Week of June 22, 2003

Origins Findings and So Forths

By Nick15 [Saturday, June 28 2003]

A Quick Diversion: I watched the Hulk. The CGI was amazing. The story was tollerable. Still, I enjoyed it. :) I then watched Punch-Drunk Love again. And again.

The Actual News:

Lots of craziness has been going on recently in the world of the Pokémon TCG. Probably the most important news has been that Nintendo has recently announced their "Challenge Series" which includes both Game Boy AND TCG elements. The topic has sort of exploded on WizPOG. Read up on it and my opinions about it there.

But there's also some other bits of interesting news from Origins as well. Mysterioustrainer from WizPOG managed to grill Dave S. (the new Organized Play manager for Nintendo's Pokémon TCG) about some of the new changes in the game, and pretty much lays it out for us here. And for those too lazy to click on links, here's some of the major points.

• For those worrying about the Game Boy and TCG "Challenge Series" and wondering where's the TCG-only event, Dave did mention that there'll definitely be an all-TCG series later on, and that the GB/TCG Challenge Series is what Nintendo is providing right now. I personally can only assume that the whole GB/TCG Challenge Series is only to attract Game Boy players into the TCG. It's a marketing gimmic, see?
• There'll still be organized play at your local stores, like the Leagues and other organized tournaments.
• The Professor Program will be tougher to enter into, and existing Professors would have to retake the test. On the other hand, TPC wants to keep the game all ages, so we won't be seeing any Professor-exclusive tournaments either (as far as I'm aware. In short, the Professor Program is merely a judge certification program.
• Speaking of TPC-wants-the-game-to-be-all-ages, support for 10-, 11-14, and 15+ tournaments are equal across the board. It seems as if TPC/Nintendo won't choose a "favorite" age bracket and drop support for any others (like it did one grave, Feburary morn').
• The next EX set will be called "EX: Sandstorm", and it'll be released in September.
• Eon Tickets will be avaliable at Toys R Us locations on and after July 19th.
• There'll be a new official board and an official chat as well.
• And apparently there's gonna be a number of other pleasent surprizes in the future. Hmmm!

Looks like Nintendo's setting up the games future pretty well. I can't wait to see what's coming up in the months and years to come.... good times.

Forums up!

By RyoShin [Friday, June 27 2003]

A Quick Diversion: College coming up soon, so I don't have a lot of spare time. I still have a lot of stuff to do, but some will have to wait.

The Actual News:

THE FORUMS ARE UP! We got another 'free' host (Cuz windows servers suck) for the forums, finally got the bugs worked out, and now it's ready for you!

Beam me up, Scotty!

Please note that we are using the pa.net domain for the forums. If you go to fakecard.com/forums, you'll get a closed forum!

I still have a lot of work to do, like tweaking the current style, adding (a lot of) other styles, and, most importantly, HACKS. What hacks? Well, you'll see. ;) Unfortunatly, like I said, college, so it won't happen for a bit. :(

Second Day of Origins FUN!

By Nick15 [Friday, June 27 2003]

A Quick Diversion: I spent most of last night watching a movie called Punch-Drunk Love. It is a good movie. On another note, I am surprized how well this site has been doing over the past few weeks. Maybe it's because school is out or something, but our hits have been going up every week. Soon PA! might be back up to where it used to be. :)

The Actual News:

It's Friday, meaning it's the second day of Origins. If you haven't been there yet, do it NOW! If you are there, then cool. :D But since it's the second day of Origins, I have the other fake card for the Magikarp that I showed you yesterday. Can you guess what it is? Surprize, it's Venusaur!

"Hahaha, I trick you!"

OK, it's really Gyarados. It got mad because I kicked him as a Magikarp, then it evolved and turned into Gyarados. Now it's eating me and Kaizer Myuu is sitting and laughing at me. I deserved that. ... Anyways, Kaizer Myuu drew this picture. Real nasty looking fellow, ain't he? I wish I knew it would look like that before I kicked it. :D

As for the card itself, I do admit that Deadweight is kind of a cheap attack. 50 plus 20 for each damage counter on it, which could lead up to over 200 damage of pain? For only three? What was I thinking?! But to kinda justify it's attack, I made it so that you had to have damage on Magikarp or it would have to be affected by a Special Condition. Meaning it would have to be an active Pokemon (or at least was one at one time)... also meaning that it would be prime bait for a knock out and that it couldn't be no bench sitter either. Kinda risky to get it in that position, but apparently worth it in the end. Good times.

Now remember that Kaizer Myuu will be handing some out at Origins. You can also keep an eye on how well she's doing in a tournament... so far there's no way to tell what she's won, but I guess we'll have some interesting stories later on. Just keep an eye out for it then! :D

OK, swing by tomorrow, I might have ANOTHER surprize for you. Yippie!

Nintendo's New Deal.

By BPM_EXE [Thursday, June 26 2003]

A Quick Diversion: I'm not here. I'm OVER THERE!! [points]

The Actual News:

Nintendo now has a page up for their Organized Play. Times are much good.

Seems like a good set up to me. Leagues, tournements, Professor program, premier events, and nice prizes. Me likey very much so.

Some Origins Fun

By Nick15 [Thursday, June 26 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Heh, Ryo and I were up most of last night working on the forums. It'll be up soon.... :)

The Actual News:

Today is Origins. If you're one of the lucky few who actually is there... can you buy me a plane ticket there? :D ... Actually Kaizer Myuu is there right now handing out little flyers to help advertise PA!. And attached to them is one of two new fake cards I made with Kaizer Myuu. Now since you're visiting this website and not Origins, I can assume that you can't get there either. Well fret not, I'll share some of the fake card goodies with you. Good times. ;)

One of the fake cards is.... this happy little critter!

It's a Magikarp! With a seemingly but not quite crappy attack Bootlicker. Imagine a first turn KO against a baby with this guy by putting 2 damage counters on Magikarp. Problem is that it'll be easily picked off by 10 damage during your opponent's next turn, but maybe the extra 20 damage or so would be worth it. (Mind you, you can't do any more than 30 normally because the damage counter placement is done before you actually attack, so any more than 20 damage counters would automatically knock out Magikarp. See, I think ahead about these things.)

Hehehe... you can only imagine what the other fake card is. ;) Be here tomorrow to see what it is though. :D

A nice, big Groudon ex scan.

By BPM_EXE [Thursday, June 26 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Zeeky boogy doog!
[BPM explodes]

The Actual News:

[BPM self-repairs]
Well, I just got volume 170 of Nintendo Power in the mail today (the 25th), so I got both Groudon ex and an extra copy of Kyogre ex. Happy happy joy joy.

So, here is the scan.
80 damage, for four Fighting Energy (and the discard of one). Not bad. Not bad. Too bad it damages your bench, too. But, that's to be expected from an attack with "Earthquake" in its name (look at past cards with Earthquake, like Base Dugtrio. They damage the bench, too). It'll do 20 more damage than Kyogre ex, but it doesn't damage your opponent's bench. And it also has 120 HP (like Kyogre ex), so it probably won't be going anywhere soon.

And the Dot Code data is similar to that of Kyogre ex's. The first page states the area of the Pokémon is unknown, and the second page has Pokédex data.

Oh, and if I've heard correctly, this IS a subscriber's only bonus. But, never fear! Scrye also has Kyogre ex in the July issue (which has been out for a couple of weeks now, if you didn't know) and Groudon ex in the August issue (expect to see it in the middle of July).

It's interesting to note that this issue of Nintendo Power (170) is the July/August issue. Not just July. July/August. It's to celebrate their 15th year of publication by reverting to the old bi-monthly format for the first year or so. But, it'll return to normal for vol.171 as the September issue. Which will show up at the end of July. Odd, huh?

Well... other than that, my pockets are empty.

Origins For Those Not Going

By Nick15 [Wednesday, June 25 2003]

A Quick Diversion: The word of the street "SLOW SCHOOL XING".

The Actual News:

Heh, if you're like me, you're not going to Origins. But I know I'm gonna have some of my own Origins fun here at home, like painting my toe nails, reading Cosmo magazine, and talking about how Lance Thomas has such a cute butt! :D

But that's just for me. For YOU however, I'll be having a little Origins fun... since you won't be going and not getting any of the cool fake cards Kaizer Myuu will be handing out, I'll share them with you. Oh ho... but not today though! Origins doesn't start until tomorrow!

I'll also see about getting someone with a camera to take some pictures and maybe even some tournament reports and such. Good times.

Be here tomorrow!

vincent0906 Saves The Day! (ADV3 Spoiler Update)

By Nick15 [Wednesday, June 25 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Summer time is wonderful! Can you believe that it's already almost July?! CRAAAAZY!

The Actual News:

With ADV3 "Challenge of the Skies" officially released in Japan today (or earlier today, thank you International Time Zone), vincent0906, our resident Japanese speaker bought some packs and spotted some errors in my ADV3 spoiler. And being the nice person he is, he decided to give me another email explaining the errors. So here's new officially updated ADV3 Spoiler... version ONE! :P

ADV3 Spoiler Du Jour

I owe vincent0906 here a fake card or two for helping us out. :D Now vincent0906 didn't however have the proper translation for Salamance, so we'll have to wait patiently until he buys himself a few more packs to in order to get the right translation. But.... that's pretty much the offical translation! Good times. Enjoy!

Pokémon From Seven-Eleven

By Nick15 [Tuesday, June 24 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Girls from 7-11 stay up all night (twenty-four hours a day)!
Girls from 7-11 stay up all night (seven whole days a week)!
Girls from 7-11 stay up all night... and I can get a discount!
She may not be good-looking,
She may not be good (no, no, no)
She might not get down with the money...
But she stays up all niiiiiiiight...
She stays up all niiiiiiiight!!

Sorry, I thought that song lyric from a group called Mindless Self Indulgence might be appropriate since this post is about...

The Actual News:

POKÉMON from 7-11 stay up all night (pity it's only in Japan)!

No really, in participating Japanese 7-11 stores (those things exist?), there's a small little Pokémon TCG promotion going on that somehow ties in with Coca-Cola products and the sixth Pokémon TCG movie. It's a GuH, indeed.

But being the little devious self that I am, I have translations for THAT set as well... in an effort to help promote the updated promo sections in the PA! TCG section. Good times.

ADV Promos Du Jour

You like? S'right.

ADV3: Salamance & Flygon Deck Spoilers

By Nick15 [Sunday, June 22 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Has anyone bought Radiohead's new album Hail To The Theif yet? I have. It gets 6 out of 5 Stars for best album of 2003. Even though I downloaded it when it was leaked onto the internet a few months ago. Good times.

The Actual News:

[ahem] I made a fool out of myself. I originally thought that ADV3 was a mere 54 card set and let it as that. But I later realized that it had 2 mini-decks to go with it, which brought the number up to 84 cards. I wonder why TPC did that when ADV2 didn't have any mini-decks (unless I didn't see THOSE either!)

Anyways, to rectify my mistake, here's the spoiler for the Salamance and Flygon decks. You're not really missing much... the cards in the mini-decks are really sub-par.

ADV3 Precon Decks

Hmmm... the ex-types in these are Latias and Latios. Maybe it would be worth buying these from a mere collector's perspective. Hmmmm.....

TCG Sections Clean Up

By Nick15 [Sunday, June 22 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Nope, my life has been the same as yesterday. Only now I possess new knowledge that I didn't possess yesterday.... what I ate for breakfast.

The Actual News:

For those of you playing attention, I gave the TCG section a little revamp, namely in the ADV1-ADV3 set pages. Little tweeks here and there, like I added the English card list and precon deck info for EX: R/S, and I linked the ADV3 spoiler to the ADV3 page. Good times.

That's all..... for now. [dramatic chord]

The 99.9% ADV3 Spoiler!

By Nick15 [Sunday, June 22 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Howdy folks... it's still the weekend. You should be having a Barbeque or visiting the beach rather than visiting this silly website! ... But I guess now that you're here, I should make the best of your time.... [dances a jig]

The Actual News:

Once again I've defeated the dragon and saved the princess! It was a tough venture, I lost my Sword of Awakening +3 and the dragon ate my left leg, but I still defeated it! ....

And by that, I mean that I have the 99.9% ADV3 spoiler avalible for YOU to download. The nifty part about it is that I have it 1) before anyone else does and 2) days before ADV3 is even released in JAPAN! Good times a'plenty!

The 99.9% ADV3 Spoiler Du Jour

In'it that cool?? Now keep your eyes trained on PA! once ADV3 is released in Japan; I'll have the officially final update once our Japanese speaking friend vincent0906 gets some of his hand on some of the new ADV3 cards and corrects my spoiler. He always saves the day. Good times. ;)