Week of August 31, 2003

Sandstorm Scans Du Jour

By Nick15 [Saturday, September 6 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Uhm... whee.

The Actual News:

Sandstorm... much has been said, little is know. Until NOW. [echo]

Scyther no.123, the guy who provided us with that handy little 2 packs of Sandstorm (who's also now a new PA! staff guy), provided us with a few scans of those two packs. But in doing so has revealed to us what those mysterious 40-something cards is in Sandstorm. Good times!

But first, the scans (updated and cleaned up using DYNAVISION):

Mysterious Fossil
Root Fossil

Ooooookay... a quick recap first; ADV2 in Japan had only 53 cards. Yet Sandstorm has 100 cards. So that means that 47 cards mysteriously appeared out of Candyland and sprinkled themselves into Sandstorm. Previously assumed that these 47 cards would be from ADV3, Vending, previous set reprints, Promo card, or even Wizard's Jamboree set that was... never released. But as these scans reveal, it's none of that. Oooh?

Now here's the deal. Most of these cards listed are part of ADV2, except for Growlithe, Delcatty, Lombre, and Duskull. Thing is though that none of these 4 special cards are from ADV3, Vending, a reprint, Promo, or from Jamboree. Why not?

ADV3: None of these cards are in the set, according to my ADV3 spoiler.
Vending: There's no Ruby/Sapphire (or even Gold/Silver) Pokémon in Vending. And that Growlithe is not the same one as the Vending one. Though keep in mind that this is only in reference to these 4 cards, for all I know that OTHER cards in the set might be from Vending. We won't know for sure until later today. :)
A Reprint: Well, besides Mysterious Fossil, none of these could possibly be reprinted.
Promo: There hasn't been 47 promos in Japan yet.
Jamboree: Wizards didn't have the rights to any of the Ruby/Sapphire Pokémon, so none of the new guys would have been in Jamboree. That is until Nintendo took Jamboree cards and just changed them around a bit.

So this leaves us with two possibilites.

1. These cards are from ADV4. But uhm... none of these are Team Magma or Team Aqua Pokémon.

2. These are 100% new cards that Japan hasn't seen yet, while us Westerners have the privilage to enjoy. Yay?

Hmmm.... well, there's no way to be sure until the Nintendo MT's give their say so on the deal. I still say that SOME cards are Vending cards. But since 4 of these new cards are NEW cards, I can only assume the rest of the 47 cards are too. .... We'll see....


By Scyther [Thursday, September 4 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Look! Sandstorm boosters for 3.29 a booster! *runs away with booster box* Heh!

The Actual News:

I got 2 boosters of sandstorm (dumb wallet was empty). Cards in the set so far:

Cacturne 2/100
Golduck 17/100
Pichu 20/100

Anortih 27/100
Delcatty 34/100
Lileep 43/100
Lombre 46/100
Quilava 51/100

Cyndaquil 59/100
Duskull 62/100
Growlithe 65/100
Marril 68/100
Mysterious Fossil 91/100
Root Fossil 92/100

Bye for now!

TCG Errors Page Update

By Nick15 [Sunday, August 31 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Hi

The Actual News:

I'm gonna update the TCG Errors section with a few new things. However there's one small problem... since I don't have a whole lot of EX: Ruby & Sapphire cards, I don't know which cards have errors on them. I know of the one on Slakoth and Pelipper.... do y'all know of any others? :D