Week of May 4, 2003

Catch Mew in Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow

By LittleOD2 [Saturday, May 10 2003]

A Quick Diversion: "Catch Mew in Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow"... did you ever think you'd hear that phrase again?

The Actual News:

No, this isn't another lame hoax gotten from an obscure Pokémon website just posted to generate hits, nor is it another Nick15 Hoax. You can actually catch Mew in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow... and, yes, without Gameshark.

Click here, for a graphic guide to catching Mew, by WhiteCat. Thanks to Steve Wolf, who pointed this link out to me!

There's also a full tutorial at GameFAQs by TheScythe. To my understanding, WhiteCat and TheScythe expanded on each other's ideas until they came up with this. The first tutorial is much more simplified; the second is much more in-depth, with many more Pokémon that can be caught using this same glitch.

It was submitted on May 4th of 2003, and I'm suprised that I haven't heard about it until now--but Pokémon News seems to travel slow lately.

Here's a small excerpt from the guide created by TheScythe:

This is the REAL Mew glitch, the truck and the 150 Pokémon code do not work, at least not for the US version.

For many years now, Game Freak and the gang, and created many great Pokémon Gameboy games. Their first being Red, Blue, then shortly after, Yellow. After a while, they created Gold and Silver, with Crystal soon to follow. Lastly, they have created Ruby and Sapphire, the newest Pokémon game. Still, after all of these games, and all of these years, nobody has discovered a way to obtain Mew, without Gameshark, or going to a Nintendo promotion to get them from free. Until, now.

Recently, a glitch to obtain Mew, was found. Many very low-traffic sites which are widely unknown had obtained this strange way to get Mew. How it was discovered? Nobody knows at the time, being as that it is such an obscure glitch.

My theory is that a worker at Game Freak, who has some part in creating or fixing this game, at tweaked it, so this strange glitch could be possible. Along with that theory, I think that worker, or someone who knew, put it on a random low-traffic site, after a few years, seeing how it would spread. Well, it spread all right. Right to GameFAQs, after I found it. The glitch not only works for Mew, it also works for everything else.

I bring you, the Mew Glitch.

Closing thoughts? Just... wow.

I was one of the many that was dedicated to finding Mew back in the days when Red and Blue were first released. The search for Mew faded after a while, but it's nice to have some closure to know that you actually can get him in Red/Blue--even if it is a glitch.

Good times. ^-^


Saturday Fake Du Jour

By Nick15 [Saturday, May 10 2003]

A Quick Diversion: OK, yesterday was odd. Like none of the PA! staff was online for me to get fakes from them. It was like they had something better to do than to waste a few hours online in front of their computer, like going outside! Perposterous!!

The Actual News:

Well, I promiced fakes, and here's today's fake deal thingy.


OK, I can admit that I don't have a lot of fan fakes. But if you email us your fake cards, you can help us fill out the section a bit more. Good times.

Now.... Sunday *I* won't have an update (maybe RyoShin will though [wink wink nudge nudge]), but Monday I'll have something. OK?

Weekend of Fakes

By Nick15 [Thursday, May 8 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Look, I'm updating more often. Is that a trend? .... Or because I have nothing better to do?

The Actual News:

Everyone's been bugging me about a lack of fakes in the past... several months. Well it's not MY fault, now is it? .... Actually it is. But either way, I intend to rectify that.

So here's the deal. Be here on Friday and Saturday. Maybe Sunday. I'll have some fakey goodness for YOU. Saturday will be the BIG fake update, so you can't miss that. Tomorrow will be a minor fake update; for those of you who are always scoping out the side bar and rejoicing that I've actually added something INTO it, you might have to sound the alarm because I added a "PA! Staff's Fakes" section. Maybe I'll have something about that tomorrow. ;)

Sunday, maybe. I work all day Saturday, and I'm going to be unwinding after a week of school (curse you, you educational institution of DOOM!), so I may not have something on Sunday. What does it matter though, this Sunday is Mother's Day, so YOU SHOULD BE DOING SOMETHING FOR THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE RATHER THAN VISITING SOME POKEY-MAN WEBSITE!

But since Sunday is a free day of JOY, I might be working on something and posting it on Monday. So be here Monday.

... I'm normally weird like this. But you still HAVE TO be here this Friday, Saturday, and Monday. Have a nice day. :)

Wed Ness Day

By Nick15 [Wednesday, May 7 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Ness of Earthbound fame is getting marries today. Thus Wed Ness Day. I got nothin'.

The Actual News:

As promised, I decided to update a few things to keep you busy for like... oh... ten minutes max.

See, the Razzo Edition Page got updated, Skyridge got an revision, and the ADV1 spoiler got tweeked to version 1.

Good times. Enjoy, you... awake people.

[falls asleep]

Be Here For Hump Day!

By Nick15 [Tuesday, May 6 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Look behind you!

The Actual News:

Hump Day... that means Wednesday. If you thought otherwise, you are a dirty creature.

Anyways, I have a few free minutes to spare today (being Tuesday, Hump Day Eve), so I intend to fill out a few sections of the site. At least update the Skyridge page and provide a card list. And the ball that is known as Razzo is beginning to roll, so I might have that section spiffed up a bit.

Maybe a few tweeks. Check it out tomorrow, all 160 of you. Tell your friends too! Because what ELSE will you be doing Wednesday??

Pokémon Box Update

By RyoShin [Monday, May 5 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Yeah, I know I don't have that '% done' thing up, and, yes, there's little news to post now. I'm getting ready for college, give me some room. :P

The Actual News:

Well, although the hype for Pokémon box may not be large (as I see it), it's news.

IGNPocket has released a picture of the box art.

You can bet that if/when it hits the US, the box art will be very similar. Also, checking some older pictures, I stumbled upon this...

I'm unsure if this is you as a female player, or someone from Box, but darned if she isn't cute. :)

Still no word on US release.

Thanks to IGNPocket.