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Base Set 2's Eastern Cousin

• *Web Card List
• *Web Spoiler Guide

So really... what is Pokémon*Web? Here are the facts:

Set Size: 48 in Japan

Set Order: 13th set in Japan
This set won't be released in English.

Release Date: October 20th, 2001 in Japan
Nick15's birthday!

Other Goodies:
• This set marks Japan's first "reprint" set.... as in this set didn't have a single new card, and consisted of cards from previous sets and promo cards.
• *Web also has it's namesake based on a method of purchace unique to *Web. Other than in pack form, you are also able to buy "custom made" packs online from Japan's Pokémon Center site (PC is a national chain store selling Pokémon stuff. They have gone international in recent months.) ... "Custom Made" as in you know the pack contents before you actually recieve them in the mail. Apparently it didn't catch on, since we believe the concept was dropped when the next set came around...
• Because of its reprint nature, the chances of it being released in the US are slim to nil.

Symbol: The symbol for *Web is a huge *Web symbol.


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