Week of May 18, 2003

PA! Staff Fake Section Du Jour

By Nick15 [Friday, May 23 2003]

A Quick Diversion: I intend on updating the Missingno section in a little bit, several people had emailed me with some new info on Missingno and I'd though I'd add it. Hmmm!

The Actual News:

Just a friendly reminder... since PA! is more than just "me" (Nick15), I figured that it might be a good idea to show off some of the fake cards that some of my fellow staff members have made. And here's the section for that.

PA! Staff Fakes

Of course only one of them was online at the time I made this section so.... I'll bug the rest of you guys later. :)

To Find the Missing Number!

By BPM_EXE [Thursday, May 22 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Nothing of interest here. Except for perhaps that Articuno that's robbing your local bank.

The Actual News:

About the subject title... since it was missing (MissingNo.), but now it was found! Or at least, the GameShark codes.
(Please don't hurt me for my bad jokes! They're all that keep me warm on my cold, cold bed at night!)

OK. These codes are for GameShark/Action Replay v2 or older. THEY WILL NOT WORK ON VERSION 3!!

First, it might be a good idea to have the Master codes (for those who know anything about GS/AR, "duh" right?). And if you didn't already have them, here they are:
Pokémon Ruby Master Code:
9E6AC862 823AB7A8
46B7D9E4 A709E9E1

Pokémon Sapphire Master Code:
9E6AC862 823AB7A8
8365F8FA 817CF3E9

OK, now you'll need the code to encounter them:
"?-In-Circle": CE97AB70 EC01B132
"??": CBD2E675 36131AFD
(These codes work for both versions)

Thanks goes to VideoGameFreak623 for posting these at the Pokémon Zeo forums. Not sure where he got them from, though.

We hope to acquire v3 codes for those of you who have recently bought their own GS/AR.

It is interesting to note that the first R/S MissingNo. is the symbol used in the Pokédex when you have yet to see the Pokémon.

A Little Missingno Action...

By Nick15 [Wednesday, May 21 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Spork

The Actual News:

Just thought I'd add a little section to PA! about MIssingno.

Good times.

Missigno In Ruby/Sapphire

By Nick15 [Wednesday, May 21 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Finals week sucks.

The Actual News:

Yes, the legacy of the classic Missingno has lived on throughout the years. But in particular, it has been found in Ruby/Sapphire. Good times.

See Kaizer Myuu was fiddling with her Ruby game with Game Shark, and in doing so stumbled upon the Ruby's equivilant of Missingno.

Tadah! Note that it's a male, it has no name, and is level zero. Kaizer Myuu also mentions that it screwed up her items list (even though it can be retrieved), and she's stick with a ton of PokéBalls called "????????" in her bag. Plus its mini icon looks like a brown Bulbasaur.

She also tried hatching it from an egg, and after a lot of steps, it hatched and got something totally new.

Kaizer Myuu thinks there may be other Missingnos because the icon is different looking. Hmmmm....

Though so far there's no way to get the new Missingno through the normal course of the game. Yet. Right now you can only get it if you Shark it.

There's quite a bit more to learn about Ruby Missingno... and I'll post more as soon as I get back from school. :P

Pokémon-e: EX Ruby & Sapphire booster packs.

By BPM_EXE [Sunday, May 18 2003]

A Quick Diversion: An update a day keeps the doctor away. Two updates a day keeps his attorney away!

The Actual News:

GreatFox of Pokémon Labs just released another EX Ruby & Sapphire picture from E3. It's the booster packs! Whoo!

This is a link.

So... yeah. That's eat. Now go eat chips.

A Second look at ADV1 English.

By BPM_EXE [Sunday, May 18 2003]

A Quick Diversion: [insert funny commentary here]

The Actual News:

Pokémon Labs has posted another sneak peek at ADV 1 (or EX: Pokémon-e Ruby & Sapphire, as it will be called. I think). It's Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip. Huzzah!

So.. why don't you go there, eh?

That's all for now. Now, eat your meat! You can't have any pudding unless you eat your meat!

First Look at ADV1-In-English!

By Nick15 [Sunday, May 18 2003]

A Quick Diversion: I have a massive headache. Why am I updating? It's 5 in the friggin morning... I just got back froom Dennys and the radio station... I should be sleeping. Curse you, World of Pokémon News! ... Still kinda crazy that I'm going to sleep while you're all waking up. Time zones are crazy.

The Actual News:

Want to look at one of the new ADV1 cards that'll be released in North America very soon? Look no further; GreatFox of the wonderfully wonder Pokémon Labs has scans of all 109 cards.... but has teased us with only one of them. Meaning we have to wait until next week. Curses!

Hmmm.... looks decent. Don't like the yellow borders though. And there are at least 4 errors on them. Based on the ADV1 Spoiler, Sneasel ex is supposed to be:

Sneasel EX [80 HP] (Basic Darkness Pokemon)
[D] Double Scratch (10x Damage) Flip 2 coins. This attack does 10 damage times the number of heads.
[DDC] Beat Up (20x Damage) Flip a coin for Each of your Pokemon. This attack does 20 damage times the number of heads.
WEAKNESS: Fighting

And yet GreatFox's scan does not reflect that. Well, the scan IS from a test run of the set (as far as I'm aware), a prototype. So when I open a pack of REAL ADV1 cards, I'd better see this card like the Japanese one. Otherwise I'll be greatly disappointed.

OK, back to sleep.

Best Promo #7 - The best of the Best. Maybe. Or not.

By BPM_EXE [Sunday, May 18 2003]

A Quick Diversion: If you haven't gotten a GameCube yet (SHAME ON YOU!!), I'd recommend to wait just a little bit longer. Why? Starting June 23rd, Nintendo will include the Game Boy Player with the GameCube, at no extra cost! And if by then they're still doing the free game promotion (right now, it's a choice between Star Fox Adventures, Metroid Prime, Mario Party 4, or The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker), you get two freebies with your GameCube! Isn't it awesome?

The Actual News:

Well, I just got my hands on Best Promo #7 (as well as the jumbo-sized one. Whoo.), and it is Dark Venusaur. Of course, who didn't see that coming? What with Dark Ivysaur being Best #6, logic would follow that Dark Venusaur would be up next, eh wot?

Yes, I can gaze into your soul.

Not bad, if I do say so myself. Not bad at all. First off, you're guaranteed that the Defending Pokémon is Poisoned. Then, you will either Paralyze, Confuse, Sleep the Defending Pokémon, depending on how you coin flips go. 30 damage and two Special Conditions at once, all for the low, introductory price of ThreeGrassEnergies! Call now!

I wonder if there'll be any more Best promos that aren't reprints of existing English cards. Frankly, I'd like to finally see Unown [R] in English. Or Imakuni?, not that I'd actually play it (I don't plan on playing Rocket's Scizor, either, but you don't see me whining, now do you?).