Week of April 20, 2003

Post-Wizards Pokémon TCG Open Play News

By Nick15 [Thursday, April 24 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Hey hey folks... me again. Things are moving along slowly but surly-- er... surely at PA!, I need to fix up NewsPro a bit, and add a few news posters... but we're making progress. I just swang by to give you this important news announcement.

The Actual News:

For those who were wondering what NIntendo's plan for the Pokémon TCG tournament scene after Wizards breaks off, wonder no further. I got this email from one IPGeek21 (good times), who forwarded it to me. It kinda makes an open call to players and organizers.

From: "Jimmer Sivertsen"
To: "organizedplay"

We've been seeing a lot of interest in tournaments, and we're about to announce that we're taking applications for premier Pokemon tournament organizers for special upcoming events. The announcement below and accompanying application should be posted on www.pokemon-tcg.com later today.

Thanks for your time!

Jimmer Sivertsen
Organized Play Manager
Pokemon USA, Inc

Attention future TCG Tournament Organizers!

Pokemon USA, Inc is starting an exciting new tournament series this summer, and we are looking for great tournament organizers. If you or someone you know is interested in setting up premier Pokémon-e TCG tournaments in your area, please have the tournament organizer fill out an application. Applications received after May 2nd will still be accepted, but preference will be shown for early applicants.

If you have any questions about the premier tournament organizer application, please contact us at organizedplay@pokemon-usa.com.

Wonderful, isn't it? Included in the email was the Tournament Organizer application form, which I uploaded for anyone who's interested. S'right.

Tournament Organizer Application Form - Download now for great justice.

Seems like Nintendo is taking the extra effort to fill Wizard's shoes. Here's hoping they pull it off! ;)

PA! The Comics

By Nick15 [Tuesday, April 22 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Productivity rocks. And does RANDOM

The Actual News:

I was feeling bored and random. After reading an illicit book by one Angus Oblong, I felt like drawing something. Then I felt like sleeping. Then when I woke up, I felt like working on PA!. So here's four comics to feed your hunger for PA! comics like a piece of meat feeds the hunger of salivating dogs who have not been fed in weeks by me because I was bored and didn't feel like feeding them.

PA! Comic #3
PA! Comic #4
PA! Comic #5
PA! Comic #6

Did you find them.... funny? You better. Or else I'll send the hungry salivating dogs on you, because they were not fed by me for weeks. .... I apparently need some sleep and some caffine. DOOM!

Internet Is Becoming Unboring Now...

By Nick15 [Monday, April 21 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Mah

The Actual News:

The internet is beginning to get a bit exciting now. After taking a well extended break and what not, I intend on updating the site a bit. I did update the TCG section a bit and fixed up the Mayakashi edition section. Hopefully I'll be doing more as time goes on. Yeah.

A few minor items...

By RyoShin [Sunday, April 20 2003]

A Quick Diversion: I'm leaving for a college visit tomorrow, and will be back Thursday. No one get rich without me, k?

The Actual News:

Let's do some Pokemon news, first. According to IGNPocket, you will also be able to play Ruby/Sapphire on your TV with Pokemon Box. Oh, ya-! Wait. Game Boy Player, anyone? :/

Throwing in the rumor mill, DarkAspenth has passed along some news from another forum where it's reported that future Pokemon e-cards will let you capture earlier legendary Pokemon, get rare items, and some other stuff. Also, something about how the GB Player can allow you to trade R/S Pokemon with R/B/Y/G/S/C games. I highly doubt this last part, though. Again, though, this is only a rumor and unconfirmed, so take it as you will.

Newspro is now up and running, thank you, thank you. I'll probably be tweaking it somewhat later, but for now it works. With this change, Nick wanted to simplify the way we updated stuff, since we'd have to do a bunch of hard code to keep the old way. Don't fret, my dears- only a few things have changed, and it's relatively similar.

The next few weeks should be a nice slice o' heck for me. For instance, I work every day next week that I'm at home. Week after is prom. Week after is my birthday, and week after is graduation (yay). Why do you care? Because it means that I will have a lot less time to work on getting some real forums up.

Fact aside that we don't have a liscense for vB yet, but Nick's on the ball. [plug]Help him do it faster by Donating![/plug] Hopefully once I get the liscense I can set them up basically and force- er, make- er, ask DarkAspenth and LittleOD2 to help me by changing settings as far as can be done on the forums themselves.

When I get back I'll be putting up two bars- one shows the progress of the new forums, the other... well, you'll find that out as it gets bigger. ;)