Week of July 27, 2003

PokéBox Stuff and EXperimentation!

By BPM_EXE [Saturday, August 2 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Big O! It's showtime!


The Actual News:

PokéBox Stuff

Ever wonder what the British are saying about Pokémon Box: Ruby & Sapphire? Yeah, that's what I thought. So, here we go!

First, we have your basic news page. Nothing big.

Then, we got the standard game page. Once again, no big deal. A few screenshots, but not much other than that.

But then... [dun dun DUUUUUN]... we have the restricted access page! We got some screenshots limited to Club Members and VIP 24:7s. Well, luckily for us, we got a residential VIP, Jonathan Explorer. And thanks to him, I was able to get to the restricted access stuff. Huzzah!

What do we got for ya? Four additional screenshots!**
(Italicized text is the captions from the pages. (Text in parenthesis) is my own commentary. Because I feel like it.)

Store your team
Got a favourite collection of Pokémon that you want to keep together? With Pokémon Box, you can do just that.
(Actually, no. I just throw 'em in as I catch 'em. But, hey. That's me.)

Plenty of Pokémon
Wow. Someone's been a busy Pokémon collector. Just look at all those Pokémon, waiting patiently for their master to call them into action.
(Igglybuff has a fat chance of that happening.)

Filling the Box
An empty box is a wasted box, so it's time to start filling it up with lots and lots of Pokémon.
(But that would require me to catch more Pokémon! And I already have my Hoenn Pokédex complete!)

On display
Pokémon Box includes a mode in which you can display trophies of Pokémon you own. But it looks like these wooden ones aren't worth much...
(You're right. I can get them from my local department store for 25˘ each!)

Yeah. So there ya go. Don't you feel special?

**NOTE: A big ol' thanks goes to FakeCard.com Forum member Jonathan Explorer for hosting these images on his own space!


Something came to my attention a while back in this WizPog topic. Quoting the original poster, Sensei:
Hey everyone,have you noticed that there are 3 different versions of the same common card and 2 different versions of the same uncommon card in R&S?You can tell by the #/Letter combo in the lower left corner of the card(xxx-xxx-xxx).Each "same name" card will have the last 3 #/letters different.Supposedly the difference is the bar code for the E-Reader does something different on each card.

For example,I have two Zigzagoons:One is 4R7-LBY-H66 and the other is 4R7-LBY-BQX

Maybe you have known this and I`ve been in outer space abducted by space aliens?But boy,does this throw a loop for those "avid" collecters that must get a copy of every single print of the same card...

It is kinda weird, huh? Well, I'm not entirely sure why each card has different codes. Heck, I don't even know WHY they have these codes in the first place! However, I do have my theory.

The theory is the code is determined by (or it determines) the slot in the booster pack. Such as, the Zigzagoon with 4R7-LBY-H66 would be found as the first common, and the Zigzagoon with 4R7-LBY-BQX would be found as the second common. Of course, they both wouldn't appear in the same pack.

So, to help with my crazy theory I'm-a gonna need-a YOUR help! How can you help? It's simple! When you buy a pack of EX: Ruby & Sapphire, keep the cards in the order they came in. Then, send me the card's name, card number, and code. And use the following format for each pack:
Card 1 - Name, card number, and code
Card 2 - Name, card number, and code
Card 3 - Name, card number, and code
And so on. And the first card is the first card you look at when they're face up (which would be a common).

If my theory is correct, then this'll prove it. If my theory is wrong, then this'll prove it wrong. Either way, something's gonna happen to my theory.

So, that's all for now. Yay.


By RyoShin [Friday, August 1 2003]

A Quick Diversion: [looks up Wal-mart in the Yellow Pages]

The Actual News:

I love it how things go down right after I go to do something. In this case, I went to bed, and an hour later the forums crashed. :/

No worries, though. This is the same problem we had a while ago, it comes from some bad data being saved to the database. I was able to fix it in five minutes once I learned of the problem.

So that means the forums went down, but are now back up!

EX: Sandstorm News

By Nick15 [Tuesday, July 29 2003]

A Quick Diversion: I'm slowly recouperating from Gen Con. See, I had to walk almost 2 miles from my room to the convention center. This was before I realized that there was a cheaper, closer motel, the Days Inn (where Kaiserin Myuu was staying at). Stupid me forgot about that chain and went to a farther, more expensive motel. GAH!

Heh, I did lose some weight though, and blisters/sores heal over time, so I'm not too worried about it all

But when I came back home, I noticed an pretty full inbox. So I'm gonna post stuff about Sandstorm.

The Actual News:

The ADV/EX block set, as I've said numerous times, has some of the best cards I've ever seen. Nosepass is just one of many kick-butt cards in the set. You can then tell why I'm so excited about this next set, Sandstorm.

First though, some Sandstorm news from Gen Con. Apparently the Sandstorm card list being passed around the internet will be incorrect. Yeah, I know that it's just a fun little list done for the heck of it, but it apparently is missing one card.... Mysterious Fossil. Interestingly enough, word is that Nintendo will stick Mysterious Fossil in the set. Hmmm!

I also got a few emails from cooke001 concerning Sandstorm. No sources were listed, so take the following as nothing but a rumor.

One of them was:

"The next preconstuted decks for EX:Sandstorm are Caravan and Oasis. No box covers have been shown yet."

Hmmmm? ... I also got another email with some text and a booster pack design.
"One of the booster pack images for EX:Sandstorm haas been released but it isnt a high quality picture. It has Seviper on the cover of the Booster pack. Below is a quick overview of the Booster set and the picture. You may want to add this to your website."
Pokemon EX Sandstorm is the next important step for the Pokémon-e Trading Card Game and is the sequel expansion to EX Ruby & Sapphire. This set will introduce over 50 new Pokémon from the Ruby & Sapphire video games. Themed around Pokémon found on Route 111 and Ancient Desert Fossils, EX Sandstorm presents uniquely themed artwork, introduces Evolution Pokémon-ex cards, special new Power cards, Multi-Energy cards, New Trainer cards and much, much moreÖ
Pokémon that once became extinct come back to life in EX Sandstorm. Their mysterious ancient attacks are sure to knock out opponent Pokémon! Look for new exceptionally powerful versions of popular Pokémon from earlier sets, like Typhlosion, Raichu, and more...
Because itís the same game (designed and developed by Nintendo of America now if you didn't), these new cards are 100% compatible with current and previous cards! EX Sandstorm, introduces new Pokémon, updated rules, new card types, new 2-on-2 battles, more e-Reader dot-code on Pokémon cards (provides Pokédex information), and much more! 36 packs per box! Each booster pack will contain 1 foil, 1 rare, 2 uncommon, and 5 common cards.

Rather interesting stuff. Dunno where the text came from though... so.... yeah.

Oh, yeah

By RyoShin [Tuesday, July 29 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Still need to go to Wal-mart. :/

The Actual News:


Back From Indimaniapolis

By Nick15 [Monday, July 28 2003]

A Quick Diversion: My feet hurt. Badly.

The Actual News:

Hi. I'm back from Indianapolis and Gen Con. I have pictures!

Gen Con Off The Chain For The Y2K3

Sorry about that non-working picture link I posted a few days ago. My internet connection zonked out on me mindway though the upload, and I didn't feel like spending another 50 cents on calling the internet again. Buh.

I'm kinda tired, so I'll write up a little report later. And I wish I could have been online during the thing, but like I said, local calls from my place were 50 cents per.... and my internet connection when it would work was really crappy. So... yeah.

[collapses] :P

In other news, I'm gonna begin work on the NeoPets website, aptly named NeoCards.dot.Pet. It keeps up with the tradition of bizarre and unusually named sites for me. Also another game Wizards will be putting out, Duel Masters, will be released in the US 2004, and I'm definitely going to play it... so begin to see a site based on that as well. ... Or maybe I'll just make a really large site about all 3 games. Hmmm....

System is down

By RyoShin [Monday, July 28 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Will anyone take me to Wal-mart?

The Actual News:

Nar. Forums are broken. I know what the problem is, but currently, there's nothing I can do. So for the moment it's a waiting game.