Week of April 27, 2003

Skyridge Will Be Wizards' Last Set

By Nick15 [Monday, April 28 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Well, the school year is slowly winding down. Less than a month left until finals week for me. But because it's starting to wrap up, I'm being tossed more and more assignments. Bummer. However some mid-May, school will be out for SUMMER, and I'll be free to work on PA! more extensively. Hopefully we'll be able to get some fake cards up and running. Good times.

The Actual News:

Well, so much for Jamboree and LC2. This was recently released by Wizards, I just saw it when I came home from work and thought I'd post it right here and now.

RE: Future Pokémon TCG Releases by Wizards of the Coast

Unfortunatly there are no plans, obviously, to release Jamboree and LC2. Not much of a loss with LC2 (just reprints), but I'm hoping that Nintendo somehow managed to print Jamboree, or at least the rest of the Vending cards. Though I did kind of wonder how Wizards were going to release Jamboree and LC2 when Nintendo was planning to release their first set in June. Still, I hoped that something would have worked out.

Well, this'll be an exciting few months.... I'll say. With Skyridge being the last set released and GenCon being the last event Pokémon would be in as a Wizards game; we've had a good run with Wizards in control, let's help Pokémon leave Wizards' ranks with a bang!