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Worst. Set. Ever

VS Card List
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• Pokémon VS+ [PA! Revision]

So really... what is Pokémon VS? Here are the facts:

Set Size: 141 in Japan

Set Order: 12th set in Japan
It's official. This set will NOT be released in English. GOOD.

Release Date: July 19th, 2001 in Japan

Other Goodies:
• Oh sweet merciful Lord.... this has got to be absolute WORST set ever created in the existance of the Pokémon TCG. "Worse than Detroit?" I'm afraid so. No Pokémon Powers, no regular attack that does more than 50 damage, no evolutions. I'd use an explicit word right now if this wasn't a kid site. (So in that case, use your imagination.)
• Oh, and to show that Wizards of the Coast actually DOES know what it's doing with the game (and neither Media Factory or TPC), here's a list of things new to the Japanese version of the Pokémon TCG;

• promos have been catelogized (and they also began using a Promo symbol [star])
• a 1st Edition Print run of their sets
• numbering their cards in their set
• putting them in a rarity-based order (Holo-Rares, Rares, Uncommons, Commons)
• making a holo and nonholo version of a rare
• Heck, they even changed the backsides of the cards to make that of their Wizards counterparts (thus forcing Japanese players to forever use opaque sleeves on their cards).

Sound familiar? It should; these are all the things Wizards introduced to the game. Thus showing that Wizards does know what they're doing to the game.

• VS was probably the first, best example of TPC's illogic and idiocy when running this game. Not only did they change their card backs, but they fashioned this set and all other sets made since to be a totally "new" game. As in they don't want YOU to use old cards with the new cards. They've even tried to force Wizards to not support mixing cards made before Expedition with cards made after Expedition, even though technically it's all still the same game here. Bah.
• The art is cool, but it hardly makes up for the worst game play in a set since... ever. Nick15 believes that they used up all their creativity on the art and not on game play.
• And it's been confirmed by Dark Master Trainer Mike and just about anyone else working at Wizards... Wizards will NEVER produce an English version of this set. GOOD! (And even if they did, calling VS an "Expert-level" set would have have fans screaming bloody murder!)
• The upside? ... Despite it having about a 90% crap-card level, there were a few good cards. Sadly, not enough to convince Wizards in making it. .... VS also introduced a new Trainer type; Technical Machines (TMs). It didn't help much that fans have been making them for years now, and that TPC JUST finally decided to add it to the game.

Symbol: The symbol for VS is a huge VS symbol.


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