Week of September 21, 2003

One more thing...

By BPM_EXE [Friday, September 26 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Why must I keep finding stuff after I already make an update? Why?

The Actual News:

I just found out from PA! affiliate Pokémon Forever that Nintendo Co., Ltd. (aka Nintendo of Japan) has a page up for Fire Red and Leaf Green. And here it is.

And thanks to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I found an elusive Babel Fish, which translated the page for me. But, it must've been a baby Babel Fish, since its translating skills aren't that great. Ah, well.

Get your Eon Ticket... Again!

By BPM_EXE [Friday, September 26 2003]

A Quick Diversion: I'm a dead man. I borrowed some money from people. BAD people. Freaking Russians who won't take "nyet" for an answer! They'll kill me dead!

In other news, a cow fell on me from the sky. I wish I knew how that happened.

And that's all for today's edition of Most Extreme Fake News.

The Actual News:

Volume 173 (November 2003) of Nintendo Power has an Eon Ticket Card-e inside of it. Same as the other Eon Ticket Card-es given out before, except it lacks that envelope dealy.

I'm not sure, though, if it is a subscriber's bonus, or if it'll be in newsstand copies as well.

I only know this because I got my issue today in the mail. So.... yeah.

And in closing, I'd like to say--
[BPM.EXE deletes himself]

Pokémon goes wireless

By BPM_EXE [Friday, September 26 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Look behind you! A wild chinchilla!

The Actual News:

A news submission on Nintendojo has revealed that Nintendo is developing a wireless Game Link device for Game Boy Advance. No pricing details revealed yet. But what's really neat is you'll get it free with the purchase of Pokémon Fire Red Version or Pokémon Leaf Green Version. Huttah!

And that's news to me.

Yeee!!! Candy!!

By Nick15 [Thursday, September 25 2003]

A Quick Diversion: NeoPets' legal business is sticky stuff. I may not be able to, legally, run a fake card website. Consarn it.

The Actual News:

pokemon-tcg.com got an update... it now features a:

• FAN ART section - send your fan art to them and they'll post it (yay me and kaiserin myuu!)
• Deck builder - something to store decks with (something I've wanted to make but lacked the skills to pull together)
• Card rating - neh
• And a kitchen sink - somewhere...

Stop by for a spell! Maybe they'll set up a forum too... hmm....

Das Missingno. von Deutschland

By Nick15 [Tuesday, September 23 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Oh yeah, the contest winners. I got nothin. Uhm.... the winner, after much pondering is... XxShininG_CelebIxX! Yup, I've determined that he got the 1 millionth hit. Email me for a prize (but be REALLY open minded about what it is :P)

BTW, in other news... PA! and FakeCard.com may or may not be going down for a week or two, or at least not updated in that time. We're planning on moving servers to something better (yet unfortunatly more expensive) in an effort to sort of localize everything we run.... particularly the forums. See, previously the forums were run on a free host. But because of which, it was prone to going down every 5 days or so. Heck, it's even down now. But we ran the forums off a free hosts because we couldn't run it off our current fakecard.com server host. Bleh. ... But once we get the new host, we can move the forums there, meaning it'll never ever ever never go down in the history of ever.

... This move will also mean that PA! will move to it's own folder, "fakecard.com/pokemon" as opposed to just plain ol "fakecard.com". This is because I need to seperate PA! from our new NeoPets TCG site, NeoCards.dot.Pet, which will be at "fakecard.com/neopets". ... This also means I need some people who'll be playing the NeoPets TCG to help me update that site. (email me if you're interested and willing to help out) ... Then the planned Duel Masters website will be found at "fakecard.com/dm" or "/duelmasters". We're working on that...

Good times....

The Actual News:

You kids like Missingno, right? Well I've stumbled upon something raaaaaaather interesting. Apparently the German incarnation of Ruby and Sapphire has them too. If you can read German, or at least know how to harnest the power of a Babelfish, then you might enjoy this link:


What mysteries does the German Missingno have?! Find out!