Week of July 20, 2003

GenCon; Wednesday and Thursday

By Nick15 [Friday, July 25 2003]

A Quick Diversion: My feet are so sour. ... And sore. Yeah.

The Actual News:

Howdy. I'm reporting "live" via my 50-cent per local call hotel room. Aaargh. My internet connection is being an idiot, so I'm gonna make this quick before it disconnects me.

Here's some pictures. Yeee! Get a full explanation later though.

And here are two fake cards Kaiseren Myuu and I did for GenCon. Actually these two are ones we decided to make as site exclusives, as I couldn't print them out in time.


and Mew...

What are they playing tennis with though? Find out tomorrow. ;) :D

OK... better post this now before my internet wonks out on me. Yeee....


By Nick15 [Wednesday, July 23 2003]

A Quick Diversion: So hungry...

The Actual News:

Just a quick update from Indianapolis. I can get online, but apparently local calls cost 50 cents, so I won't be on as often as I'd like. Regardless, I HAVE a connection, so I'll get some pictures and stuff up soon. But.... wait until midnight tonight or something. Good times...

Leavin' For GenCon...

By Nick15 [Wednesday, July 23 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Whatever you do kids, do NOT eat raw sugar. You'll get sick. You can't believe how many people I know will just open a pack of sugar and down it raw. I thought I could be cool and try eating a packet of Sweet n' Low. I was wrong.

The Actual News:

Hello. I'm leaving for GenCon now. Good times? Perhaps!

If you're GOING to GenCon.... Be sure you find me for Kaiserin Myuu somewhere for a free fake card. Yeee! And maybe challenge me to a game and watch me lose horribly.

If you're NOT GOING to GenCon.... I get to laugh at you. But then you get to laugh back because you won't be blowing $500 cash. I feel bad. .... Well, if you're NOT going, you can still enjoy some of the GenCon'y goodniess EVERY DAY on PA!. Yes, every day (provided I can get online of course), I'll be posting fake cards and pictures of the event, as well as little tid bits of goings on and other news. Good times? But of course.

... See, isn't it cool that you're NOT going to GenCon? :P ... Well.... see you in a few days.

ADV VS Spoiler

By Nick15 [Sunday, July 20 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Dum de dum...

The Actual News:

Hi. Remember all that ADV VS promo business going on and how it'll be released in Japan around the same time as the 6th Pokémon movie? (Check out "ADV VS.... What a Contridiction") Well.. uhm... I dunno when the movie is out or when the cards will come out, but I have the spoilers for them. Huzzah!

ADV VS Promo Du Jour

Hmmm... not bad. Not good either. Well, they'd be cool in Draft... but... who's gonna draft 19 cards? [raises eyebrow]