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Pokémon USA Characters

Get the info on the main and minor characters that appear in the Pokémon USA stories and fake cards. Each section is separated into sections. First there's the Main Characters, then the minor characters, and then the Gym leaders. Click on their names to see their picture. Excuse the rather cliché descriptions of each character.
(All images here are drawn by Terry and/or Brian Tibke.)

Seth Fraiser
The main character of Pokémon USA. About 15 years old. Lives in Palo Alto in California. Much more wiser and competitive than Ash Katchem (and better looking too boot).

Randall King
Seth's number 1 rival. From California Redwood High School. Not that Randall actually knows Seth, he just doesn't care. His parents work for the Midwest Bank, so he's mega rich.

Allen Wilson
Randall's lackey. Star quarterback at CRHS. More braun than brains, Allen does all of Randall's menial work.

Mr. Davison
Teacher of an advanced Pokémon training school. Noble and trustworthy are his middle names. Only a select group are allowed to learn under Mr. Davison.

Mark Seav
Seth's best friend. Follows Seth on his journey through out the US after his training is complete at Mr. Davison's school. Kind of a loner, but gets along with people (if he feels like it).

Trish Keeson
Seth's girl friend. Or so he thinks. She'a very quiet girl who loves to read. She's a bit of a tease, but Seth doesn't mind.

DAC (Divide and Conquer)
One of the larger Pokémon gang in the US. They're mainly located on the East Coast of the US. They love low riders and rap music. They may look small, but their fast Pokémon make them people you don't want to mess with. Enemies of Hell's Fire

Hell's Fire
Another large Pokémon gang. They're into tuning up their motorcycles and listening to hard rock music. Big brutes with big Pokémon, you'll get pummeled before you can say "uncle". Enemies of DAC.

Pyren-Com Corporation
A large monopolistic corporation in the US. Mainly works with the internet, but also dabble with consumer electronics. On the outside, they're all friendly and smiles. However... under their skin, they control a very large black market in illegal smuggling of overseas Pokémon. People who've questioned this have mysteriously disappeared.

An Electric type Gym leader from the computer electronics center of the US, the San Francisco Bay Area. He's very esscentric and a bit weird.... so avoid questioning his "uniform".

A water type Gym leader from rainy Seattle. She's the youngest official Gym leader in the US, but don't let her age fool you! Her powerful water Pokémon will give you a good wash down!

A Psychic type Gym leader from the mind trip city of New York City. His Psychic Pokémon and his humongus street smarts will really make you think twice about battling him.

A Fire type Gym leader from the hot beaches of Miami. Better wear some super strong suntan lotion, because her hot Pokémon will make the sun look like a tiny match. One battler with her will leave you fealing burnt out.

A Grass type Gym leader from the swampy bayous of New Orleans. Better bring a weed wacker when battling him, because you'll be left in sniffing the daisys without one! Think you can handle an overgrowth of Pokémon power? (Rumored to be related to Bugga.)

Ranger Rod
A Rock/Fighting type Gym leader out of the dry, arid city of Phoenix. Since he's very close to the Grand Canyon, his Pokémon really rock. Keep a close eye on his Fighting Pokémon, because they punch below the belt!

An Ice type Gym leader from the frigid state of Alaska. Battle fast, because his blizzard of Pokémon will freeze you dead in your tracks!

A Normal type Gym leader from Honolulu, Hawaii. Don't think that becuase you're in paradise that you'll have an easy break! The exotic lands of Hawaii has provided a wide variety in different Flying and Normal Pokémon for Roja to battle you with!

The Final Four
The world watches as four of the world greatest Pokémon masters come to Washington DC for the final showdown! Since you have no idea in what Pokémon they have or who they are, you'll have to think fast and make the best team or else you be toast!


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