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Errors FAQ

Now this TCG Card Errors page is more or less complete. There may be a few errors missing, and a few that I won't add to this page. This page gives info on which is which, and why some errors aren't listed, along with any other questions on mind.

Q: Are these errors on just the cards you have, or on ALL the same cards?
Nick15 Sez: Yes, these errors can be found on just about all of the same card. As in if you opened up a fresh pack of cards and found one of the cards listed on this error list, it'll have that error on it. (Unless Wizards changed them since they were first released.)

Q: I found an error where the attack damage is off center.
Nick15 Sez: I probably have too. A card error where something is off center or mis-sized is probably the most common one. However I'm not going to bother with adding a minor error like a moved Damage Done number or something, unless it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Q: I have a card error where the border is thicker and thinner on one side.
Nick15 sez: Technically, that's not the kind of error I'm looking for. Those sorts of errors are done on a production level, say that sheets of cards weren't cut the right way, or a layer of color wasn't added while printing, etc. The only reason why I don't accept those is because EVERY card has the potential to have those sorts of errors on them, and I don't have the time nor the patience to include scans of errored card like that.

Q: I've got the same card as one of your error cards, but the error isn't on them!
Nick15 sez: Some cards may have had their errors fixed after Wizards noticed them. Some examples include the Length-Length Caterpie/Bulbasaur, and the Tipsy-Turvy Energy symbol on Diglett.

Q: What's with the horrible puns for titles?
Nick15 sez: Just to make it interesting. (^_^) I mean it's quite funny thinking about the title "Fighting Fire With Fire", when it turns out that Blaine's Charizard has a Fighting symbol instead of a Fire symbol. Heh.... heh?

Q: I have two Ponyta cards; one has a shadow and thick HP and the other doesn't have a shadow and has a thin HP. What gives?
Nick15 sez: Half way down the road, Wizards decided to change the card's layout. As first they made the non-shadowed version. Then later came the shadowed version, which we all have come to know and love. This isn't an error.

Q: Hey, Neo Genesis' Murkrow's attack is mispelt. Why isn't it on this page?
Nick15 sez: Actually, it's NOT an error. The card designers made it "Feint" attack on purpose.

Q: Yeah, but the Game Boy game attack name is different! I hate Wizards!
Nick15 Sez: In the Game Boy game, it's Faint Attack. In the TCG, it's Feint Attack. The difference? Simple. Think of them as two totally different attacks, which by an amazing considence, sound alike. One again, this is an example of how you really can't use the Game Boy game to determine what's right or wrong with the TCG. In this case, what may seem like a misspelling is in fact a totally different attack. .... Besides, I've said this once, and I'll say it again.... "A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet (William Shakespeare)". Who gives a Rattata's arse about weither it's Faint or Feint? It'll still do the same thing even if it was called "Kaka Doody Toss".

Q: What about Snubbull's Roar attack error and Rocket's Scyther's error?
Nick15 sez: Those aren't errors, just ruling additions. Ruling additions are there just incase someone has a question on it, and that question can be answered by just looking at the card and not having to ask anyone for the answer. .... In the case of those two cards, Snubbull's Roar attack has that added "Do damage before switching" just incase that attack would ever do damage, and Rocket's Scyther would lose the effect of attack just incase if there was ever a Rocket's Scizor ever made.

Q: .... Rocket's Scyther MUST have an evolution if it says do on the card! Boy, Wizards does know a lot about upcomming sets!
Nick15 sez: Er.... don't jump ahead of yourself. That ruling is there IF AND ONLY IF there ever was a Rocket Scizor card made up. Wizards knows about any new cards as much as you do. Just because Wizards put that "unless switched or evolved" thing on there, it doesn't mean they know that Japan's Media Factory has a Rocket's Scizor in the works.

Q: Neo Discovery Pineco says "Flip A Coin" twice. Is this an error?
Nick15 sez: Interestingly enough, no it isn't. This is a legitement card... although the game text is a bit on the awkward side.


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