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So really... what is EX: Ruby & Sapphire? Here are the facts:

Set Size: 100 in Japan, 109 in the US
The Japanese set had a total of 100 cards, not including Energy cards. 55 of them are in the main set (which is why some cards are labled XX/55), and a total of 45 original cards are in the three 30-card Japanese preconstructed decks. Each of the three 30-card Japanese preconstructed decks however have 19 original cards in each of them (which is why those cards are numbered XX/19), even though there are some reprints of some cards in each deck. ... The North American release of EX: Ruby & Sapphire had 109 cards, 100 for the set plus 9 Energy cards (6 Basic, 1 Metal, 1 Rainbow and 1 Darkness Energy reprints).

Set Order: 19th set in Japan, 16th set in the US

Release Date: January 31st, 2003 in Japan, June 18th, 2003 in the US.

Other Goodies:
• This is the next block set, and SURPRISE! TPC decided to change the card design yet again. Aargh.
• New and updated rules were introduced into the game in Japan, like 2-on-2 battles and updates to Darkness and Metal energies.
• This set was the first set to feature Pokémon from the recent Ruby/Saphire Pokémon video games for Game Boy Advance.
• "EX"-type (or "EXtra"-type) Pokémon are a new feature to the game. What ex-types are are Pokémon that are pumped up heavy hitters. But there's drawback to using them... if they get knocked out, your opponent gets to draw TWO prizes as opposed to one. Balanced? Perhaps....?
• There are a total of EIGHT EX cards in ADV, and each are "Extra" versions of existing versions of those Pokeémon. There is; Scyther (Jungle?), Magmar (Fossil), Lapras (Fossil), Electabuzz (Base), Hitmonchan (Base?), Mewtwo (Movie Promo), Sneasel (Neo Genesis), and Chansey (Base). Funny how there is no Metal-type EX card. Hmmm....
• Besides EX-type Pokémon, there are no new types of cards or abilities in this game. In fact Baby-Pokémon are mysteriously missing from the game. Maybe for the better because it's getting harder to keep track of everything.
• This is the first set in a long time that I'm actually excited about. :D
• This is also the first set produced in English by Nintendo's new Trading Card Game division and not by Wizards of the Coast. And another difference between this set in English than in Japanese is that it'll have Card-E strips, and therefore a slightly different card design.

Other Images:
Coro-Coro Promos (Front)
Coro-Coro Promos (Back)
ADV Card Guide
ADV Japanese Groudon Promo
ADV Japanese *Itar Promos
ADV Japanese Kyogre Promo
ADV Cards
ADV Pack
ADV Title
ADV Cards 2

Symbol: The symbol for EX: RUBY & SAPPHIRE is a sparkling gem. (Heh, either a ruby or a sapphire!)


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