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Pokémon City Characters

By reading the Pokémon City stories, you will no doubt be familiar with some of the main characters of the story. Chue, Marrilyn, Percy... and the rest. Of course, there are some characters that no body knows about, some Pokémon who've stayed in the background through the beginning stories.

This page right now contains information on the (sort of) secret society to keep order in Pokémon City's tournaments.

NIXON - One of Champ's most intense students, in the society, Nixon works as a Leader. He would like to become heavyweight champion himself, but the matches always seem to come down to two fighting types...

RYIA - Although it's not obvious, Ryia is a liberally anthropomorphic Staryu. Although she has yet to evolve, her psychic powers are just as strong as if she had, and she battles with frightening intensity, even if her limbs are broken off; she can regenerate them as long as her unbreakable jeweled heart stays intact...

RAY - I think we know about Ray.

VIOLET - No, let's go back to Ray - sure, he's the Club Thunder owner and Chue and Marrilyn's best friend, but he draws upon his experience in the Stone War to keep order and precision, even as things go haywire about him.

Now where was I?

VIOLET - A beautiful Southern belle, Violet hates to lower herself to fisticuffs, but rather will stun her opponents with her perfumes. Prefers grace, beauty and dignity in her life and in the tournaments.

WEAZEL - Not usually as mean-looking as in this image, Weazel is, in Pokémon City, a highly respected scientist and toxicologist, as well as a bodybuilder and martial artist in his dwindling spare time. (Weazel's second face is on the back of his "head," behind his hair.) Weazel is often bothered by Arlene, a master criminal so skilled nobody knows she's a criminal, who wants him to help her get her big break in the criminal society, believing an Arbok and a Weezing were made for each other. (Someone watches too much TV...)

PROF. ALEX AZAM - Well known and respected in the City as a tough but fair educator, Prof. Azam uses his teaching position to help regulate the order of the society of monsters. Even in his secret moonlighting position, Prof. Azam's intelligence and incredible psychic powers make him a valuable asset.

KANE - An enigmatic, clever and cunning leader with a warped sense of humor and a penchant for making even the simplest of missives into a complicated puzzle or riddle. Keeps his fiery temper strongly in check for the good of his fellow leaders, often going behind the scenes to create challenges for those who feel worthy of tournament status.

[??????] - The mysterious leader of the leaders, whose job requires him to maintain absolute secrecy as to his identity even as he undertakes this massive responsibility. Not much of anything is known about him -- but savvy Pokémaniacs know whomever he is, he is the leader of Pokémon City's Team Rocket branch and Tartaruga's boss. (Tartaruga has never seen him, either.) Clearly, the leader of a society dedicated to preserving the order of the tournaments being the leader of a gang of master criminals is too much to consider, so his secrecy is understandable. Keep this well guarded...


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