Week of May 25, 2003

Best Promo #9 revealed?

By BPM_EXE [Saturday, May 31 2003]

A Quick Diversion: A while back, Nick offered to buy me a drink. And so he did!

Drinking routine set!
Jack in!!
Transmit to my mouth!

Yech... who applied FlatSoda.DLL to this?!

The Actual News:

The True Lord of the Pits from WizPog has announced that Best Promo #9 is yet another Gym card: Rocket's Hitmonchan!

Hmm... notice that several Team Rocket Pokémon are considered to be "Best"? First it was Rocket's Sneasel and Rocket's Scizor, then Dark Ivysaur and Dark Venusaur, and then Rocket's Mewtwo and Rocket's Hitmonchan? Is Wizards trying to tell us how awesome Team Rocket is? Are they saying the evil path in life is the Best? Nah, you're just imagining things...

Oh, and I have some corrections to make. That is, corrections of stuff I've posted earlier.
- Former (at least, I don't think he vists PA! Forums anymore...) forum member Shining Celebi has informed me that Pokémon Center of New York is also giving out Eon Tickets this weekend, too (May 31st-June 1st). While it's too late for today, no reason why you can't go tomorrow, eh? I did edit my last post regarding this, but none of you bothered to check, huh?
- Regarding what I said about the Game Boy Player being bundled with the GameCube... well, according to GameSpot, the GB Player is an option for the GameCube bundle. It would've been nice, though, to get both a choice of a free game AND the GB Player. But, I don't think Nintendo could afford $100 worth of free stuff. Micro$oft maybe, but not Nintendo. Oh, and GameCubes will also start being included with demo discs. So... that's cool. I suppose.

Well... until next time, this is BPM.EXE, jacking out.

Best Promo Number Eight Is....

By Nick15 [Friday, May 30 2003]

A Quick Diversion: I'm buying the vB right now. Expect the forums to be up over the weekend.

The Actual News:

According to Rockets Steelix at WizPoG, Best Promo #8 is.... Rocket's Mewtwo. Oh goodies!

Oh, and BJJ763 at WizPOG also noticed a Kyogre ex English promo on eBay as well. This one also has an error; it's supposed to say "This attack does 10 damage to..." rather than just "Does 10 damage to...". Heh.

That is all. Return to your homes and places of businesses.

Nintendo get website!

By BPM_EXE [Thursday, May 29 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Here's something odd I read on the GameFAQS message board:
Endgame:how did you know that Flannery is my mom?.... err.....
do you know the muffin man?
Mysidian Palom:Wait. The Muffin Man is a Gym Leader?
Endgame:of course! he gives you the Muffinbadge and TM 51, remember?

I KNEW Nintendo/Creatures/GAME FREAK/The Pokémon Company was hiding something from us! More of this, at 11!

The Actual News:

In case you didn't know, Nintendo now has their own website for the Pokémon-e TCG, it's located here. So... yeah.

Not much there now. Although, they do have good (but small) images of all four booster pack designs. And some interesting news.

Starting June 9th, Pokemon-TCG.com will "reveal" cards from EX: Ruby & Sapphire. One card a day, until the set is released, June 18th. So, we might get to see some new English cards. Hopefully, they won't be as chock-full of errors as was Sneasel EX was (I HOPE that was just a bad prototype, even though I despise Sneasel with my entire being).

So... until next time, stay in milk, and drink your school!

Tip Of The Iceberg

By Nick15 [Wednesday, May 28 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Or is it iceburg? Or Freberg?

The Actual News:

Hello. I've decided that now that it was summer that I should get off my lazy butt and fill in a few sections of the site that isn't up. For those of you who haven't noticed it yet, the Nick's TCG Tips section is listed in the sidebar and is actually linked. To... some... TCG tips. Yeah. Oh and incidentally, if you have any of your OWN tips for the card game, feel free to email me with some of your own tips and I'll add them to the site.

Oh, and I also intend on updating the Fan Fakes section fairly soon. So if you have any fake cards laying around the place, email them to fakecards@nick15.com (and NOT any other email address!!).

OK.... that's all I got today.

Expanded info on Eon Ticket.

By BPM_EXE [Tuesday, May 27 2003]

A Quick Diversion: I'll get you EH! NICK15!, even if I must use a spoon!

The Actual News:

Well, I just got my Eon Ticket in the mail today (gotta love that eBay, eh?), and I instantly scanned it. Woo. So... here's all of the details:
1- First, you'll need Mystery Event activated. If you haven't done so already, first you'll need five badges. Then, go to the man standing next to the PC in the Petalburg Pokémon Center. Change your profile to "MYSTERY EVENT IS EXCITING". Save and reset. You'll see "MYSTERY EVENT" as a choice from the main menu under "NEW GAME" now.

2- Scanning it works just like scanning a Pokémon Battle-e Card. Open up the Mystery Event in Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire first (and have the GBA with R/S with the Player 1 plug), then scan the Dot Code. Then on the GBA with R/S, press A to load the Eon Ticket data. The GBA with R/S will then say "Go see your father at the GYM in PETALBURG." If you try to send the data again to the same Game Pak, the following message appears: "The EVENT may beplayed only once." (Yes, a space really is missing between "be" and "played".)

3- Go talk to Norman (your dad) at the Petalburg Gym. He'll then say the following:
DAD"MAY! Good to see you!
There's a letter here for you,MAY.
[Obtained the EON TICKET]
[MAY put away the EON TICKET
DAD"It appears to be a ferry TICKET.
but I've never seen one like it before.
You should visit LILYCOVE and ask
about it there.

Odd how there's some grammatical errors in the message. They used a quotation mark(") insead of a colon(:) to denote when your dad starts talking, no space between "you," and "MAY" in the second line, and the third line should either have a comma after "TICKET", or the fourth line should have "but" capitalized.

4- To be able to use the Eon Ticket in the game, you must have already beaten the Elite Four and the Pokémon League Champion. Because the construction of the ferry S.S. Tidal won't be done until then. After getting the ticket (and beating the Pokémon League), go to Lilycove (not Slateport, it won't work there). Show the ferry attendant your Eon Ticket, and she'll go inside the ship, and a Sailor-type character will come out. He'll tell you how it's odd how you'd want to go to such a small island, and how your ticket is old, blah, blah, blah... just get on the ferry now.

5- Once you arrive on Southern Island, save the game before you press the A Button on the monument! Like all stationary legendary Pokémon, you only get one shot at this Eon Pokémon (Latios in Sapphire, Latias in Ruby). They'll be at Lv:50, they carry the Soul Dew item (boosts Special Attack and Special Defense of Latios or Latias), and their attacks are:
Luster Purge, Psychic, Recover, Dragon Dance
Mist Ball, Psychic, Recover, Charm

6- Battle Recommendations? Well, if you haven't already used your Master Ball and have all of the other legendaries (Groudon/Kyogre, Rayqauza, Regice, Registeel, Regirock, and the Eon Pokémon of Hoenn), use it here to save yourself the time of getting it to stay inside your Poké Ball of choice. If not, read on.

First, I'd recommend someone using Taunt. Thus, they can not use Recover or Charm/Dragon Dance, at least, for a couple of turns. Then, put them to sleep with your sleep-inducing move of choice. Then have a Pokémon use False Swipe to whittle down its HP down to 1. Now, the Eon Pokémon is very weak, and can't heal itself! Then, I'd recommend using either Ultra Balls (because they're the best of the normal Poké Balls), Nest Balls (because it's very weak now, or because it's level is much lower than your Pokémon's. I forget how this Ball works), or Timer Balls (if the battle really drags out). Like all legendary Pokémon, they're not gonna get caught without a fight, so bring plenty of Balls (unless you're really lucky, and it takes you only one... you lucky son of a gun...).

7- *comes back eating some popcorn* ... Oh? You're done? You caught the Eon Pokémon? Well, congrats. Now, leave Southern Island AND NEVER COME BACK! Seriously, though. You can never go back to Southern Island (although, maybe with GameShark/Action Replay... but I don't condone the use of such products! Wink wink!

If you didn't go to E3, don't worry about not getting an Eon Ticket. There's always eBay (that's how I got mine). Also, I've heard that the Pokémon Center in New York City would be giving them out, but I think that might've have been just last weekend. Ah, well.
[CORRECTION!!]I was recently informed by Shining Celebi that Pokémon Center New York will be giving out the Eon Ticket the weekend of May 31st, too. So, for those of you in New York (or driving distance of the Pokémon Center, anyways) haven't missed out yet! Isn't that awesome?

So... eat plenty of calcium!

... What? Why are you staring at me?
... Oh? It's because I used the name "MAY" with the dialogue? Well, it's because I chose the girl in my Sapphire Version. But I chose the boy in my Ruby Version! So, it's not like I'm crazy or anything... although, many people claim I am crazy... but... umm...
*runs off*

Pokemon Heros sinks

By RyoShin [Tuesday, May 27 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Nothing new with the forum thing yet. We're going with vB, but Nick has to get his plane ticket before we can get the new forums. In the mean time, go ahead and visit our temp forums, and please DONATE!

The Actual News:

Like the Titanic to icebergs.

For the eight of you who care, according to Toonzone, the newest Pokemon movie has pretty much tanked, bringing in only a little over $500,000. Note that there's only one comma there.

This pretty much confirms that the craving for the cartoon among our nation's youth is diminished, though the game sales are still going quite strong.

On a side note, I have my own stuff to add to the MissingNo. page, but I have to talk to Nick first, because if his info is right, some of mine will be wrong. In the mean time, you can go ahead and look at my old, old, old, old... old Pokémon page on MissingNo.. Didn't know I had another site before I started working here, huh?

Missing Updates

By Nick15 [Monday, May 26 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Just for your information: I'm going to start a NeoPets website soon once the card game is released this fall. I'm starting to get addicted on the online site...

The Actual News:

I managed to pull together an update on the Missingno page, based on the emails I've recieved from you. In particular, most of the credit must go to XinuX for Missingno's Base Stats in RBY and a picture of GS Missingno, among other things. Good times.

An Ode To Missingno

I've also added a few other pictures and tidbits. Enjoy!