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• FotL Card List
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EX Hidden Legends

So really... what is Flight of the Legends? Here are the facts:

Set Size: 114 in Japan, ??? in the US
In Japan, there were 52 cards in the three 30-card Mini Decks, and 82 cards in the main set. 20 of the cards in the Mini decks appeared in the main set, meaning that there were 114 unique cards in the set. Expect the English release to be 114 as well, give or take a few cards that Nintendo wants to add in.

Set Order: 24th set in Japan, 21st set in the US

Release Date: April 9th, 2004 in Japan, September 2004 in the US.
It was revealed on the Pokémon USA, Inc. Premier Tournament Organizer website that there are going to be two Prerelease tournaments; one in June and one in September. I can only assume the September one will be for this set.

Other Goodies:
• This set goes old skool; since the recently released Pokémon Game Boy Advance adventures, Fire Red and Leaf Green, went back to Kanto, so does this set. It's as if it was released when the game first came out... there are no Darkness or Metal Pokemon, no duel-types, and no Johto/Hoenn Pokémon. Neat!
• Interestingly enough, this set is the first block of cards that DIDN'T have a card redesign. These cards use the same "ADV" design as the previous sets, unlike how ADV card looked different than Card-E cards, and so forth and so on. GOOD. It's about time they chose one design. and stuck with it.
• Another first with this set is with the mini-decks. Previous mini-decks were fixed; you KNEW what you were getting when you buy one and open it up. With this set however, you only know that you were getting either a Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise ex and their appropriate pre-evolutions. The rest of the deck was totally random. Meaning if you bought two Charizard ex Mini-decks, the two decks would be totally different, except for the Chairzard ex. Hmmm!

Symbol: The symbol for Flight of the Legends is.... [shrugs]


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