying! :D

In other Wizardy news, seems as if Wizards nabbed the rights to NeoPets, and plans to make a card game out of it. Old news? Maybe.

That's all I got.

A Wizards Set; One Step Closer
It's been a well-documented secret that Wizards is working on their own Pokémon TCG set. But most info about the set has been sketchy or totally nonexistant. However, those flood gates might be opening very soon.

ScythKing at WizPOG brought to our attention to an interview with DMTM at CardFaqs.com. Although the interview talks about some basic details like DMTM's favorite cards and so forth, one particular question has raised the collective brow of players keeping an eye on new sets.

[CardFaqs:] Next, recently, we've had some great Pokémon TCG releases, Expedition and Aquapolis are just examples.. Do you expect the next set to bring the game forward and advance the game even more?
[DMTM:] I really do. Skyridge should help the environment. What I'm really excited about though is the set after it. I have a personal stake in it. I can't say any more then that about it.

A PERSONAL stake, eh DMTM? ;) Considering how all the sets from Japan are made IN Japan, how is it that the good ol' American boy DMTM has a hand in it? Could this be the beginning of the Wizards' set?

Or.... could it be that TPC's just shifting gears in card creation? The set after Skyridge in North America might as well be ADV 1. But considering that the ADV cards are a heck of a lot BETTER than previous sets, and that they look... like... Magic... cards... perhaps ADV 1 is the first set that Wizards and TPC worked together on! You never know! (We'll find out soon enough though.)

I'll have to pick DMTM's brain next chance I get. Pity I won't be able to share it with you... :-\

Wednesday, February 5th 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• Skyridgeapolooza - Here we go again.

Today's General Comments:
Old skoolers might recognize the Daily Reminders box right above; I used to have it on PA! and thought I should resurrect it. Score.

In other news of the Me; Tuesdays will officially suck for the next 14 weeks. Mostly because it involves me leaving for school at 9 AM, staying until around 4:30 PM (when I stick around home for like 15 minutes), leaving for work at 5, and not getting back from stupid customers until 10. Then I have to go to bed before midnight because I need to wake up a 7AM the next morning. Which is a pain in the butt because I'm used to staying up until 3 or 4 AM.

Maybe for the better. Not that I'm complaining either. Just that it's going to suxor for the next 14 weeks. Blah. I got nothin'.

In his quite normally dark fashion, DMTM decided to tantalize us some quite cryptic and confusing banter concerning the next Card-E set, Skyridge. In 4 lines, he managed to prove to us the mystery and quite obvious that is the next card set.

182 cards

Two Theme Decks

3 Crystal Pokémon

Mysterious Plates

First off, it's quite obvious that DMTM apparently double spaced his text in order to fill more room. That darn two-to-three-page requirement for essays is easily bypassed by this simple technique. So is using size-13 font and adding in pointless banter to stretch on a point and add a few words to fulfill the 1,000 work minimum requirement at well (like this entire paragraph for example).

But most importantly, DMTM has shown us some info about Skyridge what even the more prolific Pokéologists, theorists, and other blank-ists could never have figure out. 182 cards? Whodathunkit? And TWO theme decks? These numbers are simply a-mazing! Lemme guess, they'll be called "Ridge" and "Sky", right? .... Sorry DMTM, my sarcasm is a sign that I love. :D

(The "Important" Paragraph:) Seriously though, DMTM does make mention of only THREE Crystal Pokémon in Skyridge. Which is odd because Card-E 4 and 5 in Japan had a total of six Crystal Pokémon. Curiouser still is the set size. Card-E 4 and 5 had 88 cards each, not including Crystal Pokémon. 88 + 88 = 176 "official" cards. Plus three Crystal Pokémon makes is 179. But that's 3 off from DMTM's 182 number. What this means is that either DMTM make a goof and there really is going to be 6 Crystal Pokémon (DMTM made a MISTAKE?! IMPOSSIBLE!!). Or that there is going to be 3 mysterious NEW cards added to the set. Vending Haunter perhaps?? A girl can dream can't she? [checks self] Oh wait, I'm still a guy. I guess I'm only a female when I'm taking pictures of myself in the mirror, or when I get cold water tossed onto me. My dad turns into a panda when cold water gets tossed onto him. [someones pokes Nick in the head with a pointed stick]

ANYWAYS.... another bit of mysterious info DMTM mysteriously mentioned in a mystified kinda a way was this whole plates deal. The official name seems to escape me for the moment. Though unfortunaly for DMTM, the whole thing was demystified by posting a few scans of the Japanese cards. BOOO! Thanks for ruining it for me! I wanted to be mystified!! BOOOO!!! ... I got nothin'. Anyways, that's the "fresh meat" that DMTM tossed onto the "rabid dogs" know as "the rest of us". Tastes like chicken. .... Maybe I DO need some sleep. Maybe I shouldn't have drank those three cans of Amp.

Saturday, February 1st 2003
Here's What's New for Today...

• A Few Site Deals - Lookie what I did, daddy!
• BattleZone And Professors, Uh Huh - They never come down, from battlefields so glorious!
• Japan's Wizardsification - Following Washington's Lead?
• Pokémon's Artsy Folk - Links Galore!

Today's General Comments:
Look, I'm updaing today! (Mostly because I finally have something to update with!)

I'm still working on getting my schedule squared around. Even though I don't have as much free time as I'd like (or used to have), I need to move some things around and constantly cram in order to get stuff done. Fret not, I'm not going to break my back trying to get this stuff worked out. The last thing I want is heart problems at the age of 20. Blah.

A Few Site Deals
In an effort to show how much PA! is NOT dead (despite what a few particular webmasters from a few particular websites had tried to convince me about a few months back), I gave the site a little sprucing up.

Slowly but surely, I'm making my way to standardizing the information on this site. I've given the TCG Section a little update; I updated and added some Preconstructed deck info for a few of the sets (Base, Jungle, Destiny, Expedition, Aquapolis, and LC) and turned those precon deck info pages into easy-to-print versions. Expect the same to happen to the other sets in the next day or two. I also gave the Aquapolis section a little tune up, adding the set icon to the appropriate areas. There's also a few other updates too, see if you can spot them. :)

Planned for the near future is a translation of Card-E 4 and Card-E 5, for those who need one. I also plan on cleaning up the ADV1 translation pages a bit, fixing up the game text and card names. Just for your information, if my sources hold out, you can expect PA! to continue bringing you translations of the new sets from Japan. And if ADV1 is any sign of things to come, I'll even have them long before the sets are even released in Japan itself. Nifty, huh?

Blanks... I'm still working on them. They are a pain in the butt, as I seem to constantly be reminding you folks about. But when they're done, a section update is in store, as well as a classic little event for you folks out there in internetland. Good times.

And if you take a little look in the sidebar, you'll notice a small bit of text called "Pokémon Vanguard". For those not familiar with Vanguard, they're box topper-sized cards used in Magic to expand and change the game for fun. In a tournament, each player is given a unique Vanguard card and plays through the tournament with the same card. In Pokémon terms, a particular Vanguard card could allow the player to do 10 more damage all the time they attack at the cost of only being allowed to have 2 Pokémon on their bench. I'll work on the rules for it soon and maybe even have organize one at an event or something. I'll figure something out.

That's all I have right now.

BattleZone And Professors, Uh Huh
I've got a bit of Super BattleZone info, along with a few little tidbits on Professor-dom.

According to Gym Leader Blaine from WizPOG;

Okay everyone I just found out a little bit more about SBZ which most of you already know.

Tournament Structure:
Age modified-swiss with top 8 players in single-elimination round

Round length: 30 min

Number of swiss round: Depends on how many show up:
5-8 players 4 rounds
9-16 players 5 rounds
17-32 player 6 rounds
33-50 player 7 rounds

K-Value: 24

Bet you didn't know that, did you? :D

And if you didn't know, all 50 SBZ locations are up. No San Francisco location. :( And Sacremento is too far. :-\

Professors can now breath a collective sigh of joy; word on the street is that the DCI-Sanctioned Judge Search thingy can now search for Professors and Master Professors for Pokémon TCG tournaments. Might not be a BIG deal to Joe Q. Player, but it's big stuff for us Professors and TO's. ;) Good times.

Japan's Wizardsification
While taking a look at the Japanese Pokémon TCG site, I noticed some new annoucements. Besides the official release of ADV 1, the site added a few new little things.

First off is what looks like the first of Japan's official Tournament Floor Rules. Which curiously looks a heck of a lot like the DCI's own Tournament Floor Rules. Hmmmm....

Second is what looks like a DCI-esk Tournament Program for Japanese players, with some Pokémon League elements mixed in for good measure. Like the DCI/League, your wins and losses are recorded, and you gain EXP (experience) for each game you win, as well as other factors. And the higher you place, you can earn some free cards, as well as "preferential participation right of the official tournament". It doesn't look to be AS competitive as DCI tournaments (but we all know that Japanese players aren't nearly as competitive with this game as Westeners are), but very close to the DCI than not. I'll work on a full report when I have a little bit more time (it's 2 AM right now), but I do know that it'll cost about $15 to join (1,800 yen) and will begin at the end of this year. Hmmmm....

It sure is cute how much TPC is trying to emulate Wizards, though. :)

Pokémon's Artsy Folk
Interesting although quite obvious, the Japanese artists for the Pokémon TCG don't exactly spend ALL their time just drawing Pokémon. Lord knows that I do other things besides this site.

Case in point, after spending a few minutes on Google, I managed to uncover the offical websites of a few well known Pokémon TCG artists. Good times. BTW, don't worry if you can't read Japanese. Just start clicking on links and you'll find the gallery sections. Easy peasy.

Midori Harada: A fairly recent artist, Midori's work has been seen on Aquapolis Scyther and Eevee. The site itself has a lot of nature images as well as some images of the Middle East. It has a fair mix of Japanese and English, so the site is considerably easy to navigate.

Sumiyoshi Kizuki: Her art can been see on Aquapolis Golduck and Bellossum. You've probably already seen the site since last update. Though I'd post it again. ;)

Kagemaru Himeno: The site is a bit aimed towards maybe 13+ folk, there's a few cute anime females in there. Now Kagemaru here has been with the game since the beginning. Chances are you own a card with Kagemaru's art on it. Taking a look at the site, you may think that this is not the same Kagemaru Himeno. But I can assure you, it is. The art is just SO good, it kinda makes you think that Kagemaru just does Pokémon pictures "for the heck of it" and seems to rush out each image.

Hajime Kusajima: Now this guy is someone I can relate with, art wise. Hajime here did Expedition Mew and Aquapolis Steelix and one look at this site can easily show similarities in the styles. But looking at the nature of his art, it seems difficult to believe that this guy is interested in Pokémon in the first place. The site is pretty nifty, but some of the images there AREN'T kid friendly. So if you're a kid, skip this site. If you aren't a kid (or at least consider yourself old enough), you can visit his site at http://www.cross-counter.com (copy and paste). But don't blame me if your parents catch you. ;)

Yuka Morii: Any of the clay-based images are done by Yuka Morii. Apparently Yuka is a well known commissioned artist, as some of Yuka's work includes advertisements for Japanese gas companies and so forth. Interesting stuff.

Kimiya Masago: WOW. Now this is one cool artist. Kimiya, if you didn't know, drew Expedition Tyranitar and Skarmory. And by looking at some of Kimiya's work, you can tell. This stuff just rocks.

OK, that's all I have to share for you. I'll see about digging up a few more sites later on.

Good day!


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