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So really... what is EX: DRAGON? Here are the facts:

Set Size: 84 in Japan, 97/100 in the US
ADV3 copies ADV1, in the sense that ADV3 has a main set of 54 cards and two mini-decks with 30 original cards in it, for a total of 84 cards. Expect the English release of ADV3 to be a combination of the main set and the mini-decks, like in ADV1, plus a few extra cards pulls from thin air like with EX Sandstorm. ... In the English release of EX Dragon, players were introduced to not one, not two, but three totally new special cards (Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard) never seen by human eyes. Good times!

Set Order: 21st set in Japan, 18th set in the US

Release Date: June 25th, 2003 in Japan, November 24th, 2003 in the US.
Some lucky Western players got to see the new cards as early as November 8th, 2003

Other Goodies:
• This set is known as "Champion Of The Skies" in Japan.
• The ADV/EX series has always been full of surprizes. It seems as if TPC in Japan is trying to exagerate the game to appeal to the more competitive Western Players. (It's working in my honest opinion!) The NEW thing in this set however has been the introduction of the Dual Resistance (to go with the Dual Weakness I guess), and Pokémon weak to... Colorless Pokémon! This is an odd shift, but hey, I'm surprized that they FINALLY made some Pokémon weak to Colorless. ... Actually the only reason some Pokémon are weak to Colorless is because those Pokémon are Dragon-types in the video game, and Dragon-types are weak to themselves. And since Dragons are Colorless in the card game, it makes sense to make them weak to Colorless types because they're weak to themselves. Makes sense, no?
• The English release of EX Dragon also followed in EX Sandstorm's footsteps by pulling cards found in Japanese ADV EX1. I wonder what the English release of ADV EX1 will have....
• Apparently there is little to no copies of Reverse Holo TV Reporter in this set. I don't know WHY (nor can I actually confirm that yet) but...

Other Images:
EX Dragon Rayquaza Pack
EX Dragon Latias Pack
EX Dragon Absol Pack
EX Dragon Latios Pack
EX Dragon Booster Box
EX Dragon Theme Deck Box
EX Dragon Windblast Theme Deck

Symbol: The symbol for EX: DRAGONS is a sort of cross-hair thingy.


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