Week of October 5, 2003

Wizards of the Coasts Sues Nintendo

By Nick15 [Saturday, October 11 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Governer Schwarzenegger.... I'm still giddy about THAT! :D

The Actual News:

Looks like the "friendly" split between Wizards and Nintendo concerning the Pokémon TCG wasn't so friendly...


Can't make heads of tails of this? Well PA!'s own Senior Legal Advisor, me, will help decipher what's going on. In short:

• Wizards of the Coasts (WotC) is suing Nintendo and it's partner, Pokémon USA, Inc (PUI).
• Several WotC senior executives important to the Pokémon TCG quit WotC and were later hired by Nintendeo and PUI to head their own trading card game division.
• Wizards claims that Nintendo and PUI participated in anti-competitive behavior (for example, allowing the release of LC2 and Jmaboree ONLY if Wizards shared confidential information), as well as stole secrets from the senior WotC executives who went to Nintendo.
• Nintendo claims that it followed the all contract agreements and did no wrong doing.

In shorter short.... Wizards claims that Nintendo stole ideas and methods that were supposed to be secret.

So... whee.... this'll prove to be a dealin', crazy cat scratchin', two-toes on high heal, boom cradlin', get-your-face-out-of-the chocolate kind of fun on simmering residue very soon.

ADV4/EX1 Spoilers!

By Nick15 [Saturday, October 11 2003]

A Quick Diversion: LIfe is beautiful.

The Actual News:

The sources have spoken... well.... more like they've squeeked. :D I've got what is the beginning of the ADV4/EX1 spoiler. Right... here!


So what's to know? Let's give it a good run down....

• As you can tell, Aerodactyl ex and Kabutops ex from Sandstorm are in ADV4/EX1, as previously predicted and mentioned many times. Expect these cards to NOT be in the English release of ADV4/EX1, and likewise, expect their preevolutions to be in ADV4/EX1
• This card's main set has 80 cards, not counting any cards from the 2 30-card Team Magma/Aqua side decks.
• It just might be a typo, but my sources indicated that all these ex cards (quite a bit of them to begin with) are merely rares and not ultra/holo rares. We'll see when it comes out...
• Double Rainbow Energy's 10-less-damage deal only counts for the Defending Pokemon, not any damage done to itself. Meaning... sorry Metal Chansey and Rocket Zapdos users.
• Swampert's Hyper Pump attack is the coolest one of the lot. 100 for 5 energy. Nice!

.... That's it. Enjoy the spoiler, and keep an eye out for updates now that the race is on. [thinks] Whatever that means.

Move update

By RyoShin [Friday, October 10 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Still jobless. [needs money badly]

The Actual News:

Nick says we should be able to move either next week or the week after. At which time, all of Fakecard will be down a bit while we get everything set up and re-organizined, including the forums.

What I need from our adoring public is suggestions of what they want to see on the new forums. My hope is to get it all set up, reinstall the information I *DO* have a back up for, upload a good amount of skins, and install hacks all before I open it to the public. I need skin ideas, possible things to have on start up, and I need everyone to visit Vbulletin.org and pick out hacks they would like to see.

How do you relate all this back to me? Go ahead and post in this topic at our backup forums.

EX Dragon Prerelease Deal

By Nick15 [Friday, October 10 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Partay

The Actual News:


Huh... EX Dragon Prerelease Tournaments this November. Whee!