Week of June 1, 2003

The Eight EX1 Scans..... A FAKE?!

By Nick15 [Saturday, June 7 2003]

A Quick Diversion: I probably won't have much time to do much of anything over the next few days (at least until the 20th), I'm making a movie! Yay!

The Actual News:

Oh dear. It seems as if the tricker (me) has been tricked (someone else). Apparently those scans of those 8 EX1 cards being passed around the internet are FAKE. I didn't notice it at first, but after someone mentioned it to me, I saw the fakeage. Notibly, I saw how the card-e strip and the little sleeve hologram were all the same in each of the cards.

Impressive fakes though, if I may say so myself. I never suspected them, because any of the errors on them I suspected were just mistakes Nintendo made and thought nothing of them. But now that I think about it, some of the grammar was a bit awkward, but again, I thought Nintendo was working off a slightly different set of rules. But other than that, those fakes were almost flawless. In fact the way the different card elements were alligned to amazing accuracy was what really threw me off... becauses even my own hoaxes of the past didn't have the EXACT allignment (didn't feel I needed to because no one else but me ever notices those allignment errors).

So if you're reading this, whoever make those fakes, you have my upmost respect and awe for being able to trick me! :D Good times. ;)

The Uhm... Forums...

By Nick15 [Friday, June 6 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Hi.

The Actual News:

The forums are down. Technical issues. Teh suxors, etc. We'll figure out what's going on and report the results to YOU. :)


By RyoShin [Friday, June 6 2003]

A Quick Diversion: I live! I live! :D only a month till college, and already $16,000 in debt.

The Actual News:

After much much hastle, deletion, and laziness (on my part), I am very much proud to introduce the newest (and most likely final) itineration into the PA! Forum: THE FAKECARD.COM FORUMS!!

Why Fakecard.com Forums? Go there and see, fo!

Spiffy Nicky went ahead and set up an all around template. I'll be coming back later with some PA!ified themes, and hopefully I'll get around to the Communist theme. [FBI radars go off] :D

Das is all.

Previews for EX: Ruby & Sapphire!

By BPM_EXE [Thursday, June 5 2003]

A Quick Diversion: If you're reading this, then you're not reading the actual update. That's the important stuff. Not this. So... read that! [points down]

The Actual News:

Well, looks like someone already has their hands on Nintendo's first set. Pokéschool has EIGHT (count 'em: EIGHT) scans of some EX: Ruby & Sapphire cards! Check it out, why not?

1 - Koffing
2 - Ralts
3 - Taillow
4 - Zigzagoon
5 - Wailmer
6 - Nosepass
7 - Skitty
8 - Wurmple

Hm... Looking at these makes me realize how easy text and symbol alignment will be on EX fakes. Those circles in the background denote where the Energy Cost symbols go, and the attack name ALWAYS starts after the last circle in the background.

Oh, and original thanks go to Joel P. who obtained the EX: Ruby & Sapphire cards early from his local card shop! Let us know when you get some more, eh?

So... isn't life grand? Or something to that effect... get offa my lawn!

Promo stuff!

By BPM_EXE [Wednesday, June 4 2003]

A Quick Diversion:
"All dreams are but another reality.
Never forget..."

The Actual News:

Well, to start off today's update, how about some goodness from Pokémon Labs? You know why? It's simple! They have a high resolution scan of Kyogre ex! I'd have one of PA!, but I have yet to find anyone carrying the July 2003 issue of Scrye (The TCG magazine that will be carrying it).

So, from this we can see some interesting stuff:
- Nintendo will continue to use Energy symbols in the attack text, like Wizards did. Not the simple black icons (like in ADV1 Japanese, which Media Factory did).
- Nintendo will also being using the Black Star Promo symbol that Wizards created (God bless them!). However, they won't be continuing the same numbering system Wizards did (ending with Suicune from Pokémon 4Ever VHS/DVD as #53). But instead, they're starting a new numbering system with Kyogre ex as #001 (I'm just glad it isn't #1, otherwise Pikachu might be mad. And people might get confused. I like confused people. They're funny. ).
- Either Nintendo made a typo, or they're not playing by the same grammar rules Wizards did. Kyogre ex says "Does 10 damage...", but had Wizards made it, it would've said "This attack does 10 damage..." (without the bold text, of course).
- It's Card-e ID number is Z-39-#.
- What the heck is the "NDL-S2D-EEJ" dealy?

Well, with that done, let's see what has been going on in Promo World...
According to irwinmalek from WizPog (who apparently IS an artcle writer for Scrye), there will be another Pokémon promo in Scrye. The August issue will contain Groudon ex. He said so here. That's kinda cool, because as long as I can remember, Scrye NEVER had Pokémon cards in their magazine. Oh, sure. They had spoilers for future Japanese sets, translations, price guides, and other stuff... but never actual cards! Looks like Nintendo is giving this magazine the attention Wizards didn't give it (at least, concerning Pokémon). Perhaps we'll finally have monthly (or so) promos like the Japanese have (almost every issue of the Japanese comic book CoroCoro had a Pokémon promo in it). Hmm...!

And with that said, let's see what the Rumor Mill is cooking up...
According to Moltres from WizPog, Best Promo #10 is rumored to be... Neo Genesis Cleffa. Eh, I'm not too surprised or glad (sure, I use one, but it isn't my favorite card). But... whatever. Others from the same topic that I've linked to have also said that these will be given out during GenCon. Too bad I won't be able to go to confirm this.
[looks at Nick and Kaiser]
Bring me back some souvenirs, mm'kay?

Well... the truth is out there. Just keep watching the skis... I mean, skies... I'm Leonard Nimoy. Good night.
[the lights on BPM.EXE fade out]

Best Promo #9 IS Rocket's Hitmonchan.

By BPM_EXE [Sunday, June 1 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Um... hi.

The Actual News:

Thanks to The True Lord of the Pits from WizPog, we have now found Best Promo #9 on eBay. Well, actually, an auction for FIVE Rocket's Hitmonchan, but I think I'll just wait until my local BattleZone gets the league kit.

So... um... yeah. That's it.

GenCon Goodies

By Nick15 [Sunday, June 1 2003]

A Quick Diversion: Hi. The Forums-being-up-ness will be set back just a wee bit because of a few server administration issues. But it's summer, so we have plenty of oppurtunities to get it to work. Good times.

The Actual News:

Just a quick heads up; I updated the GenCon Indy 2003 page with some tournament info and prize information. Mostly because I want YOU to know where WE will be at GenCon. Just 'cause... you know... WE kinda want to meet YOU... kinda... I mean we wouldn't want YOU to be upset that you missed WE at GenCon.... yeah.

Look behind you! [yoink!]