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Pokémon: The First Movie; Mewtwo Strikes Back

Boy, I say the Pokémon movie yesterday... and (except for the ending) was it ever good! Much better than the TV show, a heck of a lot more serious.

Let's see... first of all, the promo card I got was an Electabuzz. Bah! I don't need him! I need Mewtwo(s)!

Anyway, the beginning Pokémon Land short film was weeeird. Those cut scenes with the Primeapes, Chanseys, etc, were really trippy. I had no idea to why they were there in the first place. That whole movie was spiffy none the less. Everyone was cheering when Snorlax squashed Pikachu & Raichu. Plus we officially got to see two of the new Pokémon! Snubble and Marril. Snubble had a very deep growling, rumbling voice and Marril had a cute little voice. I like.

Well anyway, the short went along like this. The three human characters dropped off their Pokémon at this amusement park for Pokémon. After a short credits intro to the short, Ash's Pokédex "Dexter" began to narrate. First off, Togepi (that oh-so-cute Pokémon) began to get irritable since it was very hungry. Pikachu tried to calm it down by doing some crazy mace making and wobbly dancing (which was actually funny). Bulbasaur eventually found some food, but Psyduck ate it up. Togepi eventually calmed down and lead Pikachu to a wild goose chase. Well, it took Pikachu down into the lake and he got all wet and stuff. Finally Pikachu, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur got Togepi to sleep. Unfortunatly for them, come walking in is a small group of four Pokémon, a Cubone, a Raichu, a Snubble, and a Marril. Their loud laughter and shouts causes Togepi to wake up and cry. Pikachu tells them to stop, but they don't listen. Eventually everyone gets into a heated arguement and it leads to a competition to see who's the best Pokémon. (9_9)

OK, so the small group of Pokémon begin racing and stuff and a lot of other things happen which I forget, and eventually Charizard get's it's head stuck into a tube. Blah blah friendship and working together, blah blah blah and then every Pokémon finally get's Charizard's head out of the tube. Yadda yadda everyone becomes friends and then it's time to go. There's not much in it but a bunch of corne--- er... helpful morals and ethics that are symbolized by Pokémon, making every kid all happy and such.

Now we get to the good part, the main movie.

Now I really liked MSB (Mewtwo Strikes Back) becuase of Mewtwo. That Mewtwo is one bad moth-- uh.. well, it's just bad. He's the cream of the crop evil for a kiddie movie (next to Megatron from Transformers, he was too evil). The thing I liked the most was his deep, Orwellian voice. "This cannot be," was my favorite quote out of the movie.

 To sum the movie up, Mewtwo was cloned in a lab from some of Mew's DNA. The lab is located far off the coast of any shore. After several mistrials and errors, the scientists finally got things right (sort of) and created Mewtwo. Mewtwo didn't like the fact that he was nothing but a duplicate and went psycho on the scientists. Giovanni of Team Rocket eventually got Mewtwo to join him and aided Team Rocket in capturing all sorts of Pokémon. Mewtwo eventually learned that he was made only to be used as a weapon by Giovanni and went psycho on him. Mewtwo blew up Giovanni's special fortress and flew off (it was exactly what happened in the TV episode where you saw Mewtwo fly off after the fortress blew up). Then Mewtwo flew back to his original birthplace, back to the ruins of the lab and vowed revenge on all humans.

Point blank Ash. We find Ash and company on the coast of some place about to eat lunch. Eventually a trainer comes up and wishes to battle Ash. His first Pokémon the trainer uses is another new Pokémon, Donphan (I still perfer Tirephant). Ash, like always, brutally 'slaughters' his opponent, KO'ing all of them like it was another day.  

Mewtwo keeps watch on him and sends an invitation to Ash (although Mewtwo doesn't make any references to himself). The invitation invites all of the best Pokémon masters and trainers over to his island. Ash agrees to go (natch).

It eventually leads Ash and company to a port city, where they will take a ferry over to the island where Mewtwo is. However a storm begins brewing and the ferry can't get across. Three brave Pokémon trainers break Officer Jenny's rule about not using their Pokémon to get to the island. Ash on the other hand get a ride from a couple of vikings (guess who?). Brock comments that he didn't know that Vikings existed, Ash says that they mostly live in Minnesota (hah hah hah). The trio (nix the Team Rocket'ed vikings) eventually brave the storm on their own and reach the island.

On the island, the three are greeted by Mewtwo's servant. They are lead into a large chamber room where they meet the three other Pokémon trainers who traveled to the island. It ends up that Ash and the other three are the only ones there, since getting to the island despite the weather deems you worthy enough to be a good Pokémon trainer.

The all of the trainers and such then meet up with Mewtwo, in all his glory. However, everyone becomes upset that Mewtwo is a Pokémon, and Pokémon can't be Pokémon trainers. Mewtwo explains his life story (sort of speak) and describes that all Pokémon are slaves to their human masters. Eventually all this ruccus starts a large battle between Mewtwo and everyone else.

Jesse, James and Meowth on the other hand discover Mewtwo's secret cloning machine. That's where he can clone all sorts of Pokémon. The three there find three Pokémon have already been cloned. A super Blastoise, a super Venusaur, and a super Charizard. They're faster and stronger than their non-super counterparts.

Well this big battle goes on. Mewtwo eventually steals all the Pokémon around and clones them into some more super Pokémon. The original Pokémon ends up being released by Ash, but not until after the super Pokémon walk out under Mewtwo's control. The regular Pokémon and super Pokémon end up batlting each other.

Then enters Mew. I like Mew. it has a sweek sute little meep of a voice. Mew, mew! Anyway, the regular and super Pokémon get tired since they're equally matched and end up getting tired. As all the Pokémon take a rest, Mew and Mewtwo begin battling and such.

Then the movie his a low point (at least for me) where they cram all the different morals and ethics and such in a 10 minute time frame. Ugh. Meowth and his clone begin discussing that even though they're different individuals, they all share the air and the Earth and other noticible traits.

Eventually Mewtwo sees the light about that Pokémon aren't slaves and that not all humans are evils and such. He eventually stops his little battle thing and returns everything back to normal. At a cost, everyone has no memory of what happened. Booo!

Well, that's just about what happened. I really don't want to ruin the movie for you (if I didn't already). No doubt that you'll watch the movie still. And I suggest that you do. I'd like to see the faces of all those Titanic and Star Wars fools when the Pokémon tops the box office sales of all time. Hah!


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