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FINALLY The Pokémon Company is interested in a Wizards-made set!

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So really... what is this Wizards made set? Here are the facts:

Set Order: Unknown in Japan and the US.
We're not sure when it'll appear.

Set Size: Unknown in Japan and the US.

Release Date: Mid-Late 2003?
Right now the Wizards' set isn't exactly HIGHEST priority, but will be soon enough. We're hoping though it makes its appearence after Skyridge.

Other Goodies:
• YES! A Wizards made set IS on the horizon! There is no more waiting, for TPC has actually expressed interest in a Wizards made set! This statement is as true as you could get right now, considering that I was the one who posed to question to the Wizards heads to begin with. :-P

(Quoted from the January 3rd 2002 Wizards Pokémon TCG Chat)
wotc_keith presents the speaker with question #329 from nickfifteen:
Is there anything you can say about a possible Wizards-first/only Pokémon TCG set?

wotc_keith says, "This is something that we have been thinking about for quite some time. We are currently working with TPC to work out the feasibility and details of this. However, it's definitely something that we would like to see. In fact, it's also something that the POkemon Company would like to see as well."

• Art for the set? We're hoping for American artists, but since TPC is still in control, chances are that it'll be Japanese artwork for the set. Hmmm....
• What do we think will be in it? A lot. What is rumored to be in it...? We're betting that Wizards will make this a heck of a lot more player friendly than previous sets. Perhaps say an equal amount of Pokémon of a particular type, or having it draft friendly, or whatever. Kinda like Legendary Collection, but using new cards they made.
• Also rumored is that it may be a mix of Vending, *Web, reprints as well as Wizards-created cards. .... Kinda like Crosstrainer! ... But this is a really wacky rumor.

Symbol: The symbol? Unknown.


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