Week of June 29, 2003

EX Blanks.... Sooner Or Later...

By Nick15 [Thursday, July 3 2003]

A Quick Diversion: 12 Monkeys is another good movie.

The Actual News:

Everyone's been bugging me about when I'm gonna make EX blanks. The answer is.... SOON. .... Well, not any time soon, mostly because I don't have very many EX cards to begin with. Money for me's been a little tight lately, so I don't have much to spare (I just spent $27 on a new belt, which pushed my spending limits outright). But once I get enough money and enough cards, EX blanks will be made.

Just be patient.... it'll be worth the wait. :)

Custom Blanks... Remember Them?

By Nick15 [Thursday, July 3 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Blargh.

The Actual News:

Remember a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away) when I used to have all those Custom Blanks? Sadly after different site rehashes and deletions, those blanks never saw the light of way on the site again. Now people have always been bugging me about them, and I did plan on adding them to the site, but sadly I just never had the time to work on them.

Fortunatly though, DragonWave19 and his friend FangKing2003 decided to ressurect them one day. And they even made some energy symbols to go with them too. Pretty nifty! They sent them to me yesterday, and I added them to the site just last night. Good times.

Click here to check out some of our Custom Blanks!

DW19 said that their next plan is to make Dark versions of the blanks, so when they're done, you can expect them to make an appearence here. Enjoy! :D

Forums revive!

By RyoShin [Thursday, July 3 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Three days.

The Actual News:

The forums are back online, after a move to a faster server.

What are you waiting for?

Update on 6th Movie promo

By RyoShin [Wednesday, July 2 2003]

A Quick Diversion: ...

The Actual News:

Thanks to EstelleBeanie1 for this info.

It appears that to get the Jirachi, you actually get use a stub that is on the ticket, bring it to a Japanese Pokemon Center, and it's downloaded to your game. And, not only do you get Jirachi, you get a rare berry (or two), either numbers 37 and/or 38.

So this isn't a new way of distribution.

Again, thanks to EstelleBeanie1 for the info.

Advance Tickets For 6th Movie Pass One Mil

By RyoShin [Wednesday, July 2 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Okay, apparently the forums went down because our host is moving us to faster servers. This is a good thing. However, we had to change the DNS, so if all goes well, the forums will be back either late today or tomorrow.

The Actual News:

It seems that the Pokemon Movies still have some steam in Japan. According to Toonzone, the pre-sale count for the next movie, due in Japan on July 19th, have topped one million.

One reason for the spur of sales is that with each ticket sale, you get Jirachi for the GBA, which will also be revealed in the film. While it didn't say, I'm assuming that Jirachi is an E-Reader card. Good for the Japanese that they're getting the E-Reader+ soon.


By RyoShin [Tuesday, July 1 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Only five days till I start college...

The Actual News:

Okay, I have no dang clue what the heck is going on. Yes, the forums are down, and the pa.net domain seems to be, also. I'm currently looking into the situation. Please hang tight.

Update: I seem to be able to access the FTP and SQL, so everything is being backed up. So we shouldn't have problems resetting the forums up, if need be. :D

Some Final Origins Business

By Nick15 [Monday, June 30 2003]

A Quick Diversion: It seems like I'm watching a lot of TV lately. Don't blame me, there's not much to do on Sundays. I'm sure you ALL know THAT feeling.

The Actual News:

Well, Origins ended yesterday... but not without it's little surprizes. farbsman at WizPOG managed to pull together some of his own information concerning Nintendo's run of the Pokémon TCG in the existing topic concerning it. So like the good news analysist I am, I'll lay it all out for you.

• First and foremost, farbsman was told to stress how the GBA/TCG "Challenge" Series is NOT a permanent event, but merely a way to introduce Game Boy players to the TCG. Makes TOTAL sense, so y'all should QUIT YER WHININ'!
• Now concerning the GBA/TCG Challenge Series, the tournament organizers will recieve proper information on it, and will be set to run on any weekend in August. No EXACT dates are known though.
• And as it's been mentioned numerous times by now, the GBA/TCG format will NOT be the only format Nintendo intends to use.
GymLeaderPhil had managed to get a Pokémon USA rep a couple months back to mention that we shouldn't "anticipate much change". Now considering how close Nintendo has been keeping their run of the game to what Wizards' put together... the chances of the Modified and Unlimited formats remaining are pretty high, despite what has happened in the past few days.
• And on that note, there WILL be a DCI Reporter-esque method for tournament organizers to use when running tournaments. No other information is known, other than that TO's probably won't be needing to have a GBA to use the new reporter program.
• Not to mention that tournament organizers will still need to be 18 or over to sanction a tournament, and that Pokémon Leagues must still be run in a store. However Nintendo is looking into moving beyond the store-only league policy later on.

Looks like Nintendo's working darn hard to keep the game alive and kicking, as none of this sounds like they're doing a half-arsed job about it. I look forward to what other plans they have for the game! Good times.

ADV VS.... What a Contridiction

By Nick15 [Sunday, June 29 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Anyone remember the old Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons on ABC? Those were so cool, and remain cool as I'm watching them right now. Good times. :)

The Actual News:

[imagine two Japanese Pokémon TCG players walking down the street and they bump into each other]
Guy #1: HEY! You got VS in my ADV!
Guy #2: What the... You got ADV in my VS!
Announcer: Two great tastes have merged into one!

.... OK, ignore all that. Anyways, apparently the whole VS business is still pretty hot in Japan as TPC keeps making VS-related cards. Such is the case that with the release of the sixth Pokémon movie in Japan, TCP decided to make a few VS cards to go along with it.

Fortunatly GuILLoTiNe88 sends me an email with a couple of scans, and so here they are.

Batoraa's Kirlia
Fyuunsu's Absol

The cards are.... actually kinda sorta good. At least for Kirlia; it's first attack puts your opponent to sleep, while the second does 20 plus 10 more damage if your opponent is Asleep. It would make a good card to use in Draft, I'll tell you that much.

That's all I got today. Yesterday at Origins was the Professors Tournament, but I don't know how Kaiserin Myuu did in it. We'll find out tomorrow when she gets back I guess. :)