Pokémon Aaah!'s Really Crappy Looking But Effective Blank FAQ
It looks like crap, but it answers your questions.

Blank Types:

Custom Blanks:

The Blanks FAQ

Q: Who made your blanks?
Nick15 sez: For the most part, I made all the blanks. However I did get a little help from two people; the Fangking and DW19.... they helped me make the Custom blanks, the Neo Gym blanks, and the EX Blanks. They're quite talented if you ask me!

Q: How come your blanks are too light/dark?
Nick15 sez: Macs, Windows, and even other computer operating systems have different monitor gamma levels. Macs are at 1.8 and Windows have it set at 2.2. Because of this difference, images made on one computer will look lighter or darker on the other. Now I took this in consideration and tried my best to make them look good on both Macs and PC's. But unfortunatly, I can't make them perfect looking on one type of computer, since the other computer type will lose out (and I don't want to do that). Of course there's nothing preventing you from fixing up the brightness levels in Photoshop. ;)

Q: What about other types of blanks, like dual blanks, refractors, etc?
Nick15 sez: What you see is what what you get. I might have other people make those blanks for me... soon but not right now. Of course I DO plan on making some of those Specialty blanks (you folk seem to LOVE them, so I'll make some for you), but I need to finish up a few other things before I start making more blanks.

Q: Can I edit your blanks to make new blanks?
Nick15 sez: Sure you can edit them! But ONLY if you leave the fakecard.com copyright tag on them!

Q: Your blanks are really crappy.
Nick15 sez: Is this that sort of thanks I get? Go make your own bloody' blanks.

Q: Why should I use your blanks?
Nick15 sez: Because you know you're too lazy and you don't want to make blanks yourself. Good times.

Q: Your blanks are the wrong size!
Nick15 sez: Actually they're the RIGHT size. Real cards aren't 3.5" x 2.5" as once thought. They are in fact 3.46" x 2.52". When shrunk to the right size (50%), mine are also about 3.46" x 2.52" (give or take a hundredth of an inch).

Q: Someone set us up the bomb.
Nick15 sez: All your base are belong to us.

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