Week of September 28, 2003

Pokémon School Of Hard Rocks America

By Nick15 [Friday, October 3 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Could I make a less understandable title? :D

The Actual News:


Assording to GreatFox, looks like the big spots for Pokémon Rocks America is...

St. Louis, Missouri
Houston, Texas
San Diego, California

... Not exactly fair for East Coast folk'll, but then again, some folk'll. Pity I don't have time or gas money to drive down to San Diego again. Maybe I should. Hmmm....

More on Colosseum

By RyoShin [Thursday, October 2 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Back at home for three months during Work Term. On one hand, it's nice to have a thing to do during the day, but on the other, WILL SOMEONE GIVE ME A JOB/FREE MONEY?!

The Actual News:

IGNCube has gotten some new info about our beloved update to Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Colosseum. Apparently, not only do we get the joy and fun of Stadium, but there's apparently a full adventure mode as well. Does this mean we'll see hawt RPG action like in the Game Boy games? Doubtfully. But it does mean we'll probably get sequence-guided action. Which will give us even more of a reason to buy it, no?

And now that the Gamecube is ONLY $99.99 [/ad] (old news), what better time to buy? Too bad I don't have money. :/

Does anyone else have a hard time spelling Colosseum from memory?


By Nick15 [Wednesday, October 1 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Art.... takes planing.

The Actual News:

Hello. Our NeoPets TCG website is up. I decided to make fake cards regardless of what NeoPets, Inc. says in their rulings. Mostly because United States Copyright Law allows me to use copyrighted material in a nonprofit manner (particularly in news reporting and parodies). So :P

http://www.fakecard.com/neopets/ - Simple address to remember. ;) This also means that I'll eventually be moving PA! to it's own folder soon (perferably once we get our new host sometime soon). Good times.

EX: Dragon Revealed!

By Nick15 [Sunday, September 28 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Today, I am a MAN. ... But I've ALWAYS been a man. I was born one, I think...

The Actual News:

TIME WARP INTO THE FUTURE!!! Ooooh!!! Patriarch at the PokéGym shared this with us... he said he got an email from one of his contacts which had a link to some.... EX: Dragon pictures! Good times....

Rayquaza Booster
Latias Booster
Absol Booster
Latios Booster
Booster Box
Theme Deck Box
Windblast Theme Deck

Hmmm... some things to point out:

• New artwork. Well... not exactly NEW, as I'll bet that these pictures were used in some Japanese ADV3 promotional material. Or maybe it is new. Really cool otherwise. :D
• The theme decks have changed shape. Gone is the cube-box form, in is the... uhm... weird rhombus-box form.
• The theme decks also seem to be based off the Japanese 30 card decks. Note; Windblast is a Grass-Lightning deck and features Flygon, not unlike the Japanese Flygon 30-card deck. I wouldn't be surprised if Firefang would be a Water-Fire deck.
• Keep in mind, the images here are NOT fake, but just prototype images done on the computer. That's why they don't look real. :D
• And by the looks of things, I dun think that they'll be adding more cards like in Sandstorm. Hmmm....

OK, that's all I got. Oh, and that this'll be out in December. They've really been doing a number trying to keep up with the Japanese. So far the release time is 5 months now (July for ADV3, December for EX Dragon). Good times. ;)